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Fanaah 16th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The students are sitting together and Prateek says that Avani got sick on the right time as we are doing night shift and she is resting on a bed. Ranbir says that I like the night shift and I’m missing Avani’s tea more than I am missing her. Prateek asks Saher if she is Okay while Ranbir answers saying that her family is not allowing the night shift. Prateek says that it’s interesting as you answered her question while Saher stands up and wants to leave as Ranbir is trying to stop her. Rose says that Sarthak has messaged in the chat, which says that Dr.Vivan is about to start his briefing. The students go to the briefing while Ranbir tells Saher to relax.
The students arrive and Dr.Vivan is leaving, they enter the class and Sarthak says that he has given the briefing. Saher says that I wanted

to talk to him about the night shift but I don’t think that I can face him now. Yamini decides to brief the students when Sarthak says that he’ll give the briefing. Vivan comes and asks Yamini and tells her that you are the in charge as I will be busy and don’t want any disturbance. Yamini agrees and says that nothing will happen.
Vivan comes to his office and sees the flowers and the card, he throws them saying that I want to stay away from you Avani. Avani is standing at the door and says that this is my entire fault, I only wanted to thank but I was wrong and leaves after apologizing. Vivan stops her and says that you are fit enough to join in with the assignment and says that it is better that you do your work as I don’t understand these flowers and cards. Avani leaves while Vivan is still frustrated and throws the things of his desk.
The students are giving food to the old while Rose says to Prateek that we can leave as Avani is here. They are about to sneak out when Nizzam comes out and says that are you sneaking, he then calms them and says that don’t worry we used to sneak as well as students. Prateek says that since this is our first night shift so we were just taking a break, Rose adds saying that we wanted to check outside and see how it looks. Nizzam says that you can go but just don’t go to the third floor as it is haunted by blo*dy Marry.
At first they think he is joking but he confirms them saying that many years ago an 18 year old girl was admitted here and treated but she died. She was wearing bridal clothes when she died and it was her wedding day. Since then everybody says that she comes out at the night of full moon and searches for her husband and whoever goes near her is found dead the next day. Prateek says that it is not fun messing with juniors and says that when we meet her we will tell her that you miss her a lot. Nizzam says that I hope you meet her.
Yamini is trying to give and old patient some anti biotic but he refuses to take them. Avani comes and helps Yamini while Sarthak leaves to check for Dr.Vivan. He goes to his office but he is not there he asks around but others don’t know either. Avani comes and asks Rose and Prateek of what they are doing and Rose also tells her the tale. Avani gets scared and wants to leave. Sarthak wonders why nobody knows where Dr.Vivan is.
Sarthak finally goes to the lab door and tries to open it when Yamini comes and asks him of what he is doing here. They argue over almost everything and then Sarthak leaves. Ranbir is texting on the phone when he gets a call from friend and is almost standing near the third floor. Ranbir tells his friend about Saher and hoe she is.
A man comes in a wheelchair to the hospital and everyone greets him as sir. He directly goes to in the lab where Vivan is. Prateek and Ranbir are going through the third floor while Rose is very scared and freaked as well. They enter a room which they think is Mary’s room while Rose starts to talk about calling spirits. Someone watches them while they are in the room and Rose decides to call the spirits. They call blo*dy May and someone comes and they start to run.
The man wants to talk to Vivan and says that since their last talk on the phone things have became critical. Before he can say anything, everything starts to move and he asks Vivan of what is happening. Vivan tells the man to leave as the place is not safe anymore and takes him away. Sarthak is near a door when things start to go crazy, He comes to look and sees someone walking in a white dress turning from the corridor. He goes after it and then sees a pigeon and takes a sign of relief. He turns around and sees Mary and runs for his life.

Precap: Vivan is on the third floor going after the clues when he confronts Mary on the corridor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ❤ u Dr.Vivan

    1. plzzz tell me guys who is marry now?? epi is awww karan kundra is doing g8 job .

  2. i really lyk d epi. nd vivian is awesome.

  3. Opps.. Every epi with an a mysterious threat.. 1st that Boy And Now that Marry ..
    Whoa.. VG doing Gr8 job with Script 🙂
    thankx 4 Updates Shona :*

  4. Ihave started watching this show now can any one tell me who is mary

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