FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 12)


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Pkyek- The episode starts with the party beginning in dobriyal mansion and piya and rhidhimaa attending the guest .
Then abhay ‘s parents mr.chand and mrs nor raichand enter with abhay in the party , rhidhimaa sees them and gets tensed.
Piya greets abhay ‘s parents .

Piya (smiling): nice to see you uncle –aunty after so many years.
Mrs noor (smiling) : yaa dear a long time, we are really obliged to see you back again.
Piya smiles and she sees that rhidhimaa standing with her is not even greeting them. She looks towards her and hits her arm to her.
Rhidhimaa gets startled and gets out of her thinking and sees towards piya who indicate her to greet them.
Rhidhimaa looks towards mrs raichand and tensedly says : good morning aunty.
They all look towards her and she says to noor : sorry good evening uncle .
All again look towards her and she remembers her mistake and says : soory , good evening aunty.
She takes a relief after completing the sentence nicely. Piya again looks towards her and this time little bit angrily for not wishing mr raichand and she says hurridly to mr. Raichand: good evening uncle.
She then runs away acting as if somebody is calling her.
Piya and abhay then take a leave from mr and mrs raichand who talk among themselves.
Noor : i don’t know why rhidhimaa is always tensed looking at us.
Chand(smiling): as we are abhay’s parents.
Nor (worried): what will we tell rhidhimaa when abhay will know his and our truth and i surely know abhay will never marry her knowing the truth.
Chand(fake smile): i know, (and now slowly)leave it mr and mrs dobriyal are watching us , don’t behave worried.
Then abhay –piya are talking in the party

Piya : rhidhimaa behaved so funny.
Abhay(smiling) : i know , she’s always afraid of mummy –papa , remember she used to run away seeing them in childhood.
Piya(laughing remembering those times) : yaa , don’t know why.
Then suddenly madhu calls piya .
Piya to abhay : i’ll take a leave .
Abhay nods.
Piya then goes to her , madhu is talking to a lady , she then introduces them.
Madhu : hey piya , she’s mrs priyambata singhania, dehraduns now business sensation and she’s arnab’s younger brothers daughter, piya.
Piya smiles and so does mrs priyambata .
Mrs sugandha comes there asking madhu about rhidhimaa , she doesn’t notice mrs priyambata.
Sugandha: madhu , where’s rhidhimaa ?
Piya : maa , where would she be , you know na to search her now it will take hours , what do you need , let me help you.
Sugandha : actually , i need to know about arrangements of her friends party , you know so i’ll plan accordingly.

Piya : yaa mom , let me tell you , i know it all but first meet priyambata aunty.
Sugandha turns to see her and smiles saying : hello mrs singhania , i heard a lot about you from madhu di , we searched about you and found that you came to dehradun recently and about you business and everything , i am really proud that a lady settled up a business on her own, and about your sons too , one is an army officer and other studying medical , they could have easily joined your biusness but both of them decided to work for nation, i am really proud that children exist now also .
Priyambata smiles and they both then shake hands.
Priyambata : actually , piya which stream dear.
Piya : aunty , medical second year.
Priyambata : oh , my younger son is studying medical 4th year , just took admission in mount collage.
Piya : aunty , i am also studying in same collage , so i’ll meet him soon , is he in the party?
Priyambata : yaa , he must be somewhere around….
Mrs priyambata suddenly gets a call from her elder son who just came .
Her elder son , ram on phone : maa , actually rina was driving car and the car stopped just near dobriyal mansion , we are coming but please call driver to take it to garage as i guess some technical issues occurred.
Mrs priyambata(worriedly) : but the driver has gone home , i also came with armaan only and our cars petrol is on red line , i thought we’ll go with you guys, no use of talking now , come here , we’ll talk about it later.

She cuts the call but by the time piya and sugandha were talking so she started talking to madhu and sugandha in her converstion about party asked piya : how about her younger son , he’s also a a doctor.
Piya (irritated): maa , i never even met him and you started looking him as a groom , atleast waith for meeting him yaar and you know na i don’t want to marry now , (indicating to a list) so you have to send all these for party and i am leaving.
She then goes to the childrens party hall.
Rhidhimaa is roaming here and there in the party but she gets hit by mrs rina who just arrived in party.
Rhidhimaa(smiling): sorry
Mrs rina : did you saw mrs priyambata singhania ?
Rhidhimaa was about to say no but mrs priyambata came from back and asked rina : where is ram?
Rina : he’s there mummyji.

Rhidhimaa didn’t saw her first so turned to see her and smiled .
Rhidhimaa : nameste aunty , rhidhimaa here.
Priyambata remembers sugandha asking for rhidhimaa and says : oh so you are mr arnab’s daughter .
Rhidhimaa nods in yes and goes from there.

She leavesnoding in yes, she goes to the hall where youngsters party is going on and sit nexts to piya and her other friends who were already there except for abhay.
Rhidhima to piya : where’s abhay?
Piya(irritated) : i am not his secretary , how would i know?
Rhidhimaa passes her a childish angry look .
Then kabir announces taking a mike kept there.
Kabir : guys lets play truth and dare to make this bore party a remember able one.
Everyone hoots and agrees .
The game starts and everyone sit in a circle and kabir rotates the bottle.
The bottle stops at piya.
Piya : only truth.
Ruhi : ok , then i’’ll ask a question.

Piya nods .
Ruhi: so mr piya dobriyal , a question in my mind from five years before “ why do you hate to love?”
Piya gets shocked and tensed at this question and remember her brother falling down from the terrace, she begins to sweat.
T says (taunting) : some people only have hattered in their mind , it doesn’t have a reason tracker.
Ridhimaa sees piya sweating and angrily says to T : yaa , i know T just like you , you surely know it better.
T makes faces at this and rhidhimaa further says ( in a bossy way ) : no one will disturb my sister , no questions from her.
Kabir : its not right , she’s playing the game…
He was saying when he looks into rhidhimaa ‘s angry eyes and stops and says : rhidhimaa is right , stop all these questions from piya .
And the game pauses for a while as someone breaks the circle to go to drink water.
Piya was still in her position remembering her brother falling down , rhidhimaa touches her and she suddenly says startled : what happened? I don’t want to answer.
Rhidhimaa (slowly says): don’t worry , nobody will force you.
The episode ends on kabir stopping the game for a while and rhidhimaa offring water to piya suspicious of her behaviour.

Precap : rhidhimaa dances while piya sings on the song banarasiya .

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  1. hey piyali dear how r u really miss u a lot these days. how’s ur study going dear. love the scene a lot . its so much interesting to read. I luv it dear. each and every bit . rhidhima childish anger towards piya . and the truth and dare game is interesting dear. I love the convo of piya and rhidhima really interesting to read always . and the entry of abhay parents what u r thinking dear. luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much miss u a lot

    waiting for next eagerly banarasiya
    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. hey nisha dear , actually my studies are going on really well and really thanks for appreciating it and dear i also love all of you , you all are really great friends and i’ll surely try to upload soon but dear you are not uploading your FF from so many days , eagerly waiting pleaseeeeeeee upload next part soon.

  2. waiting for nxt update…

    1. hey pushpa , sorry couldn’t upload today but will try to upload soon .

  3. Hey plz change your dp ksg is looking so mch ugly nd old he is handsome bug not in this pic plz put it of piya nd abhay nd episode is as usual awesome

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