Fanaah 30th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 30th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan is in his lab working again on something,he finds the samples still potent and says that I can’t give them to anybody. Prateek’s father is in Vivan’s office withand asks for the sample of the virus. Vivan refuses as the virus is not yet stable, the man says that you are crossing the rules as you don’t have that power. VIvan says that he is thinking about the good of the society because if this falls in unsafe hands then there would be wreak havoc. The man warns him about why he is brought here while Vivan says that if you don’t me then I will leave.
The students are being told by Dr.Nizaam to do the work while Ranbir asks Saher of why she isn’t coming, they are talking when are scolded by Dr.Nizzam. They apologize and Ranbir says to Saher that I will manage to bring you to the

party and then they start to work again. Rose asks Avani if she isn’t a good friend as no one is coming to her Party. Avani calms her down and says that I will bring Sarthak and Yamini while Ranbi will bring Saher. Avani makes a page on facebook for Rose to invite her friends and then they decide the theme of the party.
Someone also sees the invitation and says that I am coming for you. The person has stalked Ranbir for many years and wants to take revenge for something Ranbir did 5 years ago. Ranbir calls Samir and invites him to the party as well. Avani comes to Yamini and talks if she is going to do anything by keeping Sarthak in mind. She tries to persuade her while Yamini says that I will get in a fight with Sarthak so it is better not to come. Avani says that Sarthak is not coming and Rose is almost crying, Yamini agrees and Avani goes to invite Dr.Vivan.
Sarthak is called by an accountant who reminds him of his due. Sarthak requests for a few more days while the man refuses. Prateek’s father sitting in a room sees all of this. Avani comes to Vivan office and invites him as well. She says that I know you will come though everyone says that you are not going to. Vivan tells her to get out while she says that we can celebrate our victory against the virus and us together. Vivan looks at her and says that I helped you and applauded you in front of everyone and that’s it, he tells her that either she leaves now or he will. Avani says that she is going but incase he changes his mind than she has brought a Vampire costume for him.
Suddenly Vivan remembers how he was made a vampire and asks Avani why she brought a Vampire costume. Avani says that it’s a theme party and thought you would look good in it. She says that if you don’t like it than you can change it and be a superman or batman. Vivan says that can I speak with you later and Avani says that you don’t look good as you just turned blue. She says that I’m you assistant and you can share anything with me. Vivan requests her to leave and finally she does.
Sarhak is talking on the phone about some loan and is tensed when Avani comes. She says to him that I heard that you aren’t coming to the party and says that you must come. Sarthak says that he has a lot more important things to do than party. He then receives a chit and is shocked to read it, he goes saying that he is called by the trusty without answering Avani’s question.
Vivan looks at the costume and says that don’t know what game destiny is playing. He says that this is not a coincidence as Avani has the memories of her past and the day she remembers them than I will be doomed. Ranbir is making a deal about his bike and sells it to Samir. He then talks about Saher without mentioning her name and leaves soon.
Sarthak is with Prateeks’ father and apologizes to him about facing problems due to his late fee. The man says that you don’t have to worry about you and your mother’s bills. He tells Sarthak to go and enjoy the party while Sarthak asks of how he knew about it. The man says that I know all about you and the reason I am doing this is to create a genius. Sarthak says that nothing in this world is free and asks why he is doing this. He says that I have a part time for you, Sarthak is anxious to get the job while the man says that when the time comes I will tell you. He tells Sarthak to not to tell anyone about this.
Ranbir comes to Saher and says that party plan is solid for you. Ranbir cracks jokes when they come and see the bike burning of which Ranbir made a deal of. He calls the security guard scolding him he tells him to get water. He says that I will complain to the department about this. As he leaves there is a sign on the ground saying Hello.

Update Credit to: Sona

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