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The competition is still on , those who don’t know about the competition , here’s the description:
, i would be having a “WHICH CHARACTER OF MY FF DO YOU RESEMBLE WITH..???” quiz in which your answers will tell me as to which character of my ff do you resemble with and for that you all need to pick up any 5 characters from my ff , it means that you need to vote for any 3 characters from my ff whom you think you resemble with , it isn’t important that they need to be our main leads , anyone from smallest characters to the main leads it completely your choice.
On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place on the 50th episode, you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters will be starting from today’s post till 48th post and only three characters you all can vote for and only once.
If anything isn’t clear then do ask.

So please vote guys , here are the votings till now:
Abhay -1
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Siddhi: Thanks a lot dear , I will post junoon soon , I don’t remember which Dp you are talking about but your current dp with arjunbijlani and his family is really cute , I too fell in love with Ayaan when I saw him on Jhalak………love you…… happy……….
Blossom: Thanks alot for understanding dear but now I am back , I took your vote for Abhay , lets see about other stars, thanks a lot again for understanding , Love you………be happy…….
Aliya dii: No problem dii , see I to returned after a month , please forgive me, thanks for understanding , love you… happy……….
Chand ki Chaon Mein Chandni Ke sath:
Abhay was continuously staring at Noor with his moist eyes, so much about himself was not known to him , the story of Vedanshi and Premar just seemed to raise more questions in his already juggling mind.

Noor stared at him and then came up to him , she caressed his face as a smile occupied her lips , “ From the ash of the bodies some words themselves started forming on the hot ground of the place , we were staring at the words as they were themselves being moulded, the words read:
“ Mohobbat Mein jo mite…
Mohobbat ke liye jo mite…
Lotein ge sab , ek nayi kahani likhne…..
Ek nayi Kahani Rachne aur apne adhure pyaar ko ek nayi disha dene…..”
“(Those who died in love…
Those who died for love…
All will come back, to write a new story….

To create a new story and to give a new direction to their incomplete love…..)”
Noor finished the words as she thought about them , “ I can never forget those words , they seemed to me like someone actually moulded them for me , for me and Chand to know that Vedanshi , Premar and Abheyendra will return to complete what was left incomplete…. From that day we lived , lived just for you all , I felt like I was an important part of this story , like it will be incomplete without me and I will be incomplete without completing it…….”
“And 20 years ago we got you….” Chand came forward to continue, “ lying deserted on the steps of our home, this Raichand Mansion , we never left this mansion after that , we forgot that we were the so- called blood sucking monsters , we just remembered that you were our child , Our son……Our strength , Our fear , Our abhay……. (hume bas itna yaad raha ki tum humare bache ho, humari takat ho , humara bhay ho , humare Abhay ho…..)”

Before Chand completed Abhay hugged him tightly , “ I wasn’t your son , I wasn’t your own still you both cared so much for me , just like I was your real son , you kept your truth as a secret from me just for me , DAD…” Abhay hugged him tighter as he said these words.
Noor smiled as she too joined the Father –Son duo , though a lot much was left to be revealed but for the time , the family just wanted to cherish the fact that they were for each other , Abhay was there was his Mom-Dad while his Mom-Dad were there for him , the truth didn’t affect the pious relationship made on a small lie that they all shared , this was the power of love , The very feeling of love , The very own fact that “ I Trust the one whom I love… NOT TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE”
As Armaan was driving the car , he passed a glance at Rhidhimaa who was still in the same position sitting angrily TIED up to the seat belt.
“ Rhidhimaa , I didn’t knew this chatter box can be quite too….” Armaan joked as he stared at her serious expressions.
Rhidhimaa glared at him and then again turned her face back to face window not thinking about anything.
Armaan stared at her as he held her hand , she turned her face only to see him driving with one hand , ‘ Armaan , what are you doing? Leave me , drive or……..” She was saying continuously in one breath trying to free her hand side by side when she heard a screech of the car, “Armaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn…..” She shouted fearing something bad but realized that Armaan had applied breaks and sound was due to it.

As the car stopped, she hugged him tightly, she was crying, “Are you mad…???” She said still hugging him while she herself was crying.
Armaan patted her back listening to her sobs and tried comforting her, “ Rhidhimaa , what happened yaar , tell me na…..” He said as he tried breaking the hug caressing her face.
Rhidhimaa turned her face yet again while Armaan sat there staring at her sadly. He removed the seat belt and came out of the car , then he almost dragged Rhidhimaa who wasn’t willing to join out of the car.
As Rhidhimaa unwillingly stared at the surroundings, she found herself standing near a cliff , she stared at it confused yet her sub-conscious mind fully taken by the video she witnessed as she tried locating Armaan whom she couldn’t see anywhere.
“ Bhoooooo….” Armaan scared her from back as she turned , “ Armaan….” She faintly said hardly for anyone to listen.

