FANAA – Reborn For Love And Revenge……….(((((RAGLAK))))) ||| Episode 2


hi guyss… i know it’s been a 2 days gap… but what to do? I’ve so many ffs… sorry, yaar for being late… then, thank you so much for the Bliss full comments… guys, I’m thinking to write a os of Raglak… but I want your suggestions about the Story genre.. plz comment guys.. and say which genre you want…

Scene 1,
ragini and her dad shekar goes to a building.. Ragini look surprised and confused…
ragini : dad, where are we?
shekar looked at her..
Shekar :(smiling a little) we’re here for auction..
ragini looked on and said oh as she knew why she’s here.
ragini : which type of auction is this dad?huh?
shekar : portrays..
he said and walks in…ragini looks on and walks in…they goes in and sat on a chair.. the auction start… Ragini gets bored and looks away… while shekar auction…
while looking away, she got a glimpse of a person there… she looks surprised.. she again looked and saw laksh with sujata there…

Scene 2,
sujata looked smiled and looks… laksh was no interest in the auction taking place.. sujata looking at him and said..
Sujata :(smiling) I’m sure, Laksh.. your drawing will be sold…
Laksh (bored look): I know, mom… but I’ve not interested in this auction.. it’s for you I’m here.. and I don’t like to sell my drawing..
sujata smile faded into shock.. she looks on.
sujata :Laksh, I know you don’t like it.. but I want you to be famous.. if not then why you wasting your time in drawings? and you knew, it’s not for us but for our NGO…
she said.. laksh looked at her and opened his lips to speak..but sujata interfere and stopped him.. laksh glares at her and looked away. sujata smile by his act..

Scene 3,
Ragini saw laksh and smiled in happy.. as she got her dream live today by seeing him.. Ragini about to get up from the seat.. but shekar stopped her.. she sat down again .
Shekar :(smiling and pointing her finger at the auction place) isn’t that portrait you liked? huh
Ragini turned and looking at the portrait.. she smiles..
Ragini : yes, dad (nodding)
shekar smiles and patted her head…he then starts his auction and at last he won… after that, when she turns, Ragini saw laksh dissappeared..

Scene 4,
shekar and ragini came out of the building and stands.. Shekar gives her the portrait (it’s also no having a head and girls portrait with a princess dress) ragini looked on at him..
Ragini : dad?
Shekar :(getting know her question and smile)its for your birthday, Ragini..
ragini :(still confused) but dad, my birthday is on next month, na?
Shekar :(looks guilt) sorry, beta.. I’ve a important meeting next month in London. so I’m not able to turn on your birthday.. so…
ragini looks sad.. Shekar hugs her..
Ragini (sadly): dad, I’m already missing, dad.. I’ve so many plans with you on birthday but it’s gonna be a dream..
Shekar gets know her sad feeling in her voice… he looks sorry for her..
Shekar : sorry, beta..
he have only the words for her… Ragini change her expressions to the cheerpy and smiles. .
Ragini :(laughing) it’s okay, dad.. but next birthday, you’ll have to be there…
Shekar nods and smile… Ragini looked happy and turned to the car… she puts the prtray in and sat in.. Shekar saw at hid friend and have a conversation.. Ragini while waiting saw laksh standing there… she smiles and got out..

Scene 5,
ragini came to him… laksh looked confused at her..
Ragini :(happily) hi, I’m ragini..
Laksh :(confused) I’m Laksh..
they shake hands and smiles at each other..
ragini : I’m a big fan of your, sir.. I just can’t believe its real.. see.
Ragini pinched her hand and winced… laksh smile and get impressed by her cheerpy..
ragini :(laughing) Oh My God, it’s real.
Laksh :(smile) okay, I’m really here…
he said… they talked awhile..
Ragini : sir, can I have a pic with you?
Laksh : oh yes.
they took a selfie. Shekar came there..
ragini : he’s my father..
she introduced… they shake hands and smile… then, Ragini waved her hand at Laksh and walks away.
Laksh looks on.. sujata came to him..
Sujata : who’s she?
Laksh : don’t know..
Sujata :(smiling) okay, but if she come as a bahu to me.. I’ll be happy..
Laksh looks ay her and shies.. sujata looking at him and smile confusingly by his behavior… the screen freezes on her face..

To Be Continued….

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