FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 15)


Hey guys thanks to all of you, really thanks to devga , neha and nisha , and to all silent readers if there are any so here goes the update.
Recap: abhay proposes piya as a dare and armaan- rhidhimaa eyelock.

The episode starts with rhdihimaa rubbing her tears seeing piya and piya through her eyes ask her what happened?
Rhidhimaa says with a fake smile : why are you seeing me like that nothing happened and now i feel that i would have waited for abhay proposing me , i missed such a good proposel.
Piya is still suspicious but gives a fake smile .
Piya then looks towards armaan and understands the matter .
Armaan stands up and goes near the bar.
Piya goes to him and as he was going to drink , piya says to him taunting : you should not drink much.
Armaan with stern looks : then you would have not kept it in the party.
Piya smiling : oh ! so you know who i am?
Armaan : of course and may i know the reason why you are so bothered about me drinking?
Piya : yes as you know my sister and she hates the people who drink (she points to abhay )see he will not even revolve around this counter.
Abhay also looks towards piya and they have an eyelock while the tuning of ishq hua hi hua plays in the background.
Armaan sensing this eyelock and taunting : actually if you are so bothered about your sister so why are you trying to steal her fiancé .
Piya looks towards him and gives him a disgusting look and says : what ? are you mad or something i ..i am trying to steal her fiancé , just stop it and stop interfering in our lives.
Armaan smirks and says : thats it , then why a person who hates love is telling me about relations.
Piya eyes him and says : i was correct , you are the same armaan who helped rhidhimaa on armaans birthday.
Abhay nodes in yes .
Piya : you know what , after that day for almost 5 days rhdidhimaa kept talking about you .. only you and about your goodness but i never thought in actual you will be an emotionless person.
Armaan (with a not interested expression): look , i just saved her for humanity’s sake nothing else so why…..
Piya cuts in between saying angrily : for humanity’s sake? , you know how sensitive my sister is , if she even collides with somebody and he says sorry to her , she remembers that person whole her life and you helped her and behaving like this (now with tears) please don’t behave like this , my sister has cried 2 times due to you please don’t make her cry again , pleaseeeeeeeee or else i’ll lose my temper .
Armaan eyes her sternly and goes from there keeping the glass there.

After some time:
Rhdihimaa is talking on phone excitedly and says to somebody : pleaseeeeeeeeee uncle , please bring him na , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee for me.
Doctor worriedly : but…..
Rhidhimaa(a little bossy) : no but- wat its a surprise for piya , i want him to come.
Doctor smiling: ok beta , just for you and piya.
Rhdihiamaa smiles and cuts the call.
Rhidhimaa sees piya in front of her and piya says smiling : what are you up to and why smiling.
Rhdihimaa smiles and comes towards her and holds her shoulder taking her saying : you’ll get to know soon dear.
Piya eyes her with a smile and suspicion and they both go from there.

After some time : rhdihimaa gets a call and picks it up .
Doctor : beta , i will reach in 2 minutes , just come out.
Rhidhima smiles and says : ok uncle.
Rhidhimaa goes out while piya sees her going and tries to follow her when she reaches the main hall where elders party is going on when madhu calls her to introduce her to someone.
Rhdihimaa is standing out when mr prem comes with ram singhania and asks : why are you standing here beta .
Rhidhimaa searches for a reply and says smartly : chacha ji why are you here?
Prem says smiling : beta , mr rams and his mother’s car both are not in a condition of working so i am looking for driver to send their car for servicing .
Rhdihimaa : oh (and now to sent them ) chacha ji i am standing here to have some fresh air when i see the driver i’ll give him the keys so you go and enjoy the party.
Prem and ram node in yes.
Rhidhimaa stands there and sees an ambulance coming and jumps in excitement.
The ambulance stops and 2 wardboys get out and take a boy of about 23 years and rhdihimaa smiles seeing him and helps the wardboys , rhdihimaa thinks : piya will be so happy to see bhaiyaa.
The ambulance leaves and a man is left.
Rhidhimaa was about to go inside when she sees the driver coming and says to the man : you please wait with bhaiyaa , i ‘ll just go and come.
The man nods.
She while going unknowingly throws the keys of her own car which she was driving in the morning.
She goes to the driver and starts talking to him about singhania ‘s car.
The man gets a call and he leaves aniket and goes on a side to attend the call .
Rhdihimaa to driver : kaka , please take these keys and get that car for servicing (pointing to a car ) .
The driver nods and leaves .

Aniket sees the car keys lying on the ground and gets some faded memories of a boy of around 18 years driving car.
He thinks to himself like a child and smiling: i ..want to drive the car and picks the keys and tries to try it on the car standing first and it coincidently gets to work as rhdihimaa parked the car in the front .
He sits in the car and tries to strain his mind for learning how to operate and gets it , so he starts driving and gets happy.
While rhidhimaa and that man turn to him at the same time and get shocked .
The episode ends on rhdihimaa’s shocked face.

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  1. Omg. .aniket…hope he’ll b fine….
    Again nice update n i was expecting this update on today bt u updated fast, thank you so mch dear…
    Hello nisha n devgaa, how r u both..
    Again waiting fr the next part, lov u pia

    1. thanks neha actually i was having some time so thoguht to upload it , and you’ll get to know in next part what happens and i’ll try to update it soon.

  2. hey guys actually i did mistake and it is
    piya says : i was correct , you were the one who helped rhidhimaa on abhay’s birthday .
    armaan nods in yes

    1. Yup…bt it gotta rectified with the flow of the story n yup again thanks for the fast update dear

    2. N yup plzzzz dnt frget to send me the link of next part of ur ff junoon

  3. Yea dint actually found thr is a mistake coz with the interest in reading ahead I read it as piya only ….
    Awesome yar …. Do continue …
    Lil busy these days …. Bye

    1. thanks devga and hope your work ends soon

  4. hey piya dear an aweosme update I just loved it a lot

    pia concern towards rhidhimma

    Armaan dialogues

    How rhidhimaa planning get backfire and what happen next

    Let’s see guys don’t miss it Fanaa tere ishq mein only on Piyali ki ff

    Love u dear

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. thanks nisha and you’ll get to know soon

  5. helkoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    devga dear how r u

    I think u are busy in exams all the best dear

    always love u by heart

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

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