Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part22

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 22
Thanku all of u commented.Each comment is precious 4 me.

Part 22 Subbu goes 2 another direction.Kangana goes 2 another direction.Sudha goes near Ishita with Palak thinking that its kangana:ur baby is crying 2 c u.u catch her Ishita
Ishita is excited&her eyes r full of tears.Sudha goes.Ishita kisses her baby:palak,I’m seeing you after so many months
Ishita catches an auto and goes 2 Rashi’s house and explains what happened in the temple.
R:I can’t believe it.but who’s that lady who handed over Palak to you?

ISHITA:I dunno.but she’s sent by Raman.I am sure.Otherwise why would she give Palak to me?Raman will come back soon.but I won’t go back .Subbu might torture our baby 2 avenge us

SUBBU:I’m not that cruel
They turn back and is shocked 2 c Subbu.
SUBBU:I followed u.But i won’t torture this innocent baby.but I won’t allow u 2 live here peacefully.U and palak have 2 b with me 2 bring Raman back

Subbu takes them with him forcefully .

Kangana goes near Sudha:where is palak?
Sudha:what?i gave her 2 u
KANGANA:what nonsense.u did’nt give me Palak.

Sudha:u might’ve 4gotten,think properly

KANGANA:no,where’s my baby
Kangana cries.Sudha becomes upset.

Razik phones Raman:palak is missing
Raman is shocked& he comes 2 house:how did this happen?
Sud:I gave palak 2 Ishita in the temple
RAMAN:shut up.u r sick&so u r living in a world of u don’t remember where u left our baby,u made me crazy

Kangana cries.Raman goes searching 4 Palak,but fails.

Ishita is upset seeing Palak crying.
Manorama;come wash the clothes
ISHITA:plz aunty,let me go 2 hospital.palak is’nt well
MANORAMA:don’t lie 2 escape from doing work
Subbu comes.
MANORAMA:this one is’nt willing 2 do work.she wants 2 enjoy here after killing ur wife
ISHITA:I’ll do any work.but b4 that let me plz go 2 hospital,palak is ill
Subbu touches Palak:I don’t trust u.u’l escape,so I’ll take her 2 hospital
ISHITA:what if u cheat me?
SUBBU:cheating is’nt my job like you and ur husband.

Subbu takes the baby in his arms.
MANORAMA:come&wash clothes
SUBBU:if there is washing machine here,y r u making Ishita wash?
Manorama is shocked:u r supporting her?Ishita brainwashed u

Manorama goes.
Subbu stares at Ishita.
SUBBU:I don’t pity u .but still I can’t c u suffer.bcz ur face reminds me of my kangana
He goes.Ishita is upset.
On the way back from the hospital,Subbu and Raman c each other as their cars were close.Raman is shocked 2 c Palak with him

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  1. Rashita

    Sooooo much of confusion
    Oh god I pray that raman and subbu meet plz…..

  2. Superb dear

  3. Zaira

    Oh!!!So they didn’t meet in Temple also….Plz I can’t bear more …End this confusion fast as possible…Plz…
    Happy that Raman saw subbu’s .Car..

  4. Veronica

    Plzz end this confusion fast and update next epi soon. And epi was nice. But can you give some detailed explanationa of each scene so that we can comment detailed. Its an interesting plot thats why i am asking you to give detailed scenes…. *No hard feelings *

    1. Jasminerahul

      thx a lot.usually i focus only on dialogues….but i will try to write in detail

  5. Raman and Subbu argue and forgetting about baby ill. Subbu tell Raman that Ishu is with him and I will not let you get away for Kangana murder. Raman get confused and say what? Subbu tell Raman don’t fool me. Raman say wait… Ishita is with you but who is with me. Subbu and Raman confront while doctor do the treatment on Palak. Raman carry Palak and ask him to come to his house. Subbu follow Raman to the house and they see Kangana ran to Palak and hug her. Raman stop Kangana and ask who are you and where did you come from. Kangana get tensed and tell where she was. Subbu get shock and say Kangana. Kangana get confused who he is and ask Raman. Raman say you are Kangana and Subbu is your husband. You have twin sister Ishita who is my wife and Palak mother. Subbu bring Raman, Kangana and Palak to Subbu house to surprised his family and Ishu. Ishu get angry on Raman for taking Palak away without informed her then get shock to see Kangana alive. Ishita tell Kangana didi. Kangana get flashback of her childhood and say Ishu didi. Raman and Subbu surprise. Raman apologised to Ishu and tell her that he did not know that you are with Subbu and I thought that she is you. Ishu cried.

    1. Jasminerahul

      loved ur imagination.thx a lot

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