FANAA – Reborn For Love And Revenge (((((RAGLAK))))) ||| Episode 5

hi guys… sorry for the late update and thanks for your comments….

scene 1,
raglak is in laksh’s car… they were driving silently… even like a small nail can make a big sound… the air was chill they looking opposite ways… Laksh turns and see her for a second…
atlast he broked the silenced…
laksh : are you okay?
ragini looked at him suddenly… she gave him a fainted smile..
Ragini : yes, sir..
Laksh : hey,don’t call me with much respect… just call me as Laksh!
Ragini suddenly looked on and thinks…
Ragini : (thinking) laksh? laksh?
laksh calls thus breaking her thinking… ragini looked at him…
Laksh : what?
Ragini :(shaking her head no) nothing!
ragini looked out of the window.. Laksh didn’t pacify with her word… hefelt it is weird..
laksh : what happened? you’re like this for a long time… what is bothering you?
Ragini : nothing! please stop the car here…
ragini didn’t in the mood to speak…she is now want to be lonely for a while…
Laksh : here?
Ragini nods… Laksh said okay and stopped the car aside…
Ragini : bye!
Ragini opened the door and laksh grabbed her hand..Ragini looked at him… Laksh took off his hand away as it shocked…. but Ragini didn’t felt the grab and walks away..
laksh looked at his hand and a glimpse of his past ..a girl holding a boy’s hand ..but the vision is not clear… he changed his gaze to Ragini who is gone already…

scene 2,
the spirit of VIRAT is looked up glaring at wall… he is looking abit okay now then before..
VIRAT : I’ll not leave you.. just two days, I’ll then get free from your curse then I’ll haunt you..
VIRAT giggles out in happy…but suddenly it stopped..
VIRAT : but, don’t think I’ll leave you then..
VIRAT again giggles like a big mad person and melted in the thin air…

scene 3,
laksh is driving while listening the musics… he’s humming the music and drives in the empty road…
suddenly the music stopped and the voice of VIRAT cane from the FM…
VIRAT : laksh! Laksh! alias LAXMAN… how are you?
laksh looked shocked and boggled… he looked down at the FM radio…
VIRAT : are you shocked? I want to say something to you…
laksh’s eye widen in terror… he tries to stop the FM but didn’t work…
VIRAT : wait, I’ll say it… you’re now meet with a accident…hahahah!
he laughs and the FM stopped… Laksh hears a horn sound and looked up…he’s shocked and changed the gear and away in a great speed… he’s saved from the lorry accident but met with a accident with range into a tree…
he’s head injure and bruise… Laksh fall into unconsious..tree blood oozing out from his head…..

scene 4,
VIRAT laughed out loud in happy…
after 2 days, since glimpse of laksh’s accident are shown such as how her ranged into the tree….
laksh : aah!
Laksj jerks uppand screams… sujata looked at him with concern…
sujata : laksh ! are you okau!?
Laksh breaths heavily and sweating… he looked at sujata and at the place, hospitall…
laksh : where am I?
sujata : hospitall…sleep …
sujata makes him lie… but laksh have so many doubt to ask… Laksh looked on… remembers the voice of VIRAT…
meanwhile, VIRAT after releasing from the curse came into city…he’s wearing a shirt and pant and a cap… his lips flows a smile.. he looked up at the people around him…
VIRAT :(thinking) just wait and watch!
VIRAT thinks and walks away….


i just hope guys… you’ll like it… bye…
comments guys…

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