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Yamini asks Avani of what she thinks about what Prateek and Rose were talking about. Avani says that it depends from whom you are asking from. She gives a deep lecture on life and says that because of such reasons things like blo*dy Mary exists. She says that she is back and is taking revenge from all of us just because of one person. Yamini says that I don’t want to talk about this anymore but late apologizes for the rudeness. Avani says that it’s Okay and if you need to talk about anything then I will be there. Then they decide to go to Sarthak.
Rose takes Prateek in a graveyard and though he is sacred she continues to walks. They get a call and get scared but the call is from Ranbir. She takes the phone and also calls Ranbir there. They come to a grave when Ranbir comes and they get scared

and he asks why they are so scared. Rose tells Ranbir about the incident. She says that we decided to come here and thought of saving him. Ranbir says that he doesn’t believe in this and calls blo*dy Mary. The two of them are scared and Rose says that don’t make fun of the dead.
Saher says that for the first Ranbir is making sense and Prateek says that he has heard these stories since childhood and now he thinks that she is real. Rose says to Ranbir to not say blo*dy Mary’s name and they decide to leave. Saher on leaving stumbles on a grave and Ranbir holds her. He then sees the name but they decided to leave. blo*dy Mary is standing some far in the graveyard.
Vivan comes to the place and says that a lot has happened here and there must be a record of them. He sees the record and says that none of then crossed midnight and none of them crossed midnight and it’s already time. He sees the files and checks the memory of how each died. He leaves the place while Avani is searching for Dr.VIvan. He finds him and says that I want to talk to you. Vivan tells her to shut up and says that I want you to stay away from me. Avani says that I found a way to fight blo*dy Mary but he won’t listen to me.
In the graveyard Rose says that she heard someone walking while Ranbir says that we should go. Rose goes in the direction and falls over and says that somebody pushed me. Vivan comes and tells all of them to leave. He goes into the graveyard and calls her saying that I want to talk. She appears in different places again and again while Vivan says that killing husbands won’t get you anything. She uses her powers on Vivan and he tries to fight back. She screams and leaves while Vivan says that I can help you and you will keep burning in this life. The sun comes out and Vivan leaves frustrating.
He comes to the office and the man says that I hope everything is under control. Vivan comes and says that after killing a husband she becomes power full and for now she is invincible. Vivan says that we must do something to bring her to us. The man gets frustrated and says that all of this means that you can’t defeat her. Vivan says that all of this means that I am trying as I got wounded there. Vivan says that she just won’t come and surrender to us. The man says that do whatever is necessary and says that you must do something as I don’t like defeat. Vivan gets a call and says that Sarthak is out of coma and goes to check.
He comes to the room and Yamini keeps asking questions of how he did this. Vivan also wonders of why Mary left Sarthak. Yamini says that someone people believe in stupidity as she they are giving Avani the credit for this. She then explains of hoe Avani went to Mary’s grave and performed the rituals so that she may rest in peace. Yamini doesn’t believe this and says that she thinks that Mary chose Sarthak as her husbad. Vivan realizes that when he confronted Mary this was the reason that she fought back rather than giving up.
Vivan is in his office and Mehgna comes and says that she is worried about last night. Vivan says that last night was just a prank that went wrong and that’s all. She says that there is a patient for you while Vivan doesn’t wants to take it. She then says that Dr.Ramesh hasn’t come to the hospital and Vivan says that he needs work and doesn’t even have any assistance. After a heated conversation he leaves to check. Rose is walking when she sees a shadow and looks behind and runs screaming. A man with a half burned face is standing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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