FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 19)


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Ok so let me start with the episode.

FANAAH tere ishq mein

The episode starts with piya coming home smiling and she sees rhidhimaa looking at her suspiciously.

Piya (a little angry): why are you staring me like that??

Rhidhimaa (trying to examine her): no , i am thinking you met some body today , thats why looking so happy …. by the way where were you???

Piya (smiling and mischievously): yaa , i met with a boy l…

She was saying when rhihdimaa cuts in between shocked and says : what , piya ..its just one day you came to india and you started meeting a boy????

Piya says smiling and mischiviously : yaa , i met with someone’s love…

Rhihdimaa(in a not believing tone): are you serious , you mean your love na…..

Piya smiles , holds her shoulders and says : i met your love budhu….

Rhihdimaa eyed her relieved but said in one breath even before piya could complete : armaan???

Piya eyed her shocked while rhidhimaa starred her looking for an answer.

Piya (while she’s still shocked and a little sternly): i met abhay….

Realization struck rhidhimaa , she’s shocked and says : piya .. i mean nothing (trying to divert the topic) you know bhaiyaa is angry on you … he’s not even eating food , please take food for him , let me bring the plate..

She runs to kitchen saying this while piya stands there shocked.

Piya thinks to herself : i can’t let rhihdimaa to betray abhay , i can’t see abhay in same condition as bhaiyaa , no this will spoil rhdihimaa’s life too , i can’t let rhidhimaa fall for armaan , abhay loves rhidhimaa and rhdihimaa too loves him , armaan is just a crush , i ‘ll not let their love story to stop…

She paused as she realized that she was favouring love , her mind stopped her but her heart favoured her , a strange feeling in her heart that loves exists , it happened for the first time in 5 years that she was thinking about love , for whom ABHAY she can’t –she thought to herself.

Why i am thinking so much for abhay –she asked herself standing there shocked.

Na jaane mere
Dil ko kya ho gaya
Abhi to yahin
Tha abhi
Kho gaya

Rhidhimaa comes running to the kitchen and stands holding the kitchen platform facing the stove.

Why i said armaan when she told love , why , he’s my friend, he doesn’t even consider me as friend and i …i am doing this , i am engaged to abhay how can i even think like this , he’s just a friend , just a friend-she thought trying to convince herself but love doesn’t stop by fake convincing na.

Na jaane mere
Dil ko kya ho gaya
Abhi to yahin
Tha abhi
Kho gaya (Repeat once)

Piya is constantly thinking about abhay and trying to convince herself that this is just for her friendship , she doesn’t love abhay and love is nothing .

Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Diladaar sajna
Hai yeh pyaar sajna

Rhidhimaa is thinking about her moments with armaan and abhay and tries to convince herself that only abhay is perfect for her and she doesn’t love armaan .

Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Diladaar sajna
Hai yeh pyaar sajna

Armaan while driving his car thinks : why i want myself to stay away from rhihdimaa , she’s just like other girls , (with a smile) no she’s different , (and now angrily) yaa off course she’s different as a vampire is constantly thiking about her from past one hour.

He smiles and his own madness and thinks : i don’t know why whenever i hurt you i feel like cutting myself in pieces for making you sad , i can’t live with her but why do i want to stay for her…..

He remembers himself turning to see rhidhimaa glaring at him angrily last night and smiles thinking : i know , she’ll soon hate me and thats perfect for her but why is it hurting me???

Dekha na tune
Mudake bhi pichhe
Kuch der to main ruka tha

I son’t want her to hate me- he thought to himself sadly.

Jab dil ne tujh ko
Rokana chaha
Door tu ja chuka tha

Hua kya
Naa jaana,
Yeh dil kyon

Abhay is driving to dobriyal mansion while he’s continuously thinking about piya and suddenly he sees piya on the side of the road walking with his car with a beautiful smile on her face.

His face glowed with happiness and he had a large smile on his face while looking towards piya.

Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Diladaar sajna
Hai yeh pyaar sajna

Piya looks at him and smiles and passes him a flying kiss, abhay is shocked and says : oh god , time should stop here.

Aye waqt ruk jaa
Tham jaa thahar jaa
Wapas jara daud pichhe..

Suddenly he hears someone’s angry shouting saying : stop your car…

Piya suddenly disappears and he’s shocked and applies the break and looks in the front.

He sees a girl (20-25 years), he face totally coered and googles on her eyes who was about to come under his car and a man a liitle ahead shouting.

The man comes to him and knocks on the window angrily, the man too has googles on his face and the same age as the girl.

Abhay pulls down the mirror and says : sorry , i didn’t see.

The man angrily : yaa , i saw you were seeing the footpath , walk on it only , no need for car if you don’t know how to drive….

The man is stopped by that girl and she says : lets go , please , we don’t need to fight with people here.

While speaking her scarf is pushed down a little and abhay sees her face and he says to himself shocked : rhdhimaa…

While he’s too shocked he sees them both already gone and wonders about what just happened.

He drives to dobriyall mansion as he thinks it to be his misunderstanding.

In dobriyal mansion , rhdihimaa comes to piya with a blank expression and hands over the plate to her while piya eyes her still in thinking.

Piya moves to aniket’s room while still thinking about abhay ….(she just can’t wipe out his thoughts)

Main chhod aayi
Khud ko jahaan pe
Woh rah gaya mod pichhe..

Kahaan main
Kahaan tu
Yeh kaisa
Hai jaadu

Rhdihimaa who eyes piya going again thinks about armaan and thinks to herself angrily : you love abhay , only abhay now stop this madness rhdihimaa…..

She again thinks about armaan.

Arrey Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna
Laakh kar le tu inakaar sajna
Diladaar sajna
Hai yeh pyaar sajna

She just goes behind piya irritated with herself.

Abhay reaches dobriyal mansion and a strange feeling surrounds him…


Na jaane mere
Dil ko kya ho gaya
Abhi to yahin
Tha abhi
Kho gaya
Ho gaya

The episode ends on abhay eyeing a big frame coming inside the house .

The portrait is rhdihimaa –abhay’s engagement , they both posing for the picture smiling and he gets shocked as he realized that he’s engaged.

Precap : abhay –piya strange feeling(some connection type)

Again sorry guys and thanks suraj again for your comment yaar.

Credit to: Piyali

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    1. hey aliya , sorry dear its my mistake , i just thought that you commented twice due to my depressing message in last episode , sorry again and thanks for your comment dear and yaa , i am actually back after a long time so don’t worry , i will not go anywhere now…

  2. surely i’l wait fr u…all d best fr ur xams dear…do well

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  3. Hi I am blossom. Aliya’s sis. Sry I did not think u will get confused. Actually v both use the same id. Srrrrrrrrrry. Good epi but pls add more vampire part

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  4. Nishita rahman

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    1. hey nishita thanks a lot dear , you know i am happy that more people are reading my ff and mujhe tumhara comment par kar acha laga , thanks a lot dear and please don’t call me didi , i am very small and i feel you must be elder to me so you can call me piya ..

  5. hey pia nice episode n srry dear i was facing sm problems wid mah internt connection, thats y i didn commnt…
    abt the episode it was super interesting, suspense was also dere..waiting fr the next update n yup al d bst fr ur xams

    1. hey neha dear , no need for sorry and you don’t need to tell me sorry na ,” no sorry and thank you in friendship ” and dear will surely try to upload soon…..

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