FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 14)


Hey guys , sorry for making you guys wait for 3-4 days and special sorry to neha , so sorry dear ,i had not opened telly updates for 2 days as i had an exam after my school reopened but now i am free and dear now i have replied to your question but again for you i want to tell that i don’ t have any particular day for uploading my story , i upload it whenever i get time and mostly when i am free i upload 1 in a day so dear just a suggestion , you can search for my story in telly updates search bar after every 4 days , it will be easy for you as now i have decided to write my story after every 4 days ,i will try to be constant but not sure so you can do this , hopefully you don’t have any objection , again sorry for not replying earlier .
So guys the episode begins with ruhi smiling and abhay’s scared face.

Ruhi : so , abhay you have to ….. propose …… rhidhimaaa’s….
Abhay cuts in between happily and says : i have to propose rhidhimaa phew i can do it very easily.
Rhidhimaa stares him and then smiles saying : oh hello , before also i only proposed you so i know that proposing somebody is really difficult for you, so lets see.
Abhay staring her angrily: oh hello , you were desperate to propose me or else i only would have proposed you….
Rhdihimaa was about to reply when ruhi said loudly : oh come on guys stop fighting ,let me complete my sentence first then continue your fight .
Rhdhimaa(angrily) : so speak na ruhi , he is a dumb , don’t listen to him.
Abhay stares her and ruhi distracts him and says : so abhay you have to propose rhdihimaa’s sister….. piya (sorry guys , its just a dare)
Rhidhimaa laughs at it while abhay and piya are hell shocked.
Abhay was about to say something when piya says angrily : it his dare so why i am being used as an instrument.
Rhidhimaa still laughing and dramatically : piya , you had not completed your dare na so ….
Piya staring her angrily cuts in between saying : so … so what … i sang with you na … what more?
Rhdihimaaa trying to control her laugh says : so that was compensation , now this is the dare for wasting our time.
Armaan is staring rhidhimaa happily while she’s laughing while abhay is still shocked at what he has been told to do.
Piya(angrily) : you …..
she picks up the pillow kept there and hits her.
Abhay getting out of shock and says : guys , i also wont do it , if we both don’t want it why are you forcing .
Rhdihimaa is still giggling.

Kabir : now why are you laughing rhidhimaa … and that too continoulsly.
Rhdihimaa (still laughing): they both are childhood enemies , if abhay proposes piya then too you will feel as if he’s asking her to go back to new York.
Abhay staring her : i am not that bad , ok na.
Kabir(smiling) : then propose her abhay , or else i will do this for you as i have to do it soon in real too…
Piya cuts in between listening this and says :what did you say just now?
Kabir (he understands what he was saying and says stammering ) : to a girl , i like, i have to propose her , so it will be practise for me.
Piya : oh ok .
Abhay(with strong face expressions) : no ,i am ready to propose her , abhay raichand doesn’t need anybody else to do the work which i am supposed to do.
Piya is shocked and says : abhay..
She’s not able to speak anything else out of shock.
Kabir is a little sad at this development while T thinks : now , both sisters want abhay .
Rhidhimaa is sitting there quite trying to hold herself from laughing out loud.
Abhay stands up and goes near piya who too stands up from her seat tensed and tries to move backward slowly facing abhay and abhay follows her in same pace .

Hulchul hui plays
Hulchul hui
Zara shor hua
Dil chor hua
Teri aur hua
Abhay tells piya while both are slowly moving : we were childhood friends , and all our childhood we fought like tom and jerry and were always against each other but i don’t know what happened to me when i saw you first in collage ….
He stopped and remembered seeing her eyes and then nose , ears and then lips when rhidhimaa ran to hug her , he was now in a trance and forgot it was just a dare ..
Piya slowly while they are having a continous eyelock : abhay…
Abhay keeps his hand on her mouth to stop her from saying anything and the eyelock continues.
Hulchul hui Hulchul hui
zara shor huaa. zara shor huaa
Dil chor huaa. Dil chor huaa
Teri aur huaaa. teri aur huaa
Rhidhimaa was looking towards them with a smile when she felt a soft breeze on her face and her face automatically gets turned towards armaan . she sees him with a huge smile on her face while he’s in a deep thinking and then he suddenly feels someone staring him and eyes rhidhimaa, he smiles a little seeing her smiling face and they have a eyelock.

Aisi chhale jab hawaa.
Ishq hua hi hua.
Aisi chhale jab hawaa.
Ishq hua hi hua.

Abhay removes his hand from piya ‘s mouth and says : when i saw you first i fell in love with this innocent face , i forgot that i loved somebody else , i forgot that i boost of loving somebody else , the only thing which i remember was that i now love you , more than i love myself , i don’t care about this world but only about you piya because you mean the world to me , piya , your fights with me , your care for me , i remember everything , every single bit of our memories .
Piya is also in this trance now and the eyelock is continous.

Hulchul hui
Zara shor hua
Dil chor huaa.
Teri aur huaa.
Hulchul hui
zara shor huaa.
Dil chor huaa.
Teri aur huaaa.
Aisi chhale jab hawaa.
Ishq hua hi hua.
Aisi chhale jab hawaa.
Ishq hua hi hua.

While piya is walking backwards slowly she gets hit by the wall there and abhay thinks she was about to fall while actually she was not but abhay holds her nor too tightly , not too softly and firm touth to save her from falling if she was , he then leaves her and sits on his knees.
Ishq huaaa. haaaiii Ishq huaa. haiiii

Meaniwhile armaan gets out of trance and shows angry look to rhidhimaa while she keeps looking at him with huge smile.

