FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 13)


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Recap : party started in dobriyal mansion , truth and dare game.
The episode begins with the game again starting , and piya is now calm.
They again form the circle and rotate the bottle. The bottle is rotating.
In arnab and prem’s party:
Mr arnab, mr prem , mrs suganhdha and mrs madhu introduce abhay and his parents to mrs priyambata singhania .
Mr arnab : mr raichand , she’s mrs priyambata , she has a business of handlooms and she’s really getting on the top in her business.
Mrs raichand smiles and says : nice to meet you mrs singhania , he’s my son abhay .
Mrs priyambata : oh , i got to know that he’s mr arnab’s daughter’s fiancé , i saw her , she looks a calm girl.

Abhay smiles and nods and thinks in his mind : vo aur shant!(she and calm!)
Mrs priyamabta : let me call my sons , abhay my son armaan is of your age only.
Abhay again smiles and mrs priyambata calls armaan , ram and rina and introduces them one by one.
Mrs priyamabata : my elder son is an army officer , my daughter in law is a pedireatition and my younger son is studying medical.
Abhay tells to armaan happily (he has never seen that armaan who saved rhidhimaa’s life so doesn’t know him and armaan too has never seen abhay so too doesn’t know taht its rhdihimaa ‘s party): let me take you to meet my friends , we will get bored in this party.
Armaan nods and goes with him.
In youngsters party:

The bottle comes and stops on rhidhimaa.
Kabir teasing: i guess today is bad day for dobriyal sisters.
Rhidhimaa smiles and says : rhidhimaa is always daring.
Kabir : ok ! then let me think your dare.
Piya(with a little smile) : will you dance?
Rhidhimaa smiling and teasingly says : what did i do in the morning?
Kabir : yaa piya , it would be boring.
T(taunting): then what kabir , rhidhimaa is already boring.
Rhidhimaa gives her an angry look and t does the same.
Piya mischievously smiling : guys , stop this fight , first listen the song.
Rhidhimaa stares her worriedly and says : piya , are you up to something?
Piya keeps smiling and says : the song is “ banarasiya “
All shocked in one tone : banarasiyaaaaaa.

Piya nods.
Rhidhimaa worried : is it a song for dancing piya ?
Piya : if dare is not daring then what is the need of dare?
Rhidhimaa with mischievous looks : ok ! then i too have a condition.
Piya : what?
Rhidhimaa : if i am going to dance then my sister too have a melodious voice , so piya will be singing this song.
She raises her eyes in a way of teasing .
Piya : but…
Rhidhimaa cuts in between saying : you even didn’t completed your challenge so this one for its compensation.
Piya nods staring her with childish angry looks.

Piya starts singing the song reading lyrics from her phone and rhidhimaa starts a performance with a combo of Indian and western dances matching steps with song.
On a point she rotates and rotates and doesn’t see when she collides with armaan who was coming in from the gate and they both are in each others arms which is followed by and eyelock and everything stops for both of them and they get lost in each others eyes till abhay disturbs from back and pats armaan s shoulders. Piya has stopped singing Armaan gets into his senses and leaves rhidhimaa who is still looking at him with a huge smile but suddenly she remembers the collage incident and turns her face away with anger.
Armaan looks towards her and thinks in his mind : i want to stay away from you but situation bring us to face each other again and again , don’t know why?
Abhay to armaan : she ‘s my fiancé rhidhimaa and (to everyone) he’s armaan , new student in our collage.

Rhidhimaa angrily staring armaan says: come inside !
Armaan comes inside and takes seat near kabir .
Piya had stopped singing seeing that incident and sees rhidhimaa suspiciously as she finds her behaviour towards armaan a little awkard.
Piya thinks that she heard this name before and also that she has seen him before , she then remembers when she was in new York rhiddhimaa telling her on phone about some armaan who saved her life and everything about him, she also remembers seeing him in collage.
FB shows : piya, rhidhimaa talking on phone and rhdihimaa continuously saying armaan did this armaan that and all.
Another FB shows that when piya didn’t got an answer from rhidhimaa she just while seeing here and there saw armaan going in opposite direction continuously seeing rhidhimaa with his eyes full of tears.
She connects the dots and finds that he’s the same armaan who saved rhidhimaa’s life.
When she’s thinking all this abhay waves his hands in front of her eyes saying : what happened?
She gets out of thinking and says : nothing!
Kabir : piya , we saw rhidhimaa dancing earlier too but what a voice you have , you should try in any singing competition , you’ll surely win yaar , really i guess whole dobriyal family is filled with beauty, brain and talent.
T thinks in her mind : whatever !
Abhay shocked : really kabir , she just sang?

Kabir (confused ): why , can’t she sing?
Abhay : no , thats not the point but i used to tell her so many times to sing in our childhood but she , she never used to sing.
Piya smiling : abhay , it was you who was telling me , if anybody else tell me then i’ll surely sing.
Abhay : whatever.
Piya smiles like a kid who got victory after fighting for long as abahy had no response this time.
Kabir : ok guys , we broke the circle , lets form it again. Armaan you also join us.
Armaan nods and t thinks in mind : he looks cool , he’s surely mine.
The bottle rotates and it lands on abhay .
Abahy : what yaar , why me? Ok now leave it , i’ll take dare and i’ll play guitar.
Piay mischievous smile : then it will not be fun to do what you can , we have to plan something new.

Ruhi mischievously smiling : yaa , and this time i have a great dare for you abhay
Abhay gets scared and says : ruhi , now you are planning something big , aren’t you ?
Ruhi nods and episode ends on ruhi’s smiling and abhay ‘s scared face.

Precap : abhay proposes piya!

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  1. Hey pia nice work done yrr….i found this story line up today only n i read al the episodes from starting n really al were jst amazing…
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    1. hey neha dear really sorry , couldn’t reply to your comment as my schools have began and now i even had an exam but now they are all over so will try to upload by tommorow really sorry dear

  2. hey piyali such a nice update dear. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww truth and dare game really amazing I love the episode dear whole heartedly its actually amazing but u said abhay proposes piya wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww really wait for that to happen dear.
    today part is just awesome piya sing and rhidhimma dance awesome perfect.

    luv u dear

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. thanks nisha and in next episode you’ll know the truth and again for your motivating comments

  3. When wil the next part be updated…….anyone tell me plz

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