FANAA – Reborn For Love And Revenge (((((RAGLAK))))) ||| Episode 4


thank you thank you so much for the comments on previous episode… its the first time I got 25 comments on a ff.. here is the 3rd episode link..

scene 1,
the sound dissappeared in the air.. ragini’s face turns Normal… she’s closing her eyes.. laksh took his hands from her ears..the shock stopped.. he bend and looks at her face..
Laksh :(concern)are you okay?
Ragini : yes..

she makes sure and opened her eyes.. she takes her hand away and looked north to south then at him..
laksh : what happened?
Ragini :(confused) I don’t know.. some music got into my head suddenly and got pained..
Laksh nod.. he looked around.. Ragini felt dizzy suddenly.. her deep black eye met each.. she sees all two..
Ragini :(dizzy)aah..
she mourned.. laksh looked at her and shocked by heart state.. Ragini collapse into laksh’s hands.. laksh cupped Her against his chest..
Laksh :(shaking her) Ragini! Ragini!
he shakes but there’s no response at all..
Laksh :oh no..
he looked around and the people were busy with the own matter.. laksh lifts her… and took her to his car..

scene 2,
she was in a room.. she slowly opened her eyes hurt her vision is blur.. she blinked for two to three times and looked around.. she got a vision of clear.. she looked around and remember the park.. she got up jerked..
ragini :(asking herself) where am I?
voice :you’re in Laksh Maheshwari house..
Ragini looked at the voice coming direction and saw a woman with a mug.. it sujata..
sujata :(smiling) how are you feeling now?
Ragini startled..

Ragini : I’m fine… how I got here?
sujata :laksh got you here.. as you’re faints… wait I’ll send laksh..
sujata leaves from there after giving the coffee.. Ragini drank it and looked around.. there were photos of Laksh all over.. and then she realizes it was Laksh room.. she bright herself on happy as she’s in laksh’s room..
Laksh :(concern) are you feeling alright?
ragini saw him coming.. she nods at him..
ragini :yes..
Laksh came to her..
Laksh :do you want to go home?

ragini :(thinking) I wish I want to be here forever with… (shock by her thinking)no,ragini…what are you thinking? say yes…
laksh waved good hand as no response…
ragini :(startled) hmm, no..
Laksh smiled while Ragini shocked by her saying as she thinks to say yes but came out as no..
Laksh :(smile) looking like you want to be here?
ragini looked at him..
Laksh : cool, just joking..
ragini smile awkwardly.. laksh patted her on shoulder..
Laksh : come, I’ll show you my painting as you like it, na?
ragini :(nodded) yes..
ragini got up from bed.. Laksh takes her with him to a dark room.. the room was dark and ragini got in.. laksh closed the door asi switched on the light …she saw so many paintings there… some are known, some are unknown.. she looked around..
Ragini :(surprised) but some photo were didn’t see at all.
Laksh : as I didn’t publish it.. because they were looking horrible without head..
ragini looked at him.. in a second, she saw him as a warrior but another second it’s turned into a imaginary..

ragini : oh..
she walks and saw one by one pics..
Laksh : you watch it… I’ll come in a min.
Ragini nods.. laksh walk out..

scene 3,
Laksh came to sujata who is smiling to herself.. sujata looked at him..
sujata :(laugh) I know.. you’ll come with the girl one day.. but I didn’t it will get into real so soon..
Laksh didn’t speak instead he smiles at her word.. he was in a deeply thought even there is no at head to think.. sujata beats him saying he’s in day dream..
sujata : day dream?
laksh looked at her and smile..

scene 4,
ragini came to a painting which in laksh’s eyes is the horrible pic.. she saw a man’s body with prince’s dress.. she smiles and looked.. she then slowly takes her hand to the portray.. when she touch it and glimpse flashes on her head about someone with pool of blood stabbed a man… the man’s dress is the same that ragini imagine Laksh as a warrior..
she is shocked by the sudden flash.. she takes her hand away from the painting.. her face turned pale and grave.. she walks backwards..
Laksh suddenly open the door.. Ragini looked at him and ran toward him.. laksh looked on.. Ragini jumped in going and hugs him tightly.. laksh looked shock..
sujata who’s standing behind Laksh saw it… she’s in shock..
sujata :(thinking) what’s happening?
ragini :(worried) LAXMAN, are you alright?
ragini asked him while checking him.. laksh looked shocked by her..
laksk : Ragini?
he called out her name.. ragini came into her sense… she looks at him.. her face is sweating… the screen freezes onnum ragini’s pale face….



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