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They boy walks towards Avani and she asks of what he is doing and where his parents are. They boy answers that they are dead while Avani says that you don’t look fine and decides to take the boy outside. The boy uses powers to close the cupboard as Avani is busy collecting her stuff. She notices the closed cupboard and after leaving they boy closes the spilt by just staring at it.

Rose thanks the people for selecting her as a leader while Jamini is pissed at the students and says that she will not follow her while Rose keeps on making the speech. Avani takes the boy and wants to admit him, the nurse brings the form while Muskan says that it is very bad as you didn’t come to visit me. Avani says that she got a punishment while Muskan knows that it would have been Vivan. They further discuss

while the boy is busy with some equipment, he turns around and says to Muskan that forgive Avani as her punishment is about to start.

Muskan asks the boy of where she found you while the boy says that I found her. Avani tells the boy to go and rest and she leaves while the boy says that he wants the bed next to Muskan. The nurse refuses as the bed is not empty and tells to get the bed next to the window. The boy stares at the feet of the bed of Muskan and it breaks. The nurse tells Muskan to shift to another bed.

Vivan walks in the corridor and finds Avani. Avani wants to explain but he scolds her and says that I have given you enough warnings. She holds Vivans hand and senses the coldness while Vivan puts her in the morgue. Avani finds it difficult to turn the split off.

Rose is instructing the patients on doing yoga when one of them asks for water. Sarthak goes to get it for her when Jamini stops him and tells the patient that you can’t drink right now. The patient declines and says that I want to go to bed while Jamini and Sarthak get into a conversation. They go into D.Irani’s room and keep on fighting while Dr. Irani says that you will be great together.

Ranbir is asking the patients of their marriage and then stands with Saher and asks them of how they will look. The people clap while Saher says that I can’t believe that you are topper in medical and engineering and where do you learn to talk this much stupidity. She says that when are you serious and want to study while Ranbir says that he was a born genius. Saher says that she thinks that you are a born faker.

Ranbir gets her attention again and says that his secret is that he works hard for the things he wants and puts his heart and soul in them. Saher just smiles as he tells it to her. Avani is feeling cold and knocks on the door for help; she turns around and feels scared. She wraps her scarf and calls but there is not network. She uses the sheet of the dead person to keep warm.

Vivan is checking the reports of patient when he notices Muskan missing. He asks the nurse and she tells that she was shift as the bed broke. He then senses something behind the machine and goes to look. Muskan comes and says to him that gets scared for once while he says that he will the next time. He asks of where she was while Muskan replies saying that she was playing hide and seek with her friend.

The stand comes scrolling at Vivan but he catches it and asks of the new friend. He realizes of what Avani was saying to him and leaves the room and after telling the nurse to take care of Muskan. Avani is feeling weak and faints in the room while Vivan runs to her aid. He comes and grabs her, puts her on the stretcher and tries to keep her warm. He tries to wake her up and calls her Dhara. Avani faints thoufh she is on the bed.

The patient needs help while Dr.Irani leaves them after instructing them. Rose faints as she touches the patient while Rose faints and Sarthak goes to bring Dr.Irani. Saher wants to go home early while Ranbir says that he can drop her if she wants to. Vivan is busy with Avani trying to get her conscious and says that I don’t know what destiny wants as I stand before you even though I tried very hard.
Vivan hesitates and Muskan says to him that why are you getting scared. Mehgna says to Vivan that why are you targeting her but then says that it is useless to ask you. Sarthak is looking for Avani is so is Prateek when they run into the kid. Sarthak says that he might have seen her before but the boy says that it can’t be her and runs off. Sarthak and Prateek also leave worried about her.

Avani’s parents come asking Dr.Mehgna while Vivan is treating her. Dr. Mehgna tells the parents not to worry as she will soon be fine. Avani’s father asks Vivan that why did this happen as they sent their daughter to be a doctor not a patient. Avani’s mother keeps him calm and apologizes to Dr.Vivan and they leave after Dr.Mehgna tells them to leave Avani so that she can rest. Vivan sits with Avani holding her arm, while dreams of roaming in corridors and sees Vivan there. She dreams of them getting together. Vivan lets her hand go as she slightly gets conscious.

Precap: Vivan gets her coat back from Avani while someone watches them from a distance. It’s the boy and he notices Vivan using his powers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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