FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 3)


Guys , thanks for liking it

And i wanted to know whom should play as aniket as now his charcter is of a boy slipped in his childhood and behaves like a child but later he would also be a serious type man so please do suggest names for this role , please am really confused because he is te parallel lead of my FF.
And yaa i was so excited after you comments that I just wrote it but soon I will not be able to but my exams have not started yes so I had time and sorry to abhay piya fans today there are most armaan rhidhimaa scenes.

The episode starts with the boy carrying girl inside the house , he then places her on a bed inside the house and goes towards kitchen. He is visibly wooried. He gets water in a glass and starts sprinkling it on her saying:please, wake up, i have not seen you before but i am feeling as if i know you from years, i don’t know why but seeing you like this is giving me tension, unrest, please wake up.He is sprinkling water when in sleep she again sees those red eyes and wakes up saying abhay and as he is sitting just next to her on a sofa so suddenly hugging him. He gets shocked and keeps the glass on side table and separates from her saying : mein koi abhay nahi hun(i am not any abhay) she seeing his face and says:who are you? the boy: my name is armaan. she : what i am doing here, today is abhay ‘s birthday and i planned surprise for him. she suddenly recalls everything from the bus leaving to seeing those eyes and thens looks at her wrist watch and says sadly : 12 baj gaye( it already 12)

armaan: are you , how did you got unconscious. she : anyone can get unconscious in such a scary place. she further sadly says: do you know today is abhay s birthday, do you know i and abhay celebrate his birthday, whole day with bhaiyaa but this time doctor uncle said that bhaiyaa s health is unstable so we were not able to meet him, that to today is bhiyaa s birthday also abhay was really sad but I thought that i should plan a surprise for him and thought to take him here with his friends , i planned so many things but abhay friends left me, so irresponsible, i going to abhay. he suddenly hold her hand when she gets up and says : are you mad, there is as much snow fall that a human being can become a piece of snow in five minutes. the girl: yes, today s weather report also said that it can snow after 12 a.m. in kosni (imaginary place)

armaan : can you please tell me what should i call you.the girl : rhidhimaa . armaan : will you eat something miss rhidhimaa . rhidhimaa almost in crying sound: do you really care for food , from the time I understood what is love , i loved him, and long before that i was his friend, i want to wish him birthday. he feels like her words that she loves abhay are hurting his heart and almost whole body but remains compossed and says ,: listen I don’t believe in love and all but yaa if you both are friends then it doesn’t matter that you wished him or not but you tried to make him happy that s all and yaa not only on his birthday make everyday for your friend good, you can’t even call him so just pray he don’t take much tension , ok now just eat something as you are loking weak. rhidhimaa just thinks for a while and responds: you are correct, i am really hungry , i only pray that abhay don’t take tension. armaan : ok , i ‘ll bring something.

Abhayi am going to search her, don’t know where she would be. rohit, his friend: its snowfalling outside, and bus would also not work in snow. abhayand you guys don’t know that its going to snow sorry but’s its not possible you wuld be surely knowing is not possible, and rhidhimaa she also don’t have brain don’t know where she would be you know she planned so many things and you all … rishab: we checked weather report the snow fall was only for night and in the morning sun would come so we planned accordingly , now it all happened. Abhay: i am going out to search for her , i don’t know what happen s but i am for sure going out. Guari yaar, please just understand what we want to say. but abhay doesn’t listen and walks towards the door but as luck would have it abahy couldn’t move even a feet in snow but put his all efforts in such snowfall just for rhidhimaa but as they travelled long way from dehradun he was already tired and just fell down in snow completely unconscious and his all friends who were till now on gate looking him going suddenly runned to him , picked him up and took him inside and on the cot.the episode ends with abhay lieing unconscious .

Destiny played its game , ARMAAN AND RHIDHIMAA were to meet so they did so now lets wait what happens next….

Sorry , i was not able to upload piya scene as she had slept but the night is going to be big for ABHAY , RHIDHIMAA AND ARMAAN.

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  2. SORRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY guys as you all know I am a big idiot , please forgive me pleaaaassssssss , i just submitted it and forgot to post the image of vivian dsena . soryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy again , sory, sry , sry,sry

  3. Awesome episode piyali, loved it very much. keep it up buddyyy, it’s OK if you forgot to upload vivian’s pic, next time you do it…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads


  5. thanks everyone , i just requested them and they changed the images , thank god my FF got save , ok now for the readers who just joined:

    and guys please tell me about aniket , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am not getting any perfect actor , pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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