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Fanaah 23rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan is walking in the corridor when he collides with Dr.Ramesh. Dr.Ramesh talks rudely and Vivan asks him that if you are Okay as Dr.Mehgna told me that you weren’t feeling well. He keeps on talking comparatively and leaves saying that my time will also come and quickly. Vivan comes in the locker when Avani comes in running. Vivan says to her that what are you doing and she says that I don’t want to be late to the class today.
Vivan tells her to shut up and then the lift gets stuck. Vivan looks around and she asks of what has happened. Vivan says that can’t you see that the lift is stuck and I am stuck with you. Avani murmurs saying that what is my fault in this. She then pushes the button and Vivan tells her that they are not working and she asks if the lift will never open and they will

never get out. Vivan gives her a short version on how the lift will open and tells her to shut up.
Experiments are going by Dr.Ramesh who says that this is my intelligence potion which will increase my I.Q to 300+ and people like Vivan will be nowhere near me. He injects himself with the potion and on doing so he becomes as if half burned. He says that whatever this is, is great and very powerful.
Avani and Vivan are sitting in the elevator waiting when Avani says that it’s good that I didn’t get stuck in here alone. She then says that I didn’t want to get stuck with you but it is also that now I won’t get scolded by you for missing the class. Vivan asks why she is irritating him and she apologizes and keeps quite. She takes out her lunch box and asks Vivan if he would try some snakes. Vivan laughs and makes a joke but stops and puts them down. Avani says that do you have any idea of how cute you look when smiling. She says that you should smile at least three times and not show that danger sign you roam around with. She asks him if he remembers the last time he laughed and Vivan remembers his past with Dhara of them smiling.
The students are waiting when Saher says that does Avani wants to make a record of coming late and where is Dr.Vivan. Rose says that you are worried about them what about what happened last night. She asks Sarthak of his vote and he says that I don’t remember. Ranbir says that we allowed our mind to run wild and if something like that happened than you Sarthak are very lucky as you got molested by a ghost. Sarthak replies saying that I wish your fantasy soon comes true.
He then takes his phone out to call Dr.Vivan when Yamini says that he must be busy in work. Sarthak replies saying that she knows everything about Dr.Vivan. They get into a fight again and one blames the other. Rose tells them to shut up when Ranbir comes with a video and says that stand up and fight as it would suit better. Sarthak leaves with while Saher proposes saying we should find where Dr.Vivan otherwise take the day off. All of them leave the class room except Yamini. As they are walking through the corridor Dr.Ramesh grabs a man and injects him with the potion and tells him to create others as well.
Vivan is knocking on the elevator door and as he does so does Avani. Vivan asks her of what you are doing and she says that I am helping. Vivan stops her and starts to knock on the door again. Avani asks of why he is so annoyed with her and asks the reason for it. Vivan walks towards her and she gets scared at the end of the corner she says that I have never kissed someone while Vivan takes a pin out of her hair and uses it to unlock the door but fails. As Vivan is unlocking the door she says that I am such a fool to think that he would kiss you.
She wonders of why the idea even came to her and starts to muter the name Dhara. Vivan asks of what she just said and she says nothing. Vivan then says to himself that she must not remember our past and takes a step back. Avani sits down and starts to eat annoying Vivan even more. With some gelabi in her mouth she gives some hand gestures to Vivan. He says that I can’t understand a thing you are saying while Avani says that you told me to not to talk and says that I am getting scared in here so please do something.
She says that if we can’t get out of here then how would we go to the washroom or go home. Vivan gets even more annoyed and the she starts to whistle. He stops her and asks what she is doing and she says that is a whistle trick and someone might hear us. Vivan says that he has been screaming and none has heard him and the whistle will be heard. He scolds her saying that do you ever use your head, while Avani says that trust me it works. Vivan stops and says that whistle and it will save us.
Dr.Mehgna comes and Vivan tells her to get him out of here and says that he is getting frustrated at her. She asks of whom he is getting angry at and he replies saying that Avani the first year student. Mehgna says to herself that this girl is the perfect one to become your assistant and then calls the maintenance who get the elevator open.
Vivan comes out with Avani waking behind her saying that I knew it would work and you always tell me to stay quite. Vivan says that either I believe you or not you have to shut up for and eternity. He then complains to Mehgna about the condition of the hospital and complains of him getting stuck in there and says that what If there was a patient here. Mehgna says that she doesn’t has the solution to those but has another solution and says that Avani will be your assistant. Vivan says that if a student was to be then why not Yamini she is the best and gives a name of each student but Mehgna makes an excuse for each. Vivan leaves saying that he is better off without one.
Mehgna comes and tells Avani to go with Vivan and she thanks and goes after Vivan. She follows Vivan and keeps talking and hits him as he stops. Vivan turns around and says that what is your problem and why are you following me like a puppy. Avani says that you are going to the class and there is only one way so I have to follow you. Vivan sees a phone and picks it up; Avani says that I can give it to the lost and found as I am your assistant while Vivan smells the phone and sees what happened. Avani says that if you don’t want to give it then fine but why are you making such horrible faces. Vivan tells her to shut up and tells her to go to the class and to remain there until he calls him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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