FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 38)


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Char DILON ke Zakham……Kya bhar payega ISHQ naam ka MARHAM….
A boy came rushing towards rhidhimaa’s now lifeless car standing in the middle of road just in front of which was the boy’s own car completely damaged from the front side.
He stared at the girl sitting inside , no injuries on her body , she was completely fine , it wasn’t some big accident but just a small collision though it resulted in some big damage to both the cars.
“ Rhidhimaa…….are you fine….???” he asked completely shocked at finding Rhidhimaa inside the car
He touched her cheeks from the open window of the car and again started repeating , “ Rhidhimaa….are you fine…???? what happened….speak up yaar…” but no reply , Rhidhimaa was completely blank , unaware of his presence.
Getting no reply , he unlocked the car’s door through the open window and pulled her out , Rhidhimaa was suddenly snapped back from her thoughts.
“ Armaan…” she said as she stared at him , his hand on her shoulder.
“ How are you driving , completely lost , Rhidhimaa , anything could have happened…” he said softly yet angrily.
Rhidhimaa stared at him , “ i am sorry…” she said as she tried sitting back in her , not in the least mood to talk , infact fight with Armaan.
“ no, i am sorry Ms. , i am mad that i am asking you something even after knowing that i can never get some logical reply from you ,just come…” Armaan said sensing that something was wrong and so pulling her by her and making her sit in his car.
Rhidhimaa stares at him and tries to move out , “ Armaan , please , we will talk about me later , just let me go now….”
“ no , just sit quietly and tell me what happened….” Armaan asked making her wear , infact tying her up with the seat belt.
“ Are you kidnapping me….????”
“ Kind of..” Armaan said with a smile.
Rhidhimaa turned her face to the window knowing she couldn’t win from him, she didn’t knew the reason but she was blank in front of him.
Abhay parked his car at the Raichand Mansion , his face revealed his distress.
He moved inside lowering his head , not knowing what to do in future , this one video may not effect his , Rhidhimaa and Piya’s friendship but yet it would spoil a lot many relations , he knew it yet he couldn’t do anything, he knew the fast approaching wind that was ready to destroy a lot many lives yet he was out of his own thoughts , he was completely entangled in himself , if he couldn’t untangle himself , how could he do this to all the relations that were about to be destroyed.
He stood at the main gate as he heard some shouting sounds from inside , something like two people were fighting.
“ Mom –Dad , they never fought in their whole life …means they…” he thought as he ran inside but something stopped him at the door , he stared at Chand and Noor standing in the corridor. Chand’s face covered with blood and Noor hand’s being unusual.
“ Chand , see today , what they did , they attacked you , these warewolves , they are increasing their power , last time they attacked me , today they attacked you , last time abhay wasn’t there so we made up that me being unwell story what will we say today , look at yourself , these wound will not even recover , they have attacked you with wood , a vampire’s biggest enemy , Chand , i feel the right time has come when abhay needs to know the reality , our realtiy , HIS OWN REALITY…” he said as tears dwelled her eyes.
Abhay stared at them , confused at their words , “ WEREWOLVES , VAMPIRES , REALTIY….” these terms seemed to be aliens to him as he entered inside , “ What do you need to tell me mom…???”
Abhay asked interfering in their conversation as Chand was about to say something to Noor.
Chand and Noor stared at him and then at each other , Noor lowered her eyes, “ I guess you are right noor , we indeed need to tell the truth to him…” Chand said , his pain filling in his sound.
“ Mom , what truth , tell me yaar..” Abhay said while he ran towards the drawer to get first aid for Chand.
“ NO ABHAY , no need for it , my wounds won’t heal by first aid , you sit and listen to your mom…” Chand said stopping Abhay from moving.
Abhay thought puzzled agreed , he didn’t had any relatives , Chand and Noor were the only people he knew were his own in his whole life , he trusted them more than he trusted anybosy else but it seemed the trust will be punched badly today.
He sat on the sofa while Noor sat in front of him , she started, “ Abhay , you used to wonder na why we eat separately from you… why you don’t have any relatives , why are house is sooo far away from the normal houses….why we are soo mysterious , we never used to answer you and you being an obedient child never even cared much about it….but today we need to tell you , tell you somthing very important , the very first thing being , you aren’t our own son….”
Noor paused as she gave abhay time to absorb what he was getting to know , Abhay stared at her , he didn’t replied , he didn’t thought anything , for the time he wanted Noor to complete, he knew all his answers are lying in Noor and so he didn’t speak a word , Noor continued…
“ Abhay , i know its shocking , but there are a lot many things , We aren’t humans , we are vampires , people define us as blood sucking monsters who kill innocent people for their food, i am Chand have been living in this world for thousands of years , we have seen generations change and we adapted with each change that was forced upon us , from the time when there was no human civilization to the time when Kings ruled this world till today we are living , in our whole life , the reason for our survival was that we couldn’t die , even if we wish we weren’t suppose to die ever , we are immortal , living without human blood is like living without food for us and so we had to kill people ….. we killed so many people that i don’t really think that i remember the number too , we live in human civilization just for our food but after meeting you , it all changed ……” she again , a smile capturing her lips.
Abhay stared at her , “ AFTER MEETING ME…..” he said.
“ yes abhay , it is somewhat a story of 400 years ago , when kings ruled India and this part of Mumbai too…. i and Chand used to kill one person and survive on his foods for weeks so that we don’t end up coming in someone’s sight as at that time , people used to be alert of us…………….. Princess Maithli……..i still remember each bit of it but was never able to make either head or tail of it………. Princess Maithli was the heiress …….. her coronation ceremony was near when one day i saw two people coming running towards the forest where we resided , Vedanshi and Premar , you know with whom their faces matched…….”
Abhay stared at her waiting for her answer.
“ you and Piya, abhay , they both seemed to be running away from someone , I wasn’t even able to think of making a feast of you both when something from within me stopped me, like you both were special……you both came to me thinking me to be a normal lady requesting me to save you….i don’t know why but my heart wanted to help you but i refused because helping humans was like a sin for vampires , it sounded equal to the situation like a lion helping a rabbit…….you started running again but the heart , that was within me yet cold was still cursing me for not helping you , after that i saw a boy coming from behind , he introduced himself to be Abhayendra and asked me about you both , he seemed to be a friend of yours so i told in which direction you went , after that i went inside thinking that he will save you but what i saw next day was like a punishment for me , punishment for not giving shelter to Vedanshi and Premar , Chand saw three dead bodies just next to our house , he came to me and told about the same, he was crying , i didn’t knew the reason why , but he was crying , i ran with him to the dead bodies which were revealed to be of VEDANSHI , PREMAR AND ABHAYENDRA…a knife pierced in Premar and Vedanshi stomach and Abhayendra seemed to have attempted suicide….. i don’t know why i too was crying the next minute , i was cursing myself for not helping them , it seemed to me like i killed them , killing so many people in my life didn’t effect me but the guilt of their deaths bothered me like anything , we didn’t knew why but we both sensed some attachment to the three of them….. we didn’t knew who they were , we didn’t knew who killed them and if someone did then why they did that , we didn’t knew why they were running but we just knew that your souls needed solace and so i and Chand arranged your cremation ceremony. we cremated your bodies what happened after that was unimaginable for us…….we seemed to find a new reason to live , a new lives within us…….” she stopped as Abhay was having tears in his eyes .
So much about himself was not known to him , his past life , the story of Vedanshi and Premar just rose more questions in his mind , WAS THE STRANGE CONNCETION WITH PIYA ACTUALLY THE CONNCETION SHARED BY VEDANSHI-PREMAR….??? WHO WAS ABHAYENDRA AND WHAT CHANGES NOOR’S LIFE….?????

