FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 17)

Hey guys , really sorry for the late update but i was just thinking how to develop the episode so it took me time , so here is the episode….
The episode starts with rhidhimaa smiling a little and says sadly : i am sorry papa !!!
She then sees piya’s wounds(only scratches , no blood) and says : let me bring first aid.
Saying this she gets up to go but suddenly shouts : aucchhhhh…
Piya gets shocked and says angrily : are you mad?(piya then makes rhidhimaa sit ) you know na its a sprain so sit here quietly .
Rhidhimaa says scared : piya , i am fine yaar , don’t worry .
Piya then says teasingly : let me press your foot then , then i’ll see.
Piya then forwards her hand to press rhidhimaa’s foot .
Rhidhimaa stops her and gets scared and says : no , no it will pain.
Piya (with a mischievous smile ): then you also get first aid done ,(to servent ) please bring the first aid box.

The servent nods and goes.
Abhay sits next to aniket and says : bhaiyaa , is it paining? (aniket also has some scratches)
Aniket smiling nods in no and says: i am a good boy , its not paining.
Abhay smiles while he sees that piya has a little deeper wounds .
Abhay comes to her , gets first aid box from the servent .
He holds piya’s arm and starts to apply ointment.
Rhidhimaa touches her sprained leg while priyambata says with a concerned expression : beta , armaan is a student of medical , he knows how to cure sprain , (to armaan ) armaan help her .
Armaan who was till now in deep thinking gets shocked and eyes rhidhimaa , rhidhimaa turns her face away angrily.
Armaan goes towards her and holds her foot , rhidhimaa shouts : auchhhhhh…..
Rhidhimaa putting his hand away and angrily: you…. what the … can’t you take it softly , it is paining so badly (and now like a child) you are doing it purposely , tell me , this is only the reason na..
Armaan eyes her shocked and says angrily : oh hello miss drama queen , it will pain at the time not after it , do you want to get fine or not??
Rhidhimaa eyes him angrily still pain reflecting in her eyes.
Armaan sees her and thinks sadly : i will have to use my powers to make it fine else it will pain you a lot.
He again touches her foot and uses his powers to make it fine.
Rhidhimaa says angrily looking in piya’s direction: why are you not starting , do you want to help me or not??

Armaan eyes and says : it is done miss , you can walk easily now , try ….
Rhidhimaa eyes him shocked and says : lier. I didn’t even feelt .
Armaan smiles and says : its armaan singhania , i can do anythink.
Rhidhimaa at him with a not interested expression and tries to walk holding armaan’s hand and gets successful . she smiles happily and jumps leaving armaan’s hand to see if it pains or not.
Armaan thinks : now she’ll thank me.(he then smiles)
He waits for her thanks while she keeps talking to aniket .
Piya to abhay smiling : abhay , was it ointment or what , see it feels as if no scratches were there.
Abhay smiles and says : how could i know yaa its your home naa and your ointment only?
Piya gets thinking while armaan listens and gets suspicious remembering abhay’s birthdate and this incident.
Armaan thinks : abhay , no he can’t be vampire , if he would then he would have found rhidhimaa through his powers that day , but how could this happen , that old man told that everyone born on that date is special but abhay…….. how could he heal piya’s wound just like that…
Rhidhimaa holds armaan ‘s shoulder and makes him move smiling and saying : now go , your car came.(and now smiling) if you want to stay here then tell me , i’ll be obliged.
Armaan gets out of thinking and says : no , i don’t need to stay here
Rhidhimaa nods and he’s about to go but turns and says :if somebody helps someone then he deserves a thank you.
Rhidhimaa smiles and says : thaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my foot , i only thank strangers not my friends.

Armaan (irritated) : i am not you friend.
Rhidhimaa winks at him and says : you are …..
Armaan glares at her and leaves while rhidhimaa laughs and thinks : if my heart say that you are good then you can’t be bad , my frienddddddd.
She turns to abhay and says teasingly : you are more concerned about your enemy than your fience.
Abhay who was holding piya’s arm leaves it while piya gets out of thinking and says : yaar , abhay how can it be.
Abhay teasing: stop thinking piya , your small mind can’t keep so many things.
Piya glares at him and abhay says showing fake scared expressions: oh sorry , but you know you are a great doctor and i… i am a small 10th pass child , how can i help you solve your mysterious questions ???
Rhidhimaa laughs and says : stop it you guys , piya maybe ,(teasingly) papa brought some magic in ointment , but i have to talk to bhaiyaa , you know i was so scared for him but you are wasting my time ,now let me talk to bhaiyaa …..
Abhay-piya smile and nod while piya is still thinking.
In rhidhimaa’s room :
Rhidhimaa is continuously talking to aniket while piya is sitting staring her cute sister and macho brother talking .
(all members have left except for the family and they are in their room and piya-aniket are staying in rhidhimaa’s room )

After some time they all dose off.
Next morning :
Rhidhimaa wakes up and sees bhaiyaa next to her but piya is missing .
Rhidhimaa thinks : now where she went….
Outside a temple :
Piya is giving Prasad to beggers sitting outside the temple.
Abhay who was passing by sees her and smiles and thinks : bhaiyaa ki chamchi ( bhaiyaa’s pet)
He goes towards her and pats her back , piya turns to find him and gets surprised.
Piya smiling : abhay , you here .. you were never interested to come here , you always came due to bhaiyaa na .
Abhay smiles and says : piya , i always come here after bhaiyaa’s accident , he always believed in god so i thought i should atleast believe in his theories so i come here every morning.
Piya says : abhay , great , come sit , actually i called in an orphanage to take these children(to poor begger ‘s).
Abhay nods and they both sit on the steps of the temple .
Abhay : again , rhidhimaa didn’t come ?
Piya : you couldn’t convince her in last 5 years , how can i do that in 1 day and actually she is sleeping and even i didn’t wake her.
Abhay : oh !! you just love to help people na.
Piya ( feeling awkward ): yaaaaa , but why are you getting so formal , it looks odd yaar pleaseeee talk informally , ok let me give option (she thinks for a while ) you can even fight with me..
Abhay smiles and says : actually you look an aunty by covering your head with that duppata so i just payed respect to you dear .
Piya stares at him and after that couldn’t control her laughter and laughs and puts her scarf down which was on her head while abhay stares at her smiling. She beats him playfully.

The episode ends on piya laughing and abhay mesmerized seeing her smiling .
Sorry guys no precap today .

Guys some of you may get confused so here are a few points to be noted:
• Abhay was able to cure piya’s wound as he couldn’t see her in pain so he was determined to do this so he unknowingly used his powers.
• Abhay doesn’t believe in god as his parents also didn’t .
• Rhidhimaa doesn’t like to come to temple due to lots of beggers sitting there(its not like she is too stone hearted but it is as she can’t see anyone in pain so she never comes.)
• Aniket used to come to temple every morning with piya and abhay to pray to god and help the beggers sitting outside.
If still there’s a doubt feel free to ask and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do comment , pleaseeeeeeee tell me how my storing is going , if it is getting boring , feel free to tell.

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    1. hey no problem devga dear and really thanks for commenting ,
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  2. Hey pia nice episode n thanks fr d update, i thought u stop writing dis ff cx in swaragini’s ff y mentioned that u write 2 ff’s….

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    1. hey neha thanks dear and no need for thanks dear ,
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      1. Yup i can understand that daily updates are really tough, so regular updates r not too bad, n thanks fr this ff n abt ur thoughts on dis..loved it pia…

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