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Avani and Prateek arrive and she leaves saying that she has some work to do. Prateek tells her not to be late and goes with Ranbir and Saher who have just arrived as well. Avani runs in the corridors and brings chutni for the old lady and tells her to eat food today. Muskan says that you didn’t bring anything for and Avani gives her chocolates. Muskan says that I thought that you weren’t but you are and that is smart. After a talk Avani goes as she has to meet Dr.Vivan and Muskan tells her to be carefull.
Vivan tells the students that his class starts half an hour early that the scheduled timed. He hits Prateek as he is texting and tells not to be over smart. He says that today is full of adventures and says that the whole day of your will be spent in the morgue and informs them of their work.

He tells them not to leave their task like yesterday and goes to perform a surgery. Avani is still trying to get to her class when she collides with a nurse. The nurse says that the instruments were for surgery and she can’t walk now, she tells Dhara to take these to the O.T. She tells Dhara to cover her face and head and to go quickly.
Dhara comes in the surgery room and is really stressed, Vivan asks for a scalpel and she makes a mistake twice in giving the wrong tool. She then manages to help the problem she created and decides to leave. Vivan stops her and asks her of who she is, Avani tells truthfully and apologizes while Dr.Nizzam says that first year students are not allowed in O.T. She takes off her mask and introduces herself while Vivan is shocked to see her. He says that this can’t be Dhara while Avani is explaining herself.
Vivan complains to Mehgna and says this place is more like a joke and tells what happened in the O.T. He says that what is going on and you ask me to mentor them. Mehgna asks him to calm down and to tell her the name of the student. Vivan says that she hasn’t met me once and came in the O.T while I’m still operating. Mehgna says that why is Vivan expressing himself like this just because of this girl. Vivan wants the girl out of here and Mehgna agree s with him and leaves. Vivan sits down and remembers Dhara and says that this is not possible as Dhara can’t be alive.
Ranbir and Rose come in the morgue and she wants to leave as this is so cold but he stops her. Saher, Prateek and Sarthak follow up and Ranbir scares Saher with an arm of a dead. She says that why kind of joke is this and ends up telling him to do his work and not to tell her. Ranbir says that you have to take risks and I know how important it is for you to become a doctor. He says that I know that hiding this from your dad is even more dangerous. Saher says that how do you know that while Ranbir says that I kepp all the info of friends and helps with test. Saher faints and he holds her tries to make her conscious. Saher laughs and says that I am not that easy and you are not a macho man and tells him to tighten up.
Prateek pulls prank and the end up playing while Sarthak stops them. Rose sees the body of two and Sarthak says that someone has pulled the blood out of them. The all look intensely when a worker comes and scolds them and tells them to leave. Avani goes and talks to Dr. Mehgna and apologizes, she gives Avani another chance saying that the patient survived so you have another chance. Mehgna says that you should thank me and Dr. Vivan and tells her to go to him. Mehgna leaves with a grin on her face.
Vivan comes with the police who want a report of the victim girl. She explains what happened and tells them to capture and punish the guys. The policeman says that the boys have been and their murderer is yet to be found. Vivan gives him luck in find them and the policeman son leave. Mehgna stops the students and says that you don’t know discipline and want to learn medicine. She tells them to do their work right and not to create a mess. She insults them and leaves while Sarthak is pissed at his collegues.
Avani is taking chocolates for Vivan and wants to apologizes to him. She knocks and comes in his room and crashes in the desk and says that I came to thank you for forgiving me. She says that I have brought you chocolates when Vivan stands up and says that why have you come and who sent you. Avani apologizes and says that she knows her mistake . Vivan says that what did you think you would get after coming here and Avani replies saying that can’t we start from the beginning. She says that life gives everyone a second chance so can’t you give me one, she keeps on talking but Vivan only sees her and remembers Dhara.

Precap: Vivan says to all of the students that this is your last chance and gives them of controlling kids in a nursery. He says that the nurses will mark each of you and one of you must get the doctors white coat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg wat a nice epi and I m sure that Avani will get the doctor’s white coat….

  2. nice episode 🙂 looking forward for avni and vivaan’s love story 🙂

  3. avni and vivan nice jodi .I lov
    e them.

  4. I love Fannah

  5. Nice episode

  6. Damn he’z talking abt on other past things n what she thinking !
    Deo.. Looking forward only for his reaction after knowing that she’s not that person what he really thinking off .. !
    @kkundra as alwaiz u n ur killer looks fired the screens :*
    keep rocking !

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