FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 11)


Sorry guys for late updates and thanks nisha for telling me about the page but i didn’t get the page now also but yaa i sent a request to tellyupdates through contact us but they replied that there’s no such page so sorry.
The episode starts with piya not getting a response from rhidhimaa so she comes forward and sees her in tears . she doesn’t know when seeing rhidhimaa’s tears a tear escapes her own eyes but someone holds it from back and says ‘moti’ (pearl) piya turns and sees abhay and remembers her childhood.
Flashback : when abhay used to cry and go and sit in the park ,piya used to go and hold his tears and put them in a plastic bottle and used to say with ” now this moti(pearl) is mine”.
Abhay used to instantly smile with this.
Piya smiles seeing him do the same and then
Abhay teasingly : what happened , monkeys also cry?
Piya : rhidhimaa…
Abhay looks towards rhidhimaa and says to rhidhimaa : what happened , your sister also started crying and you also.
Rhidhimaa turns removing her tears and says with a fake smile : what happened to me i am not crying. Why are you crying piya ?
Piya : don’t lie , you were crying and i ….
Abhay : and i am your sati savitri sister so tears started flowing from my eyes seeing you crying.
Rhidhimaa : leave it , everything is sorted , i thought i got a new friend in my collage today but actually i lost one old friend here itself.
Rhidhimaa then moves towards car.
Abhay and piya walk a little back from her.
Abhay : now tell me what happened?
Piya : i never saw her crying , whenever a video chat was there we both just saw each other smiling and just used to share our happiness , we never shared our pain , its just that .
Abhay : when you love somebody so much , you don’t want to tell them your pain as that would make that person also sad.
Piya nods and they both reach the car .
Rhidhimaa happily: today i will drive.
Piya to abhay : are you sure we ‘ll reach home safely.
Rhidhimaa beats her playfully and sits in the driver seat and drives to dobriyal mansion.
They all reach home.
Rhidhimaa runs inside saying : chacha , chachi
She hugs mr prem dobriyal and then mrs sugandha . when she separates from mrs suganhdha she says : wah chachi , don’t come in front of abhay or i’ll lose him.
Sugandha eyes her confused .
Rhidhimaa: i mean to say , he’ll be flattered on you .
Sugandha beats her playfully saying: shaitan.
Then rhidhimaa sees piya coming and says: don’t even come in front of the grooms family who will ever come to see our piya or they’ll select you and go.
Mrs sugandha : you didn’t change
Rhidhimaa smiles .
Piya : oooooooo.. why are you disturbing my life?
Rhidhimaa: what i did?
Piya :You’ll move after this but mama will start looking grooms for me, why did you remind her.
Rhidhimaa bites her tongue and looks towards sugandha smiling as if telling her to see grooms for piya . piya sees that .
Piya starts beating her with a pillow kept there.
Arnab: ok, ok stop all this , abhay today there s a party at night as i want to introduce every new business man in dehradun to my whole family and a returning party for my brother , bhabhi and niece .so please inform this to mr. And mrs raichand.
Abhay : ok uncle , if there is any other important work , please do contact me.
Arnab : its not a thing to be sayed .
Abhay leaves after this .
At evening:
Both rhidhimaa and piya are sharing rhidhimaa s room and are getting ready .
Rhidhimaa is getting ready in a green gown with silver decoration and piya is getting ready in a pink gown with silver decorations . both are looking gorgeous .
Mrs madhu comes there and says : there’s a different party for your collage friends as you would not like our boring old people party.
Rhidhimaa: who will like your party ?
Piya : its not like that , and its not needed tayiji.
Madhu : no its needed dear so that you can make new friends.
She caresses piya s face and rhidhimaa looks at her angrily and then madhu caresses her face too.
The episode ends at both sisters smiling face.

Precap : party bash!

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    and woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow what a update dear I truly loved piya and rhidhimaa scenes their love towards each other.

    their bonding is so sweet and the party is coming in next waiting eagerly dear.

    wow what happened in next need a hint dear. loved it dear soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and abhiya scenes also love u dear for updating and happy new year .

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

  2. hey dear a very happy new year , may this year gives you a lot happiness
    and thanks for reading
    so the hint , i will surely try that all armaan -rhidhimaa and abhay piya fans would enjoy the party and i will try to upload a promo cum spoiler tomorrow for party so please wait for tomorrow

  3. hey piya now I know the reason dear you know there is a group of pkyek dear 3 writers are writing fics on pkyek and you too but your story name is fanaa that’s why coz there is a serial named fanaa that’s why your story is in another group and their story is in same group check it dear I give you the link in search bar when I type pkyek their all stories watch but not yours because there is not any writen pkyek in ur story name . this is the thing
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    lUv u ddear just need to inform u that’s it always loving u meri jaan. waiting for next eagerly luv u waiting for spoiler .

    1. hey nisha thanks a lot dear, after reading your comment before i was even in a confusion why my story is not in that page, thanks for clearing it dear , but i don’t know what to do now
      i gave it name fanaah as not only piya abhay but rhidhimaa armaan are also in my story so that’s why
      i am really sorry for this confusion again sorry dear.

  4. hey piya why sorry yaar don’t u know

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    so , from now on no sorry no thankyou.

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