Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part21

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Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 21

I dedicate this chapter to Shakaib who gave jodi name to Raman Kangana-Rangana.I also dedicate this chapter to Veronica who gave jodi name to Subbu Kangana-Subangana

Part 21

Ishita tells the whole thing to Subbu.
Subbu slaps her and cries loudly:Kanganaaa!
Ishita feels upset.
He looks at Ishita:where did u bury her?
ISHITA:I dunno anything.her body was missing

SUBBU:don’t try 2 fool me
Manorama:u’ve 2 avenge ur wife’s killers
SUBBU:yes,2day onwards u’ll stay here without seeing the world.1 day ur husband will come back 2 c u.i’ll wait for that day.That day I will kill him

Ishita is shocked.

Raman reaches a house.1 old couple come:Raman beta!
RAMAN:Razik kaka and suda bhabhi,this is my wife & kid.v left our place.i came here with a request.plz allow us 2 stay here 4 some days till v get a new house
Razik:2 stay here 4 some days?u all can stay here 4 the whole life.v both ate ur dad’s food.v’ll b always gr8ful 4 that

Raman smiles.

Raman finds kangana tired.He calls a doctor.Dr tests and says:did ur wife have any shock?
Raman thinks about the whole incidents.
Raman:yes she had only shocks and sufferings
RAMAN:y Doctor?
Dr:due 2 that she is abnormal now.
Raman is shocked:What?
Dr:She has lost her memory.She does’nt remember anything.
Raman was shocked:How is it possible?She was in another house.She came back to me.
Dr:May be after that she lost her memory due to stress.Now she is not responding at all.A numb body which has life.
Raman weeps:plz save her doctor
Dr:I can give only all will depend on ur luck

Months passed.Dr tells razik-sudda:Ishita is recovering now.she has started becoming normal though she does’nt remember much.

Razik Sudha r very happy.

Kangana:whats my name?Who all are you?
Razik:u r Ishita.Raman’s wife.this is ur baby palak
Kangana smiles&pampers the baby
Kangana:I don’t remember anything
Razik:its ok,u’ll b able to remember everything later.u r a lucky girl who got a husband like Raman.

Kangana:I want 2 c him

Razik phones RAMAN:beta,Ishita has improved a lot.she wants 2 c u
Raman is overexcited:really?
Raman runs 2 c her.he could’nt control his happiness seeing her.Kangana is excited 2 c him.
Raman cups her face in his hands:Ishita!
Kangana:I’m sorry,I can’t remember u.but sudha bhabhi and razik kaka told me everything.That time onwards I was waiting 2 c ur face

Raman smiles emotionally.

Sudha-Kangana go 2 a temple.there Ishita and Subbu come


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  1. Please unite ishra soon

  2. oh god poor ishita is away from her baby and raman hope ishita will see raman and kangana

  3. Raman did not know that the woman who he escape is not his wife but his bhabhi. Subbu and Ishu did not know that Kangana is alive. Raman and Kangana will meet Ishu and Subbu andf they will be shocked to see them together. Ishu breakