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Randir’s father is standing in the jungle with his friends and saying that they have to find that women and kill her. Randir comes and his father says that he should not have followed him secretly like this and tells him to go home. Randir asks his father to let him come with them but he says no. He says that he is grown up now and wants to see how they hunt. His father tells him to stop arguing and go home. On his way back he sees Vivan and Dhara and tells them to go home as his father says that there is a dangerous woman in the jungle. Randir’s father spots Irawati and starts to chase her. Irawati climbs a tree and goes out of their sight. Randir says that his father is finding her so he should leave. Vivan says to Randir to come with him as it is dangerous for him as well. Randir says that he has to

go to his father. Vivan says that he can get hurt too and so he will come with him. Randir looks at Dhara and says to Vivan that you must understand. Dhara says that she wants to leave quickly as she is getting scared. Vivan says that he’ll come back after leaving Dhara and he must wait for him.
Irawati sees Randir and takes a spot to stalk him. Randir says that he must find her before she reaches Vivan. He decides to change form but before he could do so Irawati attacks him from behind. Randir screams for his father who hears him. His father comes running towards Irawati but she is too strong and kills his father as well.
Vivan is taking Dhara home but she is too tired to go home and says that she can no longer walk. She then cries out as a pick gets in her foot. She then says that she is the fool who decided to come out. She gets angry at Vivan and says that was it necessary to come from this shortcut. He says that his cycle does not work. She gets even frustrated and says that why did he bring it. They both hear a voice ad get scared. It is Mahi with her boyfriend. They both asks the same question that what are they doing here. Mahi asks them that how did they get out of the Mansion. Dhara looks at the guy and says that isn’t that guy from the bakery and what are you doing here with him.
Mahi asks Dhara not to tell Preet Madam as if she did she would kill them both. Dhara says to Mahi that she wouldn’t tell Preet Madam that she came out with Vivan. Mahi says that she will not tell. Mahi’s friend says that it could remain a secret between the four of them and that they could help eachother in getting in and out of the Mansion. Vivan agrees and says that it is a good idea.
In the while a few men arrive and ask of what they are doing here. Mahi’s friend said they they got lost. Vivan says that what they are doing here. They tell them that there is a wolf in the vicinity and that it is killing people and two people have just also been killed and so they should leave instantly.
The four of them come and look for the people dead. Vivan sees and recognizes Randir’s father but could not see Randir as he was just taken away by the police men standing there. He wonders what would happen to Randir when he would find out. His Jeju thanks that Vivan doesn’t know about Randir.
The policemen discus that wolf nail and hair were found around the body and think that this must be done by a wolf. They also say that these people used to keep wolves as pet and on the night of full moon they were nowhere to be found. A man says that if it was the work of a wolf then wouldn’t there be more scars and blood on the man but instead all the blood has been sucked out. Vivan looks at his Jeju and asks how did this happen. He also asks of Randir and where he is. He tells Jeju that he also came with his father and he must find him. Jeju tells him to lets go home and not to worry about Randir.
Mahi and Dhara both reach the Mansion scared. Mahi says that its good because that now they are together no one will notice. Dhara says that how can they enter the Mansion as the door will be locked and they don’t have the keys. Mahi requests Dhara not to tell anyone as she always leaves the small door open when she leaves. They both enter the Mansion and find Miss Fareeda standing there. Mahi says that she went after Dhara to pick her up when she went to the market for icecream.
Preet says to Fareeda that if she has ever looked at a spider closely and how much effort it uses to make the web so that the prey cannot escape. Preet says that something is being hid from her and she is not being told about it. The thing that Dhara and Vivan ran from the Mansion was a part of the story but a lot is going which is not a part of the story.
Vivan is with his Jeju in the shop and says that they should go to Randir’s house. Vivan tells his Jeju that how the people were talking about and that a wolf had killed him, but the people were discussing about something else and asks his Jeju to tell the story. His Jeju says that people make up stories and that he doesn’t know if they are true or not. Vivan asks his Jeju to tell the story. His Jeju tells that the people are talking about werewolves and Vampires. Vivan asks that what a Vampire is. His Jeju tells him that they both have been enemies for centuries.
Vivan then asks that what a werewolf is. His Jeju tells him that they look like humans and live among them; they voluntarily can change themselves into wolves. His Jeju tells him that after the midnight of the full moon all the werewolves change into wolves as they lose control and only the strongest can maintain their true form. Vivan asks him that what a Vampire is. His Jeju tells him that a Vampire is like human but is dead and don’t need to breath, therefore is very hard to kill them. He also tells him that they don’t eat anything only drink blood. Vivan keeps remembering of Anshuman, who is watching from behind.

Precap: Vivan goes to look for Anshuman who is already waiting for him. Mahi is very scared and says to her friend that if Preet Madam finds out their first anniversary could be their last

Update Credit to: Sona

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