FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 18)

Hey guys , i wanna clarify that today before starting my episode i want to say a lot of things so those who don’t want to read them can surely jump to the episode.

Guys , actually on Sunday night i was going through the previous pages of fanaah and all the comments on them and i noticed that at that time i got a lot of comments i mean seriously the comments were actually more than what i get now. Guys i just heard somewhere that we only critize those things which we feel have the scope of being better but we just stop saying anything to those things which we feel can never improve so guys i feel my ff is one out of those things which have no scope of repair thats why no one even wants to tell me my mistakes , guys is my story so bad , i know silent readers have their own reasons but the ones who have commented in the starting , i guess they stopped reading my ff because its not at all good , guys i promise i’ll not stop it but i really want to know that is my story so bad then i’ll surely end it soon , guys i’ll end it here as i know those who chose to read this part would surely be bored but guys i want to just say that i actually had tears in my eyes while comparing the comments before and now thats why i couldn’t even write on Monday but no problem guys today i would just like to thank 3 people who helped me by commenting regularly:

Nisha : dear , actually i read your comment on January 6 , 2 p.m. on Sunday only actually i didn’t saw it before but that comment actually meant a lot to me , you know in my life i just have friends for the sake that they need my help or i need their help but you actual mean a lot to me dear , i actually feel that i would have got anything but not such a friend in my life if i never visited this site so really thanks for your support all these days from when i began my fanaah , really thanks dear.

Devga : dear , you know you are a great support for me from the starting of this story , you always supported me a big big thanks to you dear , you even informed me beforehand when you couldn’t comment for somedays , it really means a lot dear , thanks for your constant support from the starting of this story , you too are a great friend for me from the starting of this journey , i am really thankful to god for making me meet you , thanks a lot dear.

Neha : dear , you know being honest i would never read any story from the starting after its 5 episodes are uploaded(a few exceptions , one being nisha’s story and another such story) but you read them all and i actually was shocked with the fact dear , you were the one who actually made me feel that my story is not as bad as i felt thanks a lot dear for your constant comments , another great friend which i got from this site , thanks a lot dear .

Guys i am even thankful to silent readers if there are any but guys i really feel my ff is not very good as mawik , buzz , anu , kiya , harshvardhan , roma , hayathi didn’t even comment on a single episode after my starting episodes , sorry if i hurt anyone with the words which i said above but guys being serious i too am feeling very hurt , again sorry to those who feel that they wasted their time reading my story …..

The episode starts with piya laughing while abhay stares at her , piya suddenly stops and sees him and waves her hand in front of his eyes .
She doesn’t get any response.
Piya (a little louder) : abhayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..
Abhay gets into his senses and bites his tongue .
Abhay (embarrassed): sorry ….
Piya smiles and says : oh ! so abhay raichand is saying sorry to me???
Abhay smiles while they both continue talking for hours .
In dobriyal mansion:
Rhidhimaa is on her bed thinking : now where she went…
She suddenly hears the sound of aarti and aniket too wakes up due to the sound.
Aniket (smiling): aarti … aarti … you know there was no aarti in the hospital , yeeeee … i’ll go down … i’ll do prayer….
Rhidhimaa smiles and says : bhaiyaa , first we should bath , maa will give her pravachan for next 2 hours and today chachi ji is also there so 4 hours atleast haan.
Aniket laughs and says : yipeeeeee!!!!!

Downstairs :
Rhidhimaa and aniket come down and stand in the aarti .
After some time they finish the prayer but aniket says : i want to listen more…
Sugandha eyes him confused and then eyes madhu with questionable eyes .
Rhidhimaa understands and says : bhaiyaa , if aarti continues naa then Prasad will also be late so we’ll tell later to piya to sing for us.
Aniket nods smiling while all smile seeing a mature rhidhimaa.
After some time :
In dining table(during breakfast) :
All are eating quietly when rhidhimaa breaks the silence and says : maa , where is this piya , i have not seen her from morning.

Sugandha says smiling : beta , she has gone to temple to pray so…
Aniket angrily cuts in between saying: i also wanted to go to temple , she didn’t take me , i don’t want to talk to her .
Rhidhimaa says tensed : bhaiyaaaa …. we have such a big temple in our home so whats the need to go to some other temple.
Aniket still irritated : nooooooooooo… you don’t like to go to temple , i know but i wanted to go.
He leaves his food in the plate and runs upstairs to his room.
Rhidhimaa has a faded smile on her face by the fact that aniket remembers that she doesn’t go to temple but at the same time sad too so she takes the plate to her room.
In singhania’s home :
Armaan comes to dining table and thinks angrily: i need to find about abhay …. its really needed …
He was thinking this when mr ram comes and says smiling : what are you thinking champ????
Armaan (irritated): please don’t call me champ bhaiyaa ….
Ram nods laughing while mrs rina comes and says teasing : i know , no one should call you something , not even friend…..

