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Preet Madam introduces Vivan and Dhara to each other and asks them to shake hands. Dhara says that his (Vivan) hands are very dirty. Preet Madam says to Vivan to try a little hard and Dhara will definitely hold his hand. When they are sitting on the table Preet Madam says that she enjoys the company of those who are younger than her. She asks them that why don’t they play in front of her. Dhara asks that if Vivan even knows how to play chess. He says that he knows a little bit as he saw Ranvir’s father play. Preet says ‘Very good then let the game begin.”
Preet asks Vivan to what is he looking at. Vivan says that he is just thinking of the next move, Preet says that the person he is watching as an excuse is very beautiful. Dhara says that he knows nothing he is already losing. Preet says to

Vivan to try hard as if he wins Dhara will hold his hand on the way out. As they are playing Miss Fareeda comes and Preet Madam tells the kids to carry on their game while she goes to talk to her. Dhara says to Vivan that why is he staring at her with those bursting teeth. Vivan replies and says that if he look angrily then will she become her friend? Dhara says that she does not want any friends; he should never have come here. Vivan says that she is losing in chess that is why she is doesn’t want to be his friends. Dhara says that he is foolish that is why she doesn’t want to be friends. Vivan says that she is foolish as if he hadn’t put that fire out last night she would be dead. Dhara says that he started the fire it was the reason they say him.
Preet Madam comes back and asks who is losing and Vivan replies that Dhara is. Dhara quickly says that Vivan has cheated but he confirms that she wasn’t focusing on the game as she was listening to him. Dhara tries to leave while Preet Madam holds her down firmly. She clips her hand with a nail. She says that since Vivan has won Dhara will bring him a gift. She tells Dhara to bring the clay doll which she made last month. Dhara says that the clay doll is her favorite. Preet says that In Life you have to sacrifice your favorite things so go and bring that doll.
When Dhara bring s the doll Preet tells her to give it to Vivan. She tells that this clay doll was made by Dhara herself and that how beautiful are her fingers. Vivan says thank you and that he will take good care of this doll. Preet Madam says that he can leave but he has to come tomorrow because Dhara will be waiting for her. She tells Dhara to see him off and also to hold his hand on the way out as she has promised him. As soon as they go out of Preet’s sight Dhara leaves Vivan’s hand and asks if he has a disease of smiling or is it a habit of his to make stupid faces. Vivan says that he is just happy and also defeated her in the game. Dhara turn around and slaps and says that now he wants to cry? Vivan says that whatever she does she cannot make him cry. She asks why? Vivan says that whenever he sees her he becomes very happy and has no other way to explain it.
Miss Fareeda asks Preet Madam if Vivan is the right boy. Preet Madam says that Vivan is the correct boy and Dhara has done a great start. She also says that the story has just began and she is already waiting for the end.
A girl is standing on a hill top and chokes a man suddenly who is crossing by asking where is Anshuman. Then Anshuman wakes up from the dream. He is still in the shop and is very weak. Vivan comes in the shop and sees that the man has not eaten the food he had brought previously and says that hasn’t anyone taught you not to waste food. He asks him that doesn’t he gets hungry as if you don’t eat you cannot get strong. He says that if you remain weak how you can go home there must be someone who will be worrying about him back at home. The girl from the dream is still running in his thoughts and is asking two men that they think that they can protect themselves from her and asks where he is? She kills all the men present there. Vivan asks the man that why doesn’t he talks properly. How can you stay as quietly as he has a lot to talk all the time? He tells the man that he went to the Mansion the yesterday and says that it is a very creepy place. He hears his Jeju calling him and tells the man to hide. His Jeju comes in and says that he know he would find him here. Jeju asks Vivan that why has he brought his food to the shop? Vivan says that he thought that while eating he will remove the dry leaves from the plant.
Jeju asks that if the people in the Mansion made him do a lot of work. Jeju also says that he heard he had to go every day and if he doesn’t like it he can say no to them. Vivan says that there is a girl in the mansion with whom he has to play with and since he is getting paid there nothing to worry about. Jeju says that I did heard of Preet Madam adopting a girl and asks Vivan that if he became friends with her. Vivan replies and says that no she slapped him instead. Jeju asks him that why does he want to go back there instead. Vivan explains and says that if he was locked in a Mansion for so long, never came out and never made friends he would have shot him. This means that she needs a friend. Vivan also says that he was told that the Mansion would be beautiful from the inside but it is not. Vivan also tells Jeju that Preet Madam told him that there was going to be a wedding and that she was not going to leave until it has happened. Anshuman listens to all of this with a strange look.
Vivan asks Jeju about the wedding and whose it was? Jeju tells Vivan of the wedding and of the man she used to love. Although he(Jeju) never saw that man but is said that he was no less than a prince. They both loved each other so much that not even death could separate them. It was the fortnight and the day Preet Madam was supposed to get married. Everything was set beautifully, but the groom never showed up and after that night Preet Madam fully changed.
People even say that due that sorrow Preet Madam has gone mad. Their love was so special and its memories so beautiful that Preet Madam can never forget it. Preet Madam might still be waiting for the boy and after that she never got married. No matter what any says Jeju says that he does not believe that the boy didn’t love Preet Madam.

Precap: Preet Madam says that tomorrow’s day is very special and the thing she is teaching him cannot be done wrongly even by mistake. He has to fulfill her dream.

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