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Sarthak runs as he sees Mary and trips several times running through the corridors. He jumps through the stairs and hits his head while Yamini sees him and calls the nurse. Avani is searching for the pharmacy and accidentally goes on the third floor when Vivan comes and stops her. He says that what are you doing while she explains that she was just getting the medicines from the pharmacy. He scolds her and she is about to leave when he stops her and says that what is wrong with you and tells her that there are stairs. Avani touches him and says that you are so cold and while VIvan leaves angrily.
Sarthak is being nursed by the students when he becomes conscious. Yamini asks of what happened to him or what this just a stunt to get attention. Sarthak says that he is not acting and to what he saw was

unbelievable and if anyone else say it they would gotten a heart attack. Saher mother’s come and asks her to come to eat while she says that she doesn’t want to. She says that there is no need to do this as I am trying my best but sometimes my hands are also tied. Saher says that I am not complaining about anything when the doorbell rings.
Ranbir comes dressed as a pizza man delivering pizza. Saher comes and says that I have orderd it and says that I forgot to tell you when he came. She says that what are you doing as this is no time to talk. Ranbir says that brought a gift for you and shows her the inflatable human sized dummy. He says that you can put this in your bed and come to college. He says that I am waiting downstairs and you can sneak out. She comes in and says that there is no need for money as he got late.
Sarthak is breathing really hard and the nurse says that the drug is not working though I gave a high dose to him. Dr.Nizzam comes in and says that the symptoms look psychological and the man in the wheel chair also comes and is Prateek’s father. Sarthak murmers something about white dress and the man says that his memory is being erased and calls doctor Vivan. Vivan comes and tells the nurse to bring the injection and tells everyone to leave. The man says that this is her chosen husband and says that this man is an extremely risky situation. Vivan says that no matter what I will save him.
Vivan comes to the third floor and looks through the place and sees footprints and follows them. Suddenly they disappear and he calls Mary and says that this is time we spoke. He says that don’t use your powers on me as I am not human. He tells her to not do any harm to the children as they are innocent and tells her to stop this. She disappears and he roams around the place and then sits down and uses his powers to look in Mary’s past and sees what happened.
He sees Mary in the mirror and tries to persuade her to not do this. He says that I can help you punish the ones responsible but won’t let you hurt anybody innocent. Mehgna says to Vivan that how can you have so much hatred in you. Vivan says that how am I responsible for all of this and why are you blaming me. Mehgna says that he was told to keep an eye on you and found something about you and you did this to him. She says that your prodigy Yamini did this to him.
Vivan says that you just admitted that you used him to keep an eye on me. Mehgna says that what are you hiding from me. Vivan says that you have no proof of anything and as for me I was busy prepping for a surgery due tomorrow and tells her the entire detail about the person and ward. He says that I have nothing else to say and she leaves the room.
Avani is running through the corridor when Vivan stops her and says that what your problem is. Avani says that it’s not her and Sarhak is in coma. She holds his hand and asks her if he would be better, Vivan tells her to leave his hand. Vivan comes to the room and sees Sarthak and tells Dr.Nizzam to inform him on any progress. Avani wonders why Vivan is not doing anything while Rose comes with an idea of shocking Sarthak to senses. Nizzam scolds her saying that this is not a joke here and your friend is in a dangerous situation.
Vivan calls the man and says that situation has gone out of control and we need to do something. The man says that I don’t need any details just do something and protect that boy. Vivan confirms him saying that I won’t let anything happen to that boy. The three of them come out of the room and Avani tries to calm Prateek down. Rose says that this is our entire fault as we should have never called blo*dy Mary. Avani says that you called blo*dy Mary, Yamini comes out and says you believe this being a science student.
Rose says to her that explains then how Sarthak got in this situation from an injury. She then leaves with Prateek. Later the two of them talk about these spirits and Rose says that there has to somebody who can stop them. Prateek says that he knows someone Rose leaves with Prateek as she feels that someone is watching them.

Precap: Vivan talks to the man about Mary and how her powers evolve and says that we need to do something that will make her come to us. The man says that this is all rubbish as this means that you can’t defeat her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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