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Fanaah 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani is in the morgue and the files are circling all around her and she faints again. Vivan comes to her aid while the cupboard falls and then the ceiling fan but Vivan manages to stop them both, caused by the boy. The boy comes and Vivan grabs him and says that till now I have tried to control myself but if you do anything I will forget that you are a kid. He holds him by the face and says that I know you had a bad childhood and but that doesn’t mean that you should use them for bad reasons. Vivan says that I also had a bad childhood and tells him that you can still do well with your powers.
The boy says that there is no one for him, his mother was sick and she died his father used to beat him when he was taken to the circus. Vivan says that use your powers for good and for right now I need

to save Avani. Vivan picks Avani and takes her outside remembering the first time she collided with him; he puts her on the bed. He then removes her hand stuck in his color and comes in the O.R. He wants to treat her but stops as the silver hurts him. Avani wakes and apologizes to him while he leaves without saying anything.
The students are performing the surgery with the Dr.Irani and Sarthak and Yamini bring the towels, scissors each though one is needed. Dr. Irani asks of what it is that they are doing and the next he calls them he says that if these are twins that doesn’t mean that you should also bring things in pair and asks if they can’t work as a team. He instructs the students on how to answer to him and check the levels on the machines. He also expels Rose from the room as her phone caused problems. He also expels Yamini and Sarthak from the room as they were fighting to give supply the instruments to him.
He then gives one baby to Saher and after that when he calls her to help she doesn’t has the stomach left so Ranbir comes to assist him. After the surgery Dr.Irani congratulates them on doing a good job. Saher says to Ranbir that I didn’t know that you will do such a good job. Ranbir says that he didn’t either but then he had to impress her. Dr. Irani comes and congratulates him again while Ranbir starts to flirt with Saher again.
Dr.Mehgna is told of the progress of the student and she goes to the morgue and sees the damage. She looks around and finds keys to Vivan’s office there and then leave. Vivan gets a call from the same man appreciating his work against evil. Vivan says that I have sent the samples of the boy’s blood to your lab while he asks if he has done the job. Vivan says that the boy was not as evil as he thought while the man says that I told you to kill him. Vivan says that I am not a murderer and though I fight against evil but also give second chances to the deserved ones.
The man says that I provided you with everything and don’t want this arrogance from you. The man says that you don’t have your freedom for this while Vivan says that I will do my work the way I want and if you don’t appreciate it you can get anyone else. Avani is collecting flowers and her mother asks of what she is doing while she says that she is taking them for Vivan. Her mother leaves and Avani says to herself that why am I so excited to hear his name and though he scolds me but I don’t get mad or angry.
Vivan is checking Muskan when she asks of Avani. Vivan says that she was discharged in the morning and Muskan asks him of why the monster face. Vivan says that you have an injection due and after catching she tells her that you won’t even notice. Muskan says that you are wrong as we girls come to know everything and we can sense our feelings no matter how smart you boys are. The nurse comes and says that the boy is discharged and Vivan tells her that you will get the papers. After checking Muskan Vivan leaves and tells her to check under her pillow. Muskan looks and there are chocolates for her.
Dr.Mehgna says to the student and says that we saw passion in your progression. She says that our methods are different but you must trust you mentor as we are training you for the best. Vivan comes and Mehgna informs them Dr.Irani is very impressed with Ranbir and his red flag is off. Ranbir says to Saher that if I go and gave a speech I will give all my credit to you as all the motivation came from you. Yamini and Sarthaks names are announced as the most competitive students during the surgery. Sarthak says to Yamini that you don’t deserve.
Dr.Mehgna gives the student their new assignment of the grave yard night shift. She says that night shifts are necessary to become doctors and Vivan is also happy. She then tells the students to leave and stops Sarthak. She says that I know you are different from the others and to survive you need to manage a lot of things and sometimes you feel isolated. She says that I know you are very had working but that is not everything to make a name here. She says that you must do things other than that to be better. Sarthak says that it means you know while she says yes and holds his hand.
Sarthak pulls his hand back and she says that the night shift is begging and you need to keep your eyes and ears open. She says that I tried to talk to Dr. Vivan but he didn’t respond, and so you must help me. She says that in return I will help you with whatever you need and Sarthak agrees with her and leaves. She then says to herself that the night shifts are starting and how will you hide your secret life from me now as there is no chance for it.

Precap: Vivan is in his office and when he sees the flower he throws them away. Avani apologizes to him and says that I only wanted to thank you while Vivan says that I don’t understand these cards and flowers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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