Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part4,5

Part 4

Suddenly phone rang.Raman took the phone.A voice:I’m surya.kangana’s body is with me
Raman is shocked.
sur:if u don’t want 2 get exposed u’ve 2 giv me money
RAMAN:but why did u?
Sur:I thoughtt I’l do a favor.but only if I get money
RAMAN:what rubbish!
Raman kept the ph down.Ishita:whose call was it?
Raman tells everything.Ishita is shocked.

ISHITA:what’s happening?how did he know about this?
RAMAN:I can’t understand anything

Next morning.
Ishita goes near RAMAN:the milkman told policemen has reached or place.bcoz 1 lady’s dead body was found in the pond.maybe kangana
RAMAN:I can’t tolerate dis anymore.its better 2 surrender instead of eating up itself v’l go 2 the police station and confess the truth.
Ishita weeps.

They go 2 the police station& see the inspector Abhishek.
RAMAN:I’m Raman Bhalla.
ABHISHEK:ok.what’s ur complaint?
RAMAN:I wanted to tell you something.
Suddenly policemen cum:sir,the relatives of the lady who committed suicide have cum
ABHISHEK:sorry Mr.Raman Bhalla.2day morning a lady’s body was found in the pond.her relatives have cum.let me speak 2 them.i’l cum immediately
Abhishek goes out.
Raman Ishita r relieved.
ISHITA:that’s not kangana.Raman,don’t tell him the truth
RAMAN:what’s dis Ishita?We thought of telling the truth
ISHITA:Yes.But now u shud’nt.Because i need you.
RAMAN:but 1 day I’l b caught
ISHITA:but till the moment I can have you near me.plz
Inspector Abhishek comes back:what’s the problem?murder?
Raman Ishita r stunned.
Ishita:Actually Inspector…

Suddenly Raman interrupted.Ishita got tensed.
RAMAN:when I was coming back home,1 vehcle came 2 hit my car.i doubt it’s a murder attempt
ABHISHEK:u suspect any1?
ABHISHEK:ok,I’ll enquire
Raman Ishita r relieved.
They reach home.The phone rings.Ishita attends it.That was Subbu:hi kangana
Ishita to RAMAN:its Subbu.he thinks I’m kangana
SUBBU:how r u?
ISHITA:I’m fine
SUBBU:I know u r secure with ur sister.i completely trust Ishita bhabhi.but still…ok,how is ur jeeju?is he serious?
Ishita is upset:no giv me a kiss darling
Ishita is shocked:not now
SUBBU:no,I cant wait anymore
Ishita looks at Raman.
.RAMAN:what’s up Ishita?
Ishita shivers.

Part 5

Ishita puts the phone on speaker.
Subbu:Give me a kiss sweety.
Raman becomes as Ishita.
Ishita:Ishu & jeeju r here.that’s why
Subbu:so what?can’t they understand that?
ISHITA:plz Subbu
SUBBU:ok,but when I cum there u’ll have 2 compensate the loss

Ishita is upset.She cuts the ph & cries.
ISHITA:Subbu luvs kangana madly.he thinks that I’m looking after her well.but the truth is…
She embraces Raman crying.Raman is in tears.
RAMAN:everything is bcoz of me.i’m sorry

Ishita sits down crying.
He cries keeping his head on her lap.Ishita keeps her head on him.

Raman reads the paper& is shocked.
Ishita is tensed:what’s the matter Raman?tell fast
RAMAN:in the mortuary there is a body of a lady.age is around 23-24.dress is a black maxi
Ishita is shocked:kangana?
She weeps.

They both go there.Ishita sees the body.its not kangana’s.
They both sit in the car.

Ishita weeps:what a fate!my dear sister’s body is’nt found yet.
Raman does’nt know how to console her.
RAMAN:we’ll stay in a hotel.bcz if v go back,we’l reach home late.

They both go 2 a hotel.There was a fashionable couple Satya & Mahi.Raman Ishita go inside the bedroom.M sees it& is shocked:Satya
SATYA:what’s up dear?
M:I saw kangana now
R is surprised:where?
M:she got inside that room
SATYA:wow!but y is she here?she’s supposed 2 be with her sis
M:the shock is that she was with another man
R is shocked:what?Then it must be sum1 else
M:no,I saw her properly
SATYA:what nonsense!u know kangana very well.
M:ya,but it was her.I am 100% sure.

Mahi dials Subbu’s number.
SATYA:whom r u calling?
SATYA:r u mad?
M gets Subbu and tells the matter

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  1. Shakaib

    Awesome update di, so, I think its taxi driver who stole kangana’s body..?? But by the way, who are playing role of satya and Mahi. It seems you’ve chosen them from jamai raja. Waiting for your reply.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Yes,Satya Mahi are from Jamai Raja

  2. Kumud

    Nice can’t wait for the next one

  3. Waiting for nxt………….

  4. Waiting for nxt………….

  5. Good epi

  6. Rashita

    Nice epi….loved ishra emotional scene…… waiting for the next one

  7. Veronica

    Awesome yaar……. I was busy so couldn’t.Cant wait more update soon

  8. Zaira

    I read this dear… Was a little busy so couldn’t comment …I m enjoying this thriller but can’t understand anything what is the theme of this story? On what basis is this murder ???n I think subbu n kangana r the main leads as what all is happening is just around them n ishra r like side roles for me .. Though it is a negative point .. I want u to answer this… A reader’s request?? but yes I m enjoying it ..

    1. Jasminerahul

      Don’t worry.ishra are the main leads.It’s about how one mistake changed ishra’s life.since you can’t understand anything you can ask me your doubts.I will answer

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