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Fanaah 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Sound of a wolf howling is heard and a girl is running in a forest. She stops near a tree and shouts the name Vivan .She asks him to stop, Vivan is fighting Vidhyut. She runs towards them but receives a shock and falls back. In the middle of the fight Vidhyut starts to change into something else and so does the Vidhyut who are both screaming at each other and start to run towards each other again. Dhara the girl is screaming at them to stop this fight while Anshuman arrives and says that no one can stop this fight and someone has to die to fight and asks Dhara who her true love is Vivan or Vidhyut. Meanwhile Vidhyut is tracking down Vivan. Anshuman says today is ponimah night and her true love will come sacrificed.
Three people are searching on a laptop for something that can makes sense and save

Avni’s love. They so far have no success in their search. They reach an abandoned building and one of them falls so the girl tells Ashvin to go as they have only till midnight to save Avni’s love and the world. They have been given the instructions on how to find the stone. Ashvin follows the red stairs and finds a picture of Princess Irawati (1901 AD – 1920 AD).
In the past the princess was carried by a group of men and burned alive. She asks the men to leave her and that she does not want to die but is hit in the back of the head and is set on fire. Anshuman appears from the water and bites her so that she could become immortal. As he says that he does not like death but cannot give life. Irawati wakes up from the fire and goes to kill all the men who tried to burn her.
The three people at the abandoned building are still there and one of them asks about what happened to these people and so the girl starts to tell him Vivan’s story. Vivan is working on a plant and his jeju comes and asks him that what kind of magic goes he uses to save those plants. Vivan says it’s not magic he has learned all of this from him. Vivan asks his jeju if his parents were in the bus with him they would still be alive as no one can return from the dead. His jeju comes and says that every loved one lives in their hearts. His jeju look at the Mansion and says look they lights are on in the Mansion. He then remembers that today is a special day and the entire lights are going to be lit just they were 14 years ago. Jeju tells the story about the Mansion and the people who live in it and Preet a girl who lived in it. Vivan asks that why such a beautiful place turned into a silent one. Jeju says he does not know the main cause but he does know that it has something to do with Preet’s love since that time that Mansion has just turned silent no one goes in and no one comes out.
Preet is dressed up as bride and holding a candle in her hand so that it does go out. She lights up all the other candles in the Mansion .Preet goes out to the balcony and stares in the distance and cries where are you?
Jeju says to Vivan that there was a time that people used to die to see the Mansion from the inside but now no one wants to visit the Mansion by mistake. Vivan says that he will one day visit the Mansion from the inside and also will meet Preet madam. Her sister consoles her and says that he must be from a piece of trash as he is his step brother and is not allowed to feed any animals on her money. Jeju tries to stop her but she says that he is his brother she could anything she want. Vivan looks at the picture of his family and asks what is wrong with her sister. Jeju asks Vivan’s sister that why does she do that he is her brother.
Vivan goes to his friend house and says that he has to find his dog his friend agrees but his father stops him. His father friends tell him that to go home as today is not safe. In his search Vivan reaches the Mansion and sees the ghost of the Preet and takes off. On his way he falls and sees a girls sitting in front of him. He tries to put out the fire surrounding the girl and after that she just stands up and walks away.

Precap: Irawati kills a man and says where is he? Jeju is worried and says why Madam Call Vivan to the Mansion has. Vivan asks Preet Madam if there is someone wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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