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Irawati tries to reach in to the mansion but falls back because she receives a shock. She stands up and says to herself that the strength of this mansion is increasing day by day. Irawati then leaves the scene. Preet opens the door and says that one of them was here but was unable to reach inside. She says to Miss Fareeda that she did not know that all of this would start so quickly. Vivan comes from behind and asks Preet Madam if everything is okay. Preet Madam says that there is nothing to worry about. She tells Miss Fareeda to drop him off. Miss Fareeda says that it is important for her to stay with you. Preet Madam says that right now Vivan is important even more than her. She also tells her not to come from the forest on her way back.

Kinjal is going towards the nursery with a plant in her hand.

Vivan comes and says that give me the plant I’ll fix it as he knows that Anshuman is there. Kinjal scolds her and says that he has to do the work given and go to school quickly otherwise he’ll get late. Vivan says that today Randir’s father will drop them to school as they go through the jungle way and he says that it is not safe. Therefore he’ll come on the bike to drop them. Kinjal says that today she’ll pick him up from the mansion but Vivan says that they don’t even allow you to enter in the place. Kinjal says “be quiet” and tells him to make an excuse to stay in the mansion until she comes.

Randir’s father senses something and asks Randir if Vivan has told something about him of a new person living in their neighbor hood. Randir asks his father if he is talking about those people. He also asks his father that if that women can kill anyone. He says that yes she can. Randir says that he wants to tell this truth to Vivan and asks if he can tell it like a story to him. Randir also invites Vivan to come and watch a movie with him. Vivan asks that what about the classes, Randir says that today is sports day and there are no classes. Vivan says that he can bunk school but cannot come with them. Randir says that yes of course you have to meet you new friend Dhara. Vivan says that no its nothing like that. Randir says to him to calm down as he is only joking and tells him to take his cycle as every hero takes a ride to flee with the hereon.

In the Mansion Miss Fareed is preparing Dhara and leaves the room. Vivan comes from the window and asks Dhara to open the room. She asks Vivan of What he is doing here and he tells that he came by bunking the school. She hears Mahi calling her and says that she cannot break the rules and tells Vivan to leave. Preet Madam is checking Dhara’s hair and says that they are very tangled. Dhara says that the comb is in her room and tha she can bring it. She comes to her room and closes the door and checks the window to see if Vivan is still there. Vivan stands there waiting for her and tells her to open the window. He asks if she would go with him outside. She says that are you mad if anyone say you it would create a big problem. Mahi comes and says that what you are doing here. She turns around and says nothing and was just coming. Mahi says so come and she leaves with her.

Later she is standing in the balcony drying her hair and looks for Vivan. Mahi comes and look from below and she is going somewhere. Dhara on the balcony is called by Miss Fareeda from behind who asks her what she is doing there. She tells that she came to dry the towel. She tells to go straight down after drying the towel and not to disturb Preet Madam as today is her meditation day.

Randir’s father is standing outside Vivan’s house and is sensing that there is something wrong there. Kinjal and Jeju come from the nursery and Jeju is calming Kinjal to mourning over the goat. Randir’s father comes and asks them if they have seen anything out of the normal near their house. Kinjal says that everything is wrong here her husband who does everything wrong and her brother who doesn’t do anything at all. She tells about her sheep and that how she fed it and made it strong but when it died it was if someone has sucked its blood. Randir’s asks her to explain. Her husband asks him to that why is he so tensed. Randir’s father concludes that there are two of them as one of them is hunting man and the other animals. He then says that it’s nothing to them and leaves.

Dhara again comes and checks from the balcony for Vivan she doesn’t sees him and says that he was a coward and so ran. Vivan comes from behind and says that he didn’t came to run but to take her. Dhara rushes inside and checks if anyone is there. Vivan says that he has looked and that here is none there. Miss Fareeda is sleeping and he hasn’t seen Preet Madam. Dhara tells that today is Preet Madam Meditation day and she’ll from her room after sunset. Vivan says that they can go now and he’ll show her the outside world. She says that she will not go. Vivan calls her a coward and she turns around and says that she is not a coward. Vivan tells her to prove that she is not a coward. He climbs down from the rope from the balcony.

Randir’s father is standing with some men and says that there are two of them as he went to Vivan’s house and her sister told the story about her sheep and all the blood was sucked out of it. He tells them that Kinjal only told them this as a story. One of them says that they know that the ones they are searching for truly drink blood. One of them asks that how can he tell that there are two of them. He says that the one they caught in the forest is very powerful and the other one is very weak, otherwise why would it drink from an animal. They decide to surround the forest from all the direction and they can defeat it they work together.

Mahi is standing in the forest with boyfriend who says that why she is as scared as Preet Madam is not here. She tells him that what does he thinks that it is that easy to escapes from her sight. Vivan and Dhara on the other hand are enjoying their time near a lake. Dhara says that she does not know that what she senses is right or wrong but she really likes it. Vivan says that his Jeju tells him that there is a place for everyone where there is nothing wrong or right. He shows him a tree in the middle of the lake and asks her of how it looks to her. She says that it is so beautiful. Vivan says that so it is decided than this is their place. He tells her that a time in their life will come that they will a have to decide between right or wrong. He says that when that time will come they will come to this tree where there is no wrong or no right.

Mahi tells her friend that she know Preet Madam from very close. Preet Madam can tell what is looking in the persons mind by just looking at her. She tells him that if Preet Madam comes to know about them then she will kill them both. Preet Madam is meditating in her room with a lot of candles set besides her. Dhara thanks Vivan as she might have not known about any of this if he wasn’t here. Vivan says to Dhara that the only way you can enjoy water is by getting wet. He goes on the water and tells her to come in the water at first she is hesitant but then comes in the water and they both play. Dhara says that she cannot believe that they ran from the mansion. She says that if Madam came to know about this, then what will she do. Preet Madam is watching all of this from her room. Dhara says that she does not want this day to end. Vivan says that if she wants that can happen. He tells her that if she wants this he can always do this. On their way back Dhara says that life should be like these birds. Vivan tells her that these birds are called love birds and if one of them dies the other dies in its sorrow. Preet Madam says that only after killing the love ones she can get what she wants.

Precap: Randir says that before it reaches Vivan he has to reach him. A man says that by the body there are wolf hair and nails. Jeju says that these people are talking about werewolves and vampires.

Update Credit to: Sona

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