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Vivan is holding Avani’s hand and then lets it go when she becomes conscious. Her parents come asking question and she says that she is fine and makes a joke of the story. Dr. Mehgna tells the patient that she will be here for the night so that she can rest properly. Muskan is prescribing Vivan his medicines such as laughing and smiling and when she is done Vivan demands her coat back and the stethoscope. Vivan senses something in the room and looks around while someone is watching him secretively. Vivan picks a file and his coat and leaves.
Later Vivan remembers to what Muskan said about the new friend and goes to check the video from the hospital control room. He sees the boy performing magic and hiding all around the place. Vivan says that the boy has special powers but is not using them for

the right reasons. Vivan searches through the Hospital saying that he is back, he then finds Muskan and Avani missing and searches for them as well.
He enters the corridor and the lights start to go dim and the boy appears, he is with the girls and Vivan scolds them and tells them to go to bed. The boy says to Vivan that I know you and you didn’t help me that day and now it’s my turn and I will steal the thing you love the most. Vivan is about to attack the boy when he disappears.
Rose tells Sarthak and Saher about Avani and they go to see her. Avani is discussing with Prateek when he says that we met a boy who told us that you left and then asks Avani’s mother of why the boy lied to them. The rest of them come and Rose wants to take a selfie as Avani says that she is fine. She then tells them to go and attend Dr.Vivan’s class. Ranbir is still flirting with Saher when Yamini comes as well. Rose says to Prateek that Yamini is so arrogant and says that find things about her like where she worked and was before.
After some persuasion Pratank tries to ask Yamini but she insults him and sits down. Vivan comes and tells them that there assignment has not ended and tells them to go back to the ward. He says that when four red flags are given you semester will be ended. Rose asks Prateek of what happened and he replies saying that he feels guilty for Avani as he calls her his best friend but he wasn’t there when she was admitted here. Rose tells him that it is not his fault and that he should not blame himself.
Dr.Irani comes and Saher says to Ranbir that we can’t afford to take anymore red flags. Dr.Irani hears it and says that the plan is not hard but impossible. He tells them that he has the report in which the names of the red flagged students are but Dr.Vivan has decided to give them one more day. He leaves them and says that you must handle yourself today and says that only one name can be off the red flag list.
Vivan comes and tells Muskan to stay in her bed while she keeps on talking and says that I want to find my friend. He tells the nurse that she can’t go anywhere while Muskan still wants to find her friend and says that he likes me and Avani a lot. Vivan is about to leave when Avani stands up and the boy who is hiding under the bed performs magic and Avani gets dazzed. Vivan picks her up and tells her to stay in bed.

Dr.Mehgna is in Vivan’s office and says that I know what you are doing with the boy that is with Muskan. Vivan says that the boy lost his father and doesn’t need medical help but rather needs counseling. Vivan says that he knows how to do his job and knows information about his patients. Dr.Mehgna says that the kid is our responsibility and till we find the family we can’t discharge him.
Vivan comes and looks at Muskan’s bed and then asks the nurse of where she is. He scolds her of being irresponsible when Muskan comes out saying that she was finding her coloring book. Vivan tells her to go bed when Muskan tells him that her new friend took Avani somewhere. Vivan then finds Avani in the morgue and says that next time I won’t come to help you. He goes to his office and hears a glass break, he looks over and gets a call and tells the man about the boy. The man tells Vivan to kill the boy and not to hold back. Vivan is frustrated and then he sees a picture of Avani covered in blood. He realizes that Avani is in danger.

Precap: All the files start to circle around Avani and she faints again. Vivan again comes to help her while the boy tries to kill them both.

Update Credit to: Sona

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