Fanaah 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan looks at himself in the mirror and remembers Dhara as to what happened earlier. He gets a headache, while Avani says that what is happening with her as she hasn’t attended a class. She asks help from god and goes to sleep. Vivan wonders to what this is if an illusion or reality and wonder inside Avani’s room. He looks through her stuff and says that this can’t be Dhara. He wonders if this is rebirth of Dhara or just a coincidence. He wonders to what has made him so impatience and says that what is dragging him to her. Vivan says that only the face is the same and asks to what is happening to him. He leaves as Avani’s father comes.
In his lab he is doing work again and says that how can he do all of this again and wants to end this and himself. The next morning Sarthak sits alone from

the group and all of them are almost dead. Avani tries to cheer them up, Prateek says that this is the truth and Rose says that just in two days we have proven that we are the biggest losers on the planet earth. They want to leave when Avani tells them to wait.
Vivan gets a call to mentoring the kids and has no choice. He says that I must find a way to get rid of these useless students so that they can refuse me as a mentor. Avani wants to use the stove and argues with the service man though he tells her that outsiders are not allowed. She makes tea and leaves one for the person. She brings the tea and manages to bring Sarthak, Prateek mocks her and the guys enjoy it and thank her. Ranbir cracks her jokes and they end up fighting when Avani stops them and gives them advice and says that the career has to be difficult.
They get cheered up and Prateek says that Dr. Vivan only sees Stupidity in us. Sarthak says that the way you act will be seen, the two of them argue again and Sarthak wants to leave when Avani stops her and Saher says that this is childish. Avani says that we have to be together though the start wasn’t good. Prateek says that you should give the tea to Dr.Vivan and Avani ends up saying that I will get a second chance from him for all of us. Ranbir says that we must prove that before him and they end up starting to get together and says that this is our mission now.
Avani is outside Vivan’s room when he senses something while Avani is praying before entering. She starts to talk a lot and says that did you ever make a mistake in your life and was always like this. She says that we all make mistakes and says that she is here to apologize for the batch. She says that these three fays have made him furious and they want just one more chance to prove themselves. Vivan says to her that should I throw you out or will you go youself.
The students are admiring her green tea when they ask where Avani is and no one knows. Ranbir asks Saher if she has smiled in front of Dr.Vivan while she says that the smile disappears in front of him. He says that just smile in front of him it might work. Sarthak suggests that we should apologize to Dr.Vivan and they agree. Vivan says to Avani that I have seen a lot of students and says that you are the worst batch I have seen.
All of them are outside and Sarthak says that we should go inside, Ranbir says that this is not a good time to go. Sarhtak says that we are all equally responsible and Avani should face this alone, Ranbir agrees and they all come in. Vivan allows them to come in and says that do you really want to me to mentor you. He gives them their assignment of handling babies in a nursery and says that the nurses will mark you. He says that one of you must win the doctor’s white coat so that I may mentor you.
Sarthak says that the will prove him that they are worthy while Vivan says that this is not that easy. He says that you will be doctor meant to say life and give life which is not easy. He says that neither will be getting that coat, Vivan adds saying that if you don’t show me the urge or the passion no one will get the coat. He tells to try their best as this is their last chance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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