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Fanaah 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan is playing badminton with his friend Randir and says that he wishes that he can fly like the shuttlecock so that he can get rid of the bicycle his uncle has given him as he has to go to the Mansion every day. Randir says that you go to the Mansion every day and that you still haven’t told me. So they sit on the stairs and talk about this and Vivan says that he had to go as Preet Madam called him. Randir asks Vivan to tell him how she looks as he has heard a lot of stories about her. Vivan says that she doesn’t looks of the world, she looks like a princess who lives in castles.
Preet Madam is combing Dhara’s hair and says that tomorrow day is very important and she cannot even mistakenly forget it, as she has to fulfill her dreams. Mahi says that fifty have been done and Preet Madam says

that fifty more strikes of comb should be done then. Dhara says that she is feeling pain but Mahi says that since Preet madam has said so that it will be done. Preet says to Dhara that her hair should be denser than clouds her skin so soft that any heart will slip and her heart as hard as a stone and as cold as ice. Only then can she fulfill her dream.
Kinjal is waiting outside Vivan’s school and says that he to go to the Mansion now as Preet Madam has called him. Vivan says that how can he go as he is in still uniform, he says he will go home change clothes and then go to the Mansion, but Kinjal says that he has to go now. Kinjal shouts at Randir and says that why are you following us, do you want to take place at the Mansion as only Vivan can go. Vivan says that Randir’s house comes in the same way that’s why he is coming. Kinjal says to Vivan to give the adopted daughter of Preet Madam to have a party just there were before.
As they are listening to sister Randir’s father comes and tells them to be careful as there is danger in the town so he alerts Kinjal to not to allow Vivan to out after dark especially in the Jungle as a lot of people have been killed. Vivan asks of who has done this man or animal. Randir’s father says that they have yet to find of who has done this so therefore they must take care of themselves.
Vivan says to Kinjal that he will leave the mansion quickly because of what the man said. Kinjal gets angry and says that I scream the whole day and you do not listen and you are going to listen to that boy’s father instead of me. Kinjal comes to drop Vivan at the Mansion and giving silly tips about manners. Mahi comes and says that if she is done she (Kinjal) can leave. Kinjal tries to put up an act but Mahi says that what are you doing at least she could learn how to act.
Mahi says to Vivan that he was so eager to come wasn’t he that he didn’t even change his clothes and wouldn’t have taken a shower. She tells him that Dhara likes clean people. Preet Madam says that she is waiting for upstairs and says that she is alone. Vivan asks who she is talking about. Preet Madam says don’t act so foolish she knows why he came here. He can tell her as she won’t tell anyone. She knows this as she also knows that Dhara is waiting for him. Preet says that she hasn’t said to anyone but she knows that she had been waiting for him.
Preet Madam tells him about the behavior of girls and takes him to go upstairs. Vivan runs up the stairs while Preet without touching any stair flies to the top. Vivan looks back with amazement as she is just standing behind him as they reach the top. Dhara is walking on the ramp when she falls of and Vivan starts laughing and shows her how it’s done. Dhara says that he know only how to cheat as what else he can do. Vivan says that how is it cheating they only have to go from one bench to the other, Dhara says that there is a rule that you cannot put anything in between. Vivan says that there is another way. Dhara walks the bench and says that at the very end Vivan lifts her and places her on the other bench and says that what cannot be done alone should be done together. Preet Madam and Miss Fareeda are watching from the balcony and Miss Fareeda says that she is still not sure if he is the right boy. Preet Madam says that only in two meeting he brought a smile on Dhara’s face. She says that the story has just began and she wants her to end this.
Kinjal is feeding the goat so that it can become strong to defeat the other goats and she can become rich. Anshuman is watching all of this behind the bushes and as Kinjal leaves puts a close eye on the goat and catches it. Suddenly he hears Kinjal’s voice calling for the goat and sees her closing in. Kinjal pricks herself from one of the plants and Anshuman looks at the drop of blood on her finger. She then leaves and he comes back to eating the goat.
Miss Fareeda asks if Dhara is small for all of this and Preet replies and says that now you are going to teach me of what I am going to do. Preet calls Dhara and tells her to never to follow the heart as there is always danger. She walks in the air as there is solid ground beneath her. She tells that to overcome others she has to follow her mind and says to Dhara to do the same. Dhara says that she is going to fall. Preet Madam says that she has to focus and control her emotions but not from the heart but the mind. Dhara falls but Preet Madam catches her.

Precap: Preet Madam asks Vivan that can he do anything for Dhara; Vivan says that he can do anything. Irawati comes close to Mansion and says that he was her as she will find the one who has hid him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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