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Fanaah 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The students leave Vivan’s office when he stops Prateek, and says that I know a lot about your background and before he can complete the question Prateek tells the story of Rose and Saher. Vivan asks about Avani and Prateek says that she is her childhood friend and a good person, he also assures him that she will on time from next time.
Rose says to Avani that are you mad and so does Saher. Avani says that she had to and now they got a chance. The students are getting ready and the nurse briefs them and they enter the ward. They start to calm the children and stop them from crying, change diapers. Saher asks help from Ranbir and he helps her and says that now you owe me. She tells him to make the baby quite as the baby is crying. Saher wants to be the winner when Sarthak is said good job by the

Rose is trying to make the baby not to cry and talking to it. Then she starts taking selfie and the baby stops crying. Prateek says to Avani that this is all your fault and tells to what Vivan was asking about making Avani more worried about him. A patient comes in and a doctor diagnoses him and Vivan says to her that you are my favorite student. The woman looks like Preet Madam.
Prateek is given the tags to mark the children and he is confused as they all look the same. Saher messes with Sarthak’s and it starts crying while Avani comes to help him considering that this is their project. Prateek says to the nurse that all the children look the same while the nurse says that you have made the biggest blunder mixing the children tag’s. Prateek says that he will fix it while Avani keeps getting better scores by handling the babies.
Parents walk in demanding their kids and Praeek gets pissed off. Rose come and says that we will do D.N.A testing when Avani says that you have taken the photos with the kids and that will help us identify the kids. After this the nurse comes and says that today was hard but you managed to pull it off and wishes them luck as their scores are with Dr.Vivan now. Avani drops her ring as she leaves the room.
The students are gathered in the class waiting for Dr.Vivan and Avani goes to get her ring again though Sarthak stops her from going. She comes outside and hits Vivan and falls in his arms, Dr. Mehgna comes and introduces the new student, but Vivan leaves without talking. They come in the class and Saher asks if there are more assignments while she says that you can call it a day.
Dr.Mehgna warns them about Dr.Vivan and says that don’t show your attitude as you might not even win this coat then. She introduces the new student as Jamini and says that she is a great student and is joining us back to pursue her studies. Sarhtak goes to talk and asks why she joined so late. Jamini leaves by saying that this is none of your business. Ranbir comes and says that what attitude and says that she is wearing the same coat we were suppose to get.
Vivan is in a room when he looks at Avani but comes back as she turns. He denies saying that this can’t be Dhara and says that why is it like that then. Walking alone in the streets Vivan wonders about Avani while Avani dreams of Vivan and wonders why he is smiling. Someone is crying and Vivan comes and asks if the man is Okay. The boy says that his father died while Vivan looks at the person and leaves. As the Vivan leaves the boy grins at Vivan.
Sarthak is running to the class when he hits the Jamini and apologizes though she fights him and accuses him of creating the problem. On seeing Dr.Vivan she leaves and Ranbir comes and asks Sarthak if everything is Okay. Sarthak says that it is sure that Jamini is the best among us and is a special student of Dr.Vivan.
Vivan says that I got your assignments and gives them another one. Jamini gets the point while Vivan tells them of their new assignment with Dr. Irani. Avani is again late and Prateek is mad at her for making him late as well. Vivan leaves and Dr. Irani is a jolly person and calls the Avani and Prateek to come in the class. He gives them advice and cracks joke in the way. Vivan wants to start the assignment when Dr.Irani calls for the team leader and Jamini and Sarhtak end up arguing about the spot.
Saher joins the conversation as well and Sarthak calls Avani for the leader. Vivan tells them to go outside and decide the team leader, and stops Avani as she goes outside. He reminds her of the class timings and tells her to go to the morgue and says that get all the registries in the new software. Dr.Irani says that he wants to be calm while doing his work and gives the students best of luck and leaves.
Sarhak says to Prateek that it is strange as Dr.Vivan only stopped Avani not you, while Prateek says that it was her fault. Ranbir calls to end this conversation and wants to decide the leader; Prateek calls them to collect the chits in order to do so. Avani is in the morgue and is scared doing her work. She looks at a body and then starts to enter the data. She goes to look for a jacket when the boy from last night comes and scares Avani. She asks of what he is doing here and where his parents are while he says that they are dead. He walks towards Avani and she is scared.

Precap: The boy wants the bed next to Muskan’s and the bed crashes as the boy stares at it. Paranormal activities start to begin where the boy is and Avani also faints in the morgue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. is the boy a witch


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