She stops in between seeing armaan shocked (actually rina heard armaan-rhidhimaa’s conversation)
Armaan (shocked ):bhabhi….
Mrs rina smiles and says : ok , leave that , maa piya is such a good girl na.
Mrs priyambata smilingly nods and says : actually both the sisters are good .
Rina smiles while armaan eats a bite and food and feels a bit uncomfortable .
He runs from there while all are left shocked.
He comes to his room and to the washroom , he spits out the food while he’s shocked.
Armaan says to himself worriedly : means the symtoms staring coming , now i can’t eat food …. but how can i hide this from mom.. if she asks me to eat food then ….
He is shocked and he just comes out and runs out to his car and drives off , others get shocked but rina convinces them that he would have some work while she herself too is shocked.
In raichand mansion :
Abhay comes home and sees his food ready on table.
He takes the plate and thinks irritated: why mamma , papa never eat with me , they always make me eat alone….
He was thinking this when he remembers piya giving Prasad to children and smiles thinking about her .
He sits and starts having food but he too feels uncomfortable eating the food and spits eat.
Abhay thinks : why i am not feeling good after eating food…. i should go and meet rhidhimaa , she’ll surely make me happy and i’ll eat something there only.
He thinks about meeting piya and again smiles .
He leaves in his car.

In dobriyal mansion:
Piya enters the house smiling (thinking about abhay)while rhidhimaa sees her smiling and eyes her suspiciously (childishly).
The episode ends on the screen split up into 4 : abhay’s smiling face , armaan’s tensed face , piya’s smiling face , rhidhimaa’s suspicious face.

Precap: piya sings a song for convincing an angry aniket.

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  1. hey ur ff is nt at all bad…just keep updatng regularly…add more vampire part in ur ff..
    m a silent reader….sry fr nt comntng..

    1. hey suraj , dear you really don’t need to say sorry for not commenting before , you must be having some reason but dear i am just sad for the fact that i lost my old readers , no problem , i’ll try my best to update regularly and will surely try to add more vampire part but after some romance so keep reading , thanks for your precious comment

  2. Hey pia dear plz dont feel this way plz dear. There are silent readers of ur ff n see one then has also commented today just to prove that ur ff is very good…
    Thanks Suraj for ur precious comment…
    N another thing is dat ur ff actually dont need any improvement cz its really dnt need it, seriously speaking it is not required at all…
    Dnt b sad pia, n plz its a request to all d silent readers of this ff plz plz plz plz plz plz pl do comment on dis part at least to cheer up our writer pia…plz frns

    N thanks pia fir mentioning my name as ur frn, it means a lot to me n surely m nt gonna allow to stop or end this ff this soon….

    Nisha, ddevgaa n me r always there fr u n yup see suraj too commented just to make u believe that u n ur ff is grt…

    N now abt today’s episode i liked the part where abhay too was facing symptoms n really waiting to know what abhay would do aftr knowing the truth being vampire…waiting fr the next part dear
    Take care n feel gud pia…lov u loadssss

    1. hey dear neha , thanks a lot for such a motivating comment you know it means a lot to me and dear i am really happy by suraj’s comment but the fact is that i had lost my readers that is making me sad but don’t worry i am totally fine now , and dear really thanks for the fact that you appreciated my work and dear you don’t need to thank me , actually i want to thank yu for being such a great friend to me , a big thanks again and i know but you just a hint , it will be something like my story’s title (the thing which he’ll do) and dear i guess it will take time for me to upload next part as i mentioned about my cousins weeding so i’ll be busy in preparations ,but i’ll surely try to upload soon thanks again and lots of love dear

  3. I am ur silent reader dont underestimate urself . Ur ff is really nice yaar

  4. Hi a silent reader.Sry 4 not commenting ur ff is really good yaar

  5. Hello dear, m also one of the silent reader but also a critic too nd i nly comment whenevr i feel that there is smthing to criticize.
    Ur ff is surely different but the only reasons y ur old readers Left reading is just the time that u take to upload tthe next part.
    As u can see a lots of another available option which r as good as your ff’s, so u should update regularly so that tge readers wil b nt supposed to frget the past story lineup.
    Thats it n if u hurt u then m really sorry bt this is the indeed truth.

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