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The Story till yet.

The same girl is running in the forest screaming for the guys to stop fighting. Vivan says that people say that life is dependent on hope but he believes that without love, life is incomplete. Vivan talks about his story and how he lived his childhood with his sister and jeju as his parents died in an accident. Vivan tells that he was closer to his jeju than his sister who was also his friend and hero. Jeju tells Vivan about the story of Preet Madam and how badly it ended. He tells him that it was the same full moon as this day and after that day the entire view Mansion changed.

Kinjal scolds Vivan not to feed his dog on her money. Jeju stops Kinjal from scolding him as he is her brother. Jeju asks Kinjal where the dog is and she says that what she can do if the door is left

open. Vivan tells that he left to find his but he didn’t knew that he would end up in the mansion and a sudden fear hit him, but then he saw the most beautiful girl. He put out the fire around the girl.

Anshuman was being chased by wolves and Vivan watched from the tree. Vivan says that he did not knew what or who that man was but he did knew that he had to save him. When he woke up the next morning he saw that a few people from the mansion had came to pick him. His first day in the mansion and was nothing like the things his Jeju told him. Everything was broken and he could not believe it. Then he saw the owner of the Mansion Preet Madam. She comes and asks him if he is Vivan and she was waiting for him. She tells him that the house is like this as there is wedding to be held. She tells that his coming bring a lot of hope and something special is about to happen to him.

Vivan tells that Preet Madam wanted Dhara and Vivan wanted them to play together. Vivan says that he wanted to play with Dhara and knew nothing about what Preet Madam had in mind. Vivan says that after he saw Dhara he knew he had to bring a smile on Dhara’s face. After he went home he told Jeju everything and Anshuman heard everything as he was hiding. He had no idea that how important Preet’s Madam Story was to Anshuman.

Jeju tells the story about Preet Madam’s love story, and how everything changed after that night. Jeju says that after that boy left Preet Madam became mad. Their love was so special and memories so special that Preet Madam cannot forget it. Jeju says that maybe Preet madam never got married, no matter what anybody says he does not believe that the boy did not love Preet Madam.

Vivan says that where Preet madam was waiting for Anshuman another was searching for him. The cries as they came out of Anshuman’s eye, on the other hand blood was spilled while his search. None of them knew what was about to happen and that their lives were about to change. Vivan says that Preet Madam had only one purpose to create only true love between him and Dhara, was it because of her broken heart or was it something he cannot see. Preet Madam walks on the air and then tells Dhara to do so and to focus on it by mind. Dhara tries but falls however preet Madam manages to catch her by the wrist. Vivan says that the answer to this can only be given in time.

Precap: Preet Madam asks Vivan that can he do anything for Dhara; Vivan says that he can do anything. Irawati comes close to Mansion and says that he was her as she will find the one who has hid him. Preet Madam asks Vivan to stop there as he is leaving the Mansion and says to Fareeda madam to bring a box.

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