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The girl still tells the tales about Dr.Vivan to Avani of how he is and tells her to be care full. Avani tells her to stop talking as that is enough for today, the girl agrees and says that my job was just to warn. She tells Avani to not to worry as Vivan listens to him, Avani says that after what you have told me I would definitely not mess with Dr.Vivan. She says that I have to go to my class and asks the girl of what she was doing there anyway, the girl says that she was running from medicine but then found you. She says that I love helping people in problems.
Avani tells the girl to eat her medicines as they will help her heal and then she can go home. The girl says that she can’t go home as she can’t heal and will soon die. She asks Avani of why she is starring at her and says that why do

you want to be a doctor and says that to be one you have to be like doctor Vivan. Avani apologizes to the girl but the girl says that you don’t need to apologize and Dr. Vivan told me that it is good that I am leaving the world, away from all this pain and jealousy.
Avani says that how can he talk to you like that and I can’t find the words to what to say to that man. The girl says that he is truth full. The students are still cleaning the washrooms when a worker asks for the sample, Prateek tells him to go and give his own sample and can complain to anyone he want to. Sarthak stops the worker and says that a problem can be created as Prateek is the son of a trusty but not us. He tells him to use a washroom as he has cleaned one, Ranbir calls Saher and then says a few words of poetic verse. Saher says that she didn’t get him while Ranbir replies saying that you will soon get it.
As the worker is leaving Sarthak takes the data of the man and apologizes for the inconvenience. Prateek comes and says that what type of people are these as he didn’t even flush. Prateek then drops some water on Sarthak’s register and they almost get into a fight. The lights start to dim and Vivan walks in, he stares at them and says that he knew that you are not even worthy of cleaning a washroom and just proved me right. He says that If you don’t want to clean toilets for the rest of the semester then I want this place perfectly clean. Prateek introduces himself while Vivan says that I know who your father is but the rules aren’t going to change for anyone and asks of where Avni is.
He tells them to call Avni and the lights dim again as he leaves. Ranbir decides to leave and tells Rose to follow him. Prateek says that the smartest of us is Avni as she disappeared on the right time. Prateek bribes one of the workers and tells him to clean it up. Ranbir comes and Saher leaves and so does Sarthak.
Vivan scolds Muskan as she has to take her medicine on time, while she says that sometime buffer time is good. Vivan says that where are you learning these words from while Muskan says that she is a smart girl and can learn from a lot of places. Vivan tells her to not to the topic while she says that why are acting like kid. Vivan says that he is already frustrated since the morning and tells her not to tease him more. Muskan says that the new kids already started to become a problem while Vivan says that how do you know about that. Muskan says that she met Avni who is hiding under the bed and says that this girl is going to get me expelled before joining.
Vivan says that where is she, while Muskan says that sometimes you act like a police man rather a doctor. Muskan says that she was managing her get to her class while Vivan says that you did not manage as she didn’t reach her class. Muskan says that she is a nice girl so bare her while Vivan says that she is undisciplined. Muskan that the girl got lucky as she was entering your room. Vivan says that what was she doing in my room while Muskan says that she was about to enter but didn’t. Avani says that why isn’t this girl shutting up, she is going to get me killed. Vivan gives Muskan the pills and says that I am going to give an injection if you don’t take these and then leaves.
Avani comes out and Muskan and says that don’t worry as I will handle it. Avani says that because of you I didn’t go to the class when a plate falls. She then calms a patient and talks to her and then gives her some new food. The patient smiles and thanks her and so does the nurse.
The doctor comes and asks Vivan of where the students while all of them hide behind a wall and then use a curtain to come closer. Vivan says that they are useless as he gave them the simplest of task and they couldn’t complete it. He says that he mentoring them is not going to happen and complains about Avani. The doctor goes to look for Avani when she comes from behind and calls him out. Vivan looks around but Ranbir grabs her in the room before that. Prateek tells her to not to go in front of the man as they are hiding from him. Prateek says that they will meet him tomorrow and the leave while Avani still wants to meet him.
Prateek tells her to do what she wants and leaves while Avani decides to meet him. The doctor calls him and says that who you think you are and tells her to leave. She tells her to not come here again. Avani comes home and sits on the table and her parents are proud of her and have made her special dish and ask her about her day. Avani thinks about her day while Vivan is doing a research on someone and says that all the years of work was lost and I need to find a cure. He keeps on working and runs different tests again and again.
Avani father’s brings flowers for her and tells her to get ready while she remembers of what her parents did for her and then how she got expelled. She says that what am I going to do now and how can I tell my parents about that. She says that I have to find the courage and tell them about this while his father reads the news of three dead bodies found with no blood. Avani wants to tell her parents when she gets a phone from Prateek who tells her to get ready fast as he talked to Dr. Mehgna and she is also joining from today.
Avani then gets up and tells her mother to get her lunch box and goes to change. She then thanks Prateek in the car. He tells her not to leave the group while she says that yesterday was a bad day for her. Prateek says that you are going to face trouble when you face Dr. Vivan, she says that I know of how he is and Muskan has already frightened me. Prateek says that who this Muskan and Avani tells him about her and says that she doesn’t know of what Dr. Vivan is going to do to her. Vivan is still doing the research in his lab/room.

Precap: Vivan is doing the surgery and asks the girl of what she is doing there. Dr. Nizzam says that first year students are not allowed in the O.T. Avani takes of her mask and says her name while is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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