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Avani disagrees with everyone and wants to help Vivan and sneaks out of the room. Vivan is working in his lab trying to find a cure. Avani also comes in the lab and looks quietly and Vivan doesn’t know that she is there. She takes some chemicals out of the bag and starts to work as well looking through the D.N.A on a screen. She holds the chemical out and it falls, Vivan asks of what she is doing here, she says that I am your assistant and came to help. Vivan throws her out of the lab.
Ranbir comes to Mehgna’s office asking to what is going on. Rose says that there are zombies out there when Vivan comes and tells Avani to stay here. Mehgna asks of the process when Vivan says that I was about to finish when your assistant ruined it. Mehgna scolds Avani while Sarthak calms her down after wards.

She says that I wonder why everything I do goes bad.
Dr.Rameh is still creating his minions and injects anyone he sees. VIvan comes back to the lab and starts to work again. He picks the previous one and throws it away and collects some in a syringe. The students are locked in the room when the zombies come to the office. The stay away from the door and block it with a table. Vivan comes to a ward and injects the people with his antidote, though it doesn’t work but the his glove has the antidote that Avani made and that works. He is surprised and understands and runs to his lab.
He instantly calls her and asks how she made it. Avani complains that there are zombies and says that she can’t remember as she is tensed. Vivan tells her to remember and tell him, Avani thinks for a second while Vivan is holding the door with knocking zombies. She starts to instruct him and follows her in making the antidote. Ranbir on the other hand tells the students to pick a weapon as the doors won’t hold much longer.
Vivan gets the potion when the zombies come in the lab and he starts to spray it rather than inject. Dr. Ramesh uses some sort of telepathy saying that it’s time to spread the virus. Vivan finds Dr.Ramesh and says that it has to end here. He sprays formula and after several seconds all of them come back to normal. He tells all of them leave and says to Dr. Ramesh that we have to talk while he replies saying that you ruined my research.
After checking all the patients Prateeks’ father comes and says that it went out of control because Dr.Ramesh was working on a research and it went wrong. He says that there is nothing to worry about as all the patients have been quarantined thanks to Dr.Vivan. He says that I make a humble request and that is that this doesn’t not leave the hospital. He thanks Vivan for the help and everyone claps for him. Vivan says that he is not the only one worthy as Avani was the one who made the antidote as she knew about the herbs which did the job. Everyone claps for Avani while she smiles as she is amazed.
The next day Avani is looking at the video that Rose made of Vivan appreciating Avani. Ranbir shows a video to Saher saying that look at these bike stunts. Saher says that my brother is better thank you and your flirting methods are very old and should think about time travelling. Ranbir says to her that why didn’t you tell me about this before. Sarthak says to Cabir that don’t you think that there is something wrong in this hospital as there is a paranormal activity after the other. Ranbir cracks a joke saying that the person you are trying to reach is busy.
Sarthak murmers saying that everyone is worried about themselves that no one is worrying to what is happening in the surrounding. Yamini comes forward and says that you are hallucinating about everything and they start to fight again. Avani comes and calms them down and they celebrate about yesterday. Rose comes and says that tomorrow is my birthday and you all have to come. Ranbir says that this is good as we need a break after all of this.
Ranbir asks of where the party is and she says that it is at my house. Saher says that she can’t come and so does Yamini. Sarhtak says that it’s good that I wouldn’t have to see the face of some unwanted otherwise I would have also denied.

Precap: A man is keeping notice of all the moves done by Ranbir and says that I will take revenge for what you did to me 5 years ago.

Update Credit to: Sona

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