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A wolf howls and Irawati screams that “Where are you Anshuman!” Anshuman is drawing a photo of Dhara as directed by Vivan. Vivan says that that’s how beautiful she is, Anshuman in return asks and what about Preet. Vivan says that why don’t you draw the sketch of both and we can compare on who is more beautiful. Anshuman starts drawing the sketch of Preet. Vivan says that you have to put a wink between her eyebrows as she never smiles and remains angry all the time. When Anshuman completed the sketch, Vivan says that it looks exactly like Preet Madam. He holds both of the drawings in his hands and asks Anshuman which one is more beautiful. Anshuman says to Vivan that is he sure he has told everything about Preet to him, Vivan says Yes in return. Anshuman looks at the photo and draws a small mole mark

above her lips. Vivan looks at the sketch and says that how can he forget about that.

Vivan asks Anshuman that how he knows about the mole on Preet Madam’s face. Anshuman says that he thought that she is so beautiful that’s why he drew that so that she can be protected from bad sight. Vivan looks at the photo of Dhara and says that she has no such thing does that mean she can be hurt. Anshuman says that nothing will heart Dhara as he is there to protect her. Vivan says that she is protected too much she doesn’t even knows how to smile properly, forget about enjoying but he wants to do something for her.

Mahi runs to the door and receives a covered box from a man standing there. It is her boyfriend but she rushes back inside when she hears the Miss Fareeda calling her. Vivan invites Dhara to come with him and his Jeju but she says that she does not go anywhere especially where there is dirt. Vivan says that even living in such a big mansion how come you never visited a place so beautiful. Mahi brings a tray and says to Dhara to eat this pastry. Dhara says that how many times she has to tell her not to bring her pastry as it has cream which makes her hands dirty. Mahi says that she did not do it but Preet Madam has send to her. Dhara in return says that I don’t care take it back. Mahi says that she does not want to listen to all of this everyday and if she does not want to eat this pastry then fine she’ll go and tell Mam Preet and see how she does not eat this pastry. Mahi says besides you are not the true born of this family and were adopted from an orphanage. So be quiet and eat this pastry.

Vivan says such a big fight a single pastry. He says that he does not even get to eat such pastries except only once when it is the birthday of his friend. Vivan says that Ranbir does not even bring all the pastries there are thirty pupils in the class and Ranbir only brings 10. Dhara asks so how do you divide them. Vivan says we draw a pastry man. The both sit down on the table and Vivan shows her how. Dhara says that by appearance it seems very interesting but how do you divide it. Vivan says that you have to take aim by the cherry on whatever part the cherry land is yours. Vivan says that can he tell you secret Dhara says that what is that, Vivan says that he has never made a pastry man this was just an excuse as he only wanted to eat the pastry. He has never eaten any pastry in his life.

Ranbir asks his father that how long this danger will last. His father tells him not to worry as all the men of the pack are going out to search them. Ranbir says that they are very powerful can they defeat them.  His father tells him that if they all work together they can win. Ranbir says that what of the normal people who can’t stand a chance against them. Ranbir says that maybe he should tell Vivan, his father angrily says that he know that you cannot tell anything about that to Vivan. If he knows that he will also come to know of our secret.

Dhara asks Vivan if he knows to play any other games as she is tired of playing chess. Vivan says that there is place in the Mansion where the rain gets collected and they can play with the paper boats over there. Dhara asks Vivan if he knows how to make a paper boat and he says yes he has known it since class one. He asks Dhara if she goes to the school but she says that Madam teaches her at home. Before Vivan can say anything she changes the topic and says that he talks too much and should teach her how to make a paper boat. She wants to know if he is bluffing about making those boats. Vivan says that he can ten in one minute and later when they are playing with the boats he says that I told you that I can make them. Vivan says that you don’t go to school and never go out that means that you have never seen anything outside this mansion. Dhara utters the word yes and says that does he knows how to make kite. Dhara says that she would love to see them fly from the roof of the Mansion so can he make one for her in pink colour. Vivan says yes but gives him a pink colored paper.

Later when he was roaming in the corridor he turns and gets shocked to see Preet Madam, who ask him the same question did you get scared. He then walks with her in the corridor and she asks him about who is more beautiful She or Dhara. She says that finally you guys became friend. She asks him about how much you like him. He says that he likes her a lot. Preet replies and says that it’s not enough you must like her over everyone else she will be pleased to hear that. She asks him if he could do anything for Dhara he said yes he will do anything for her. As Vivan begins to leave Irawati comes in the Mansion and Preet senses her. Irawati says that he was here whoever has hid him, she will find him.

Preet Madam asks Vivan to stop and calls Miss Fareeda and says that they have to start the preparations quickly. She tells her to go in and bring the box . She goes towards Vivan and looks at the main gate. Irawati is waiting outside. Preet goes to the door and Irawati falls back as she received a shock.

Precap: Ranbir’s father asks if they have seen anything strange near their house something wrong. Kinjal says that she fed her sheep a lot but when it died it looked as if someone had suck the blood out of it. Vivan asks Dhara if she would go out with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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