“ Oh god , such a beautiful scenario with adventure queen Rhidhimaa around who even loves to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday in sunsan havelis and no response , what yaar Rhidhimaa?? Why so much angry on me , please forgive me na yaar , we can start a new…..” As soon as Armaan said these words Rhidhimaa angrily retorted , “ Don’t take his name in front of me, Abhay……” She was angrily saying when she stopped in the middle.
“ Armaan , what can I do , after what I saw , I can’t trust them but how can I not trust them…..” She said again as she went towards the edge.
“What they did….???” Armaan asked moving behind her as he got confused by her words.
Rhidhimaa turned to him and explained him everything in a single breath , as they say “SOMETIMES SHARING OUR CONFUSIONS HELP US TO SOLVE THEM” so did this happen with Rhidhimaa.
Armaan came forward to her and joined her as she sat near the edge.
“ Rhidhimaa , you want to trust them…???”

“ Yaa Armaan , Off , course……………..but…..” Rhidhimaa said again getting back to what she saw , it wasn’t only the video , it was actually something else , the love she saw in Abhay’s eyes for Piya , The love she tried to ignore , The concern she say in Piya’s eyes for Abhay , the concern which she and Piya together named as childhood friendship, her mind wanted to forget everything and start afresh with Abhay but her heart , it questioned her every time she thought this, the long battle that every person face in his or her life , the battle between practical life and blissful life , the battle between mind and heart.
“ You know Abhay loves Piya but what about you?? You loved him since childhood, don’t you deserve him , Piya came a few months ago but you , you were the one who was there for Abhay all his life , the times when he fought with Piya , the times when he missed Piya , you were the one who cared for him every time overlooking your own pain , you don’t love him but the one whom you love , you can’t even get him , just be with Abhay…………to be happy……..” Her mind explained her.

“ To be happy ??? It’s all about your happiness Rhidhimaa??? Nothing about others happiness , nothing about the happiness of that Abhay whose one scream made you to cry , for whose small happiness , you used put your life in danger , you want to spoil his life , just to be happy, but after that , what after that…………….WILL YOU BE HAPPY…??????” Her heart questioned her.
“ Rhidhimaa….??” Armaan shaked her.
Rhidhimaa stared at him , “ Armaan , I know this video was a trap , I know My Piya , My Abhay can never betray me but what can I do with their hearts…..?????
Their hearts have already betrayed them and now they are just trying to hide that betrayal under the layers of happiness……”
“ What do you mean..????” Armaan asked confused.

“ Armaan , Abhay and Piya love each other , I am not mad, I can see that love , that love in their eyes that I……………I never saw in yo………………..” She stopped in the middle.
She dug her head in Armaan’s chest as she cried , cried her heart out.
Armaan held her head and he stared towards the sky , “ I wish you loved me Armaan , I wish I could see that same love which I see in Abhay’s eyes for Piya in your eyes…..” Rhidhimaa thought as she closed her eyes wishing to rest forever in Armaan, Her Armaan , she knew it was impossible for them to be together , afterall HE DIDN’T LOVE HER but still she wished he loved her, loved her the way she loves him….

Armaan stared at the sky as the evening started turning into twilight and then into complete night , the moon covered the sky , infact not to forget the FULL MOON covered the sky spreading its sparkle around the world , Armaan closed his eyes as one ray hit his eyes , he shield his face from his hand but could a vampire shield himself from moon???
It was true that he was wish his Chandni , It was true that the night seemed to be beautiful with the full moon but the truth was that his presence just turned the night uglier.
He started developing his fangs as his long nails as the light started hitting his body parts, he opened his eyes as he realized what was going to happen , he stared towards a now sleeping Rhidhimaa, her innocent face too was shining in the night but spreading beauty unlike Armaans’s face which could only scare people.
Beauty in the lap of Beast…….But yet more happier and relieved than any other moment in her life…………

dear tu team , please check the e-mail , I am sending poster through e-mail , thanks, best regards…..

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  1. Siddhi

    Wow awesome and I have started writing Ff on abhay and piya.It’s name is Abhiya FF:Eternal Love please read and comment and please continue junoon

  2. Siddhi

    Wow awesome and I have started writing Ff on abhay and piya.It’s name is Abhiya FF:Eternal Love please read and comment and please continue junoon.!

  3. Jasminerahul

    noor,chand n abhay scene seemed 2 b emotional.but who r Vedanshi , Premar and Abheyendra?Thankfully Riddhima knows that Abhiya didnt betray her.but she knows that abhiya luv each other.tho she wants 2 4get it n start a new life with abhay she cant as she is not selfish 2 ignore abhay’s luv 4 piya.she wants abhiya 2 b happy too.but she luvs Abhay.I thought riddhima had only infatuation 2wards Abhay.But hers is true luv?OMG!Riddhima wishing that Armaan loved her d same way abhay loved piya n crying b4 armaan was touchy.but i’m confused.y did riddhima long 4 Armaan’s luv?Does she luv him in her unconscious mind?

  4. Piya so happy u posted the episode today. I thought u will post it tomorrow. I have a doubt when abhay is not noor’s real son then how come he is a vampire. And also how Armaan and aniket are vampires. Getting a bit confused. I loved ur ending BEAUTY IN THE LAP OF BEAST… And about the characters Iike I already told u I think I resemble Abhay

  5. Hi Piya hope u remember me. By the way I commented yesterday but it did not get posted so I am commenting again. Nice epi. But I have a doubt who does ridhima love? Armaan or Abhay. Getting confused hope u will clear this

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