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Vivan is searching for his dog when he hears a wolf and sees that someone is being chased by a pack of them. He hides behind a tree and prays for the man being chased being helpless he just stands there and then leaves and wonders of what would have happened to that man. His search for his dog continues, when he hears something from the water so goes to look. A man from inside the water grabs him by the neck and says that “when they come tell them nothing.” The man faints and falls back into the water and Vivan runs back. Vivan sees a group of men and asks if they can help him find his dog but they reply and say that the one they are searching is very dangerous.
They ask him to tell him if he has seen him. On the scene his friend’s father appears and asks him of what he is doing in the forest

and tells him to go home. One of the men from the group says that he (Vivan) would have definitely seen him. His friend’s father tells him that he is the friend of his son and will not lie, so let’s keep the search on. Vivan goes back to the water and tries to wake that man up. The man asks Vivan to help him. Vivan takes the man on his bike to his home. On the way Vivan tells the man of the Mansion which they are crossing by from and of the girl Preet.
The next morning her sister wakes him up and scolds him of sleeping late. Vivan gets up and starts getting ready for school. On his way he sees her sister feeding a goat and so asks her where she has found him and she reply that she found it in the jungle last night. She tells Vivan to make this goat his brother.
Meanwhile a car from the mansion comes in front of their house and Vivan’s sister wonders why it has came. Vivan thinks they came because he entered the mansion last night and so are here to complain about him. He again looks at the photo of his parents and says that whatever he does he always ends up in trouble. Vivan’s sister comes in very happy and says that today he has a holiday from both the school and newspaper and tells him to wear a new shirt from the cupboard and correct his hair and look good. While Vivan wonders if it is his sister or not. Jeju is curious and asks Kinjal of the reason why Preet madam has asked Vivan to the Mansion. He wonders if Vivan has done something wrong. Kinjal says that it would be some work that why they have called him. Jeju says that in so many years no man from the outside has gone in to the Mansion and suddenly now she has summoned him even though she does not even know him. Kinjal says that she will send Vivan no matter what and besides Preet madam has called him isn’t that enough for you. She says that since their wedding Preet madam has looked after them so they cannot refuse her. While Vivan appears from behind dressed and ready.
Kinjal tells Vivan that he looks good and Miss Fareeda will soon be coming to pick him up. Jeju says that Preet Madam is very nice so he doesn’t needs to be tensed didn’t you always said that you wanted to visit the Mansion from the inside. Vivan goes to the shop and brings some food for the man he saved last night while putting the food down he cuts his hand and a drop of blood falls on the leaf. The man looks desperately at the drop of blood and stands up behind Vivan as he sees the plant which was about to die but now there are flowers growing on it. He tells the man he does not like death. He (Anshuman) tells Vivan to leave and he says that he is to leave as Preet madam has called him. Kinjal shout from the back and tells him to come out and so Vivan says that he has to leave.
Vivan asks Miss Fareeda that how someone can keep their house so dirty she replies ands says that stop talking nonsense and keep walking. The girl walking behind him says that Fareeda talks to everyone like this and her name is Mahi. If he has any trouble around here he can tell her as Preet madam like her the most and also listens to her the most. Vivan asks him who she is and she tells her that she is Preet’s Madam Assistant and Fareeda is the guardian of this place. Fareeda Mam reminds Mahi of the stuff she had to bring for Preet mam. She then tells Vivan to stay put while she goes and tells Preet madam.
Vivan remembers his Jeju’s words of how beautiful the place was and looks around at the Mansion. He sees a stage set up for marriage and which is badly destroyed. He goes near the mirror and a piece falls from the shelf so he puts it back and sees Preet madam standing behind him.
She comes close and asks if he is Vivan and says that she was waiting for him. Vivan asks why the place is like this. She says this is what marriage place is to look like. He asks if the marriage has happened or not, she replies and says that it so far it hasn’t happened, that’s why the place is decorated. Vivan says that means there is going to be marriage soon here. Preet says that it could happen or not. Preet says that he is very special and something very important is going to happen. The girl from last night appears again her name is Dhara and Preet mam calls her as she is standing by the door.

Precap: Preet mam says that the story has just begun. Vivan says to Dhara that whatever she does she could not make him cry. Vivan asks Anshuman that there must be someone who worries about him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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