Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part3

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 3
I don’t have words to thank my readers for a nice response.Most of u gave detailed comments.I thank each one of u for that.

As u all know this is a suspense thriller.So I want every chapter to end with suspense.So some chapters will be extremely short.Please forgive me for that.I am helpless.Hope you all support me.

I dedicate this chapter to chiquitita,Salley145 and Veronica as they are the only readers who guessed correctly about the one who died.

Part 3

Raman shivers.
Ishita:what happened Raman?
Raman turns back and looks at the dead bodyand gets nervous.
Ishita looks there.she was shocked and goes near her:Oh kangana,my sister
Raman was shocked.
ISHITA:what happened Raman?
Raman cries like crazy and tells the truth.
Ishita is shocked and she slaps him.

She pulls his collar:if u c a shadow here,u suspect me?

Raman cries:I am sorry Ishita.I made a big mistake…actually it’s a sin.I know.But when I saw him with her I went crazy and blind.
Ishita weeps:did’nt I tell u that I’l give a surprise?my sister kangana was the surprise.but u thought…u killed her baby along with her.she was pregnant
Raman is shocked.
ISHITA:I’ve told u that her husband Subbu is an orphan brought up by his father’s friend and wife.they r not interested in kangana.bcoz they wanted their daughter 2 marry they played dangerous games& thus kangana had a miscarriage.Subbu and she settled in dubAI.she became pregnant again.Subbu trusts only us,so he left her here & went back.but u broke his trust
RAMAN:I never expected kangana here& I’vent seen Subbu
Raman falls on Ishita’s feet&cries:I’m sorry,plz 4giv me
ISHITA:u shud seek Subbu’s pardon.cum,now itself we’ll go 2 the airport 2 c him

After keeping kangana on the bed,Raman and Ishita get a taxi.that driver was the person who dropped Subbu there.
he thinks:this lady was with the other sir with this she’s that sort of a lady
He has a naughty smile.Ishita feels weird.They reach the airport.but Subbu’s flight had already left.dey feel disappointed& go back home.
Ishita goes 2 the room& screams loudly.Raman goes there:what happened Ishita?
ISHITA:kangana’s body is missing
Raman is shocked


I know it’s a very short part.But I stopped here as I wanted the chapter to end with suspense.Please try to understand.

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  1. Tvfan1

    Amazing.. So kangana is ishitas twins..oh..what will happen to subbu?!
    I found that driver’s part hilarious. Because I hv twin friends and I always get mixed up..keep going..I can never guess..where is the body?

    And also you always write detailed comments on our ffs. So we dedicated tree all the detailed comments to you!

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanku 4 the detailed comment.i prefer detailed comment.i feel sincere readers can give only detailed comments.bcz i’ve seen many readers just giving 2 words comments without even reading d ff sweet of u to share ur experience with twins.

  2. A lot of confusing episode ….raman should not doubted ishita and blindly without thinking he did something plz update it fast …….

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot

  3. Zaira

    I thought not to comment as u know I m awe struck now with this update though very small update but full of many many suspense , thriller. Many truths loved this very much….. I say this to every author that not to put too much of suspense but no one pay heeds to my request ab kya karen aadat ban gayi hai suspense ki n now it feels empty without it ……update it soon ..
    I have written an os plz read it n like it its in page 3 or 4 wajah tum ho

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot 4 commenting.plz never think of not commenting.bcz without comments writers can’t survive.plz keep commenting.its a request

  4. Veronica

    Yipee! My guess was correct. And a beautiful episode…..too much surprise and too much eagerness.So the driver has a bad impression now what will happen?? So eager to read rest.

  5. ishita’s twins sister that was…and she was married to subbu…raman lost his sense and killed her..suspense is good but u try to upload next one soon…if not suspense going to become big headache for me yaar…really i don’t like short updates…but what to do…next one soon yaar…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku very much

  6. Hey ur ff is very much thrilled to read nd curiously waiting for nxt when will u upload ur ff ??

    1. Jasminerahul

      Most probably I will update it next week

  7. Shakaib

    Awesome, waiting for next part.

    1. Jasminerahul

      i’ve updated other ffs too.plz have a look

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