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  1. Finally u uploaded. How r u? Missed this ff very badly. I literally thought u stopped writing. How is ur studies going on? Anyways thank u for tq long epi and I was shocked knowing the truth of abhay. Both his parents r vampires. Is Armaan’s parents also vampires. I think the suspence is slowly revealing. Pls pls update nxt epi fast

    1. Piyali

      so sorry aliya dii , i know i was really late and now too i am being late , di , this is all because of my studies only ,actually my exams are gonna start from september and so i am trying to concentrate more on them rather then my ffs , thats why this much delay , i even don’t know that would i be able to post any episode of fanaah before september 22 now , i am so sorry dii , i told before too , even if i don’t post for a year , that doesn’t mean that i have stopped writing in the middle , it will only mean that i a struck in a problem , i won’t stop any of my ffs on the middle and thats a promise …
      About armaaan’s parents , lets wait dii , i promise that if i can then i will surely post the next episode before my break…………love you…… happy………

  2. Hiiiiiiii piya. Happppieeeeeee friendship day. Lots of hugs from my side. How r u? Posting after a long time
    Missed u very very very very badly. Shocked with the truth. 1 request from my side. If it is taking toooo long to update pls give promos

    1. Piyali

      Lots of hugs and kisses from my side too sweeheart , HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY , every day is friendship day na……..I know posting after loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg , what to do these schools don’t let me post only , exams startting from next month , i don’t know how badly i am gonna miss you at that time……acha leave it , about your suggestion, actually i post promos whenever some idea about promo comes to my mind so not sure about that but will try for sure……… you a lot lot lot sweetheart……….be happy……….

  3. Kristen

    Awesome piya but i didn’t undestand that what was in that cd i read that episode but still can’t understand n what about abhay how he meets noor n chand n who is he premar or abhayendra oh god i have so much confusion n ya its me priya tripathi i change my name

    1. Piyali

      Hey Priya , dear in that CD were the recordings of that day when Piya was kidnapped and abhiya and Ridmaan split up into two to find a location to go out and abhiya spent the night in a cottage coming a bit extra close in those times , it is a morphed video and the person behind it will be revealed soon, thanks alot dear and Abhay is noor and Chand’s son , they cared for him from childhood and rest of your questions will be answered in an episode , they all are a mytery so wait a bit sweeheart…………love you………be happy…..

  4. hello pia, thank god u uploaded….
    nice update nd m a lil bit confused abt premal n abhayendra…whose face is similar to abhay????

    sorry fr nt commenting cz mah CA final exams r in nov nd m hel busy with my studies….miss u a lot…lov u tcr

    1. Piyali

      hush , you commented , i was soooooooooooo afraid that you are still angry with me, thank you for the comment , and dear , abhay’s face is similar with premar , he was running with vedanshi(whose face is similar to Piya), i hope i cleared it , well i started another ff , this time combined with my friend , just wanted to tell you so that you don’t get angry ,and yup all the best dear , my exams too approaching but in September , i missed you badly dear……..thanks a lot again……… you…….be happy………

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