Armaan to himself : why rhdihimaa , why you do this to me , i ..i never believed in love but don’t know when you taught me to love somebody , infact you and i love you that much that i can kill myself for your happiness but cannot disclose that i love you , i just want to hate you but can’t , i want to stay away from you and you come close to me , why this happens to me.

Palko se hothon tak jo raah nikalti hai
Guzre na wahan se ye teri galti hai
Oooo.Palko se hothon tak jo raah nikalti haiii
OoooO… Rehte hai ab hum wahaaa.
ishq hua hi huaaa.
Ooooo. aisi chhale jab hawaaa.
ishq hua hi huaaa.
Hulchul hui
Zara shor hua
Dil chor hua
Teri aur hua lala lala la lala lala la…

Abhay holds piya ‘s hand firmly and says smiling ; i love you piya !
Piya is awestruck by this and is too shocked to say anything.
Ishq huaa
. Kadmoko sambhale nazaro ka kya karein.
Nazroko sambhale tho dil ka kya karein.
O.Kadmoko sambhale nazaro ka kya karein
. Dilko sambhale zubannn.
ishq hua hi huaa.
Aisi chhale jab hawaa. ishq hua hi huaa.
Everyone clap for them except rhidhimaa , armaan as they are lost in each other and t as she hates piya from now.
Piya gets out of her trance at the claps and thinks : no piya , no , you cant think like that about abhay , he’s just a friend and moreover rhidhimaa ‘s fience stop piya , stop at this stage only because love only leads to destruction don’t think this.
She tries to be strong and leaves abhay hand and goes on her seat .
abhay also comes out of his trance at piya leaving his hand and thinks : what were you doing abhay , it was just a dare and how can you forget that , you… you proposed piya so intensely in this trance , you don’t love her , remember you only love rhidhimaa , only rhidhimaa.
He then too tries to be strong and turns while smiling and saying : ishq to ho hi gaya…
Piya is shocked at this .

Hulchul hui
Zara shor hua
Dil chor hua
Teri aur hua
Hulchul hui
Zara shor hua
Dil chor hua
Abhay changing the topic : mere proposing ke style se.
Piya is relieved and takes a deep breath ,
She then sees rhidhimaa staring armaan and armaan staring her angrily.
She pats rhidhimaa’s shoulder and rhdihimaa gets out of trance and is shocked and gets teary eyed seeing armaan with angry expressions.
Hmm.teri aur hua.
Ishq huaa. Ishq huaa.

Abhay is mingling with his friends as the game got over after such an intense proposing and while talking he escapes everyone’s eyes to see piya ‘s glance and smiles.
The episode ends on screen split up into 4 with rhihdimaa ‘s teary eyes looking towards piya , piya looking towards rhdihimaa with confused expressions and armaan looking teary eyed towards rhidhimaa and abhay smiling seeing a glance of piya.
Precap : armaan – piya have a deep talk about rhidhimaa.

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  1. Hey pia, hows u?
    Ns as obvious today’s update is really fantabulous n yup dnt say sorry again n again.
    Today’s ep was so romantic n i felt i was watching it while reading..
    Nd cz of ur writing skills n ur sweetness m in lov wid u, keep it up n plz plz plz try to write daily else i’ll die while waiting fr the next update…..
    Btw what u do in studies?

    1. hey neha i am fine and really happy just because of your comment , it made me really happy that somebody liked my FF to such an extend and dear you know i am writing three other ff ‘s too thats why but dear i would surely try to update soon for you guys and that a promise and about my studies i am a school student only and that too not of a higher class but you know my parents expect way too much from me like anyother parent so really need to concentrate on studies too , thats all but i will surely try to update soon.

  2. Awesome ….. Aftr long I m. Seeing fanah ….. Thku piya …
    This epi was awesome the way abhAy proposed ws way too mesmerizing….
    U knw I actually not able to comment regularly sorry ….. But dnt forget I wil read daily Dr …
    Coz ur head line itself is unique wich I was attracted…..
    Thnk u …..

    Focus on your studies…… All. The best

    1. thanks devga dear really thanks for your appreciating comments and dear i know there must be a reason no problem that you are not able to comment and dear i am fully focusing on my studies so no need to worry and really thanks for that too

  3. Oh…ok n tell mr thr other FF’s that u write, m gonna definately read them..
    At last jst wanna say m fan of ur writing n u r a darling, keep balance between ur writing n studies….lov uhhh

    1. hey neha actually the next part is in the link but for you i am giving here also

  4. me the name of FF’s that u write, m gonna definately read it n yup its right too that u hav to make balnce wid ur stdies too n i undrstand that too, keep it up ur writing n always stay blesses….loveeee uhhhh

    1. hey neha actually i guess you commented twice through different ids so i am replying on this one , dear thanks and the names and links to my ff are down-
      hey dear just change the episode number and you’ll get rest episodes.
      Best Friends Forever(Love Betrayal but HOPE) –
      hey dear there are two stories in it and the story with the tittle name best friends forever is mine.
      JUNOON –
      there are two stories in this one two but the one with name junoon and that of meera arjun is mine.\

      1. hope you like them too

      2. Hey pia, i read 2 of ur ff, swaragini n junoon, both were awesome n abt the junoon, dear i not watch serials, its a lil bit awk, bt …so i cant suggest u the pairs dear, jst lov to read only nplz dnt stop writing ff of fanaah….plz

  5. hey piya no words to describle todays part its just awesome just perfect yaar.

    each and every scene is totally clear and vision is very much perfect with each and every clear emotions.

    I just love todays episode yaar. Its truly magical love u dear

    keeep smiling

    waiting for next eagerly

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. hey nisha thanks for your lovely comments which always make my day and and will try to upload soon .

  6. hey devga dear how r u miss u a lot dear sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Its been days dear how’s ur studies going .

    love u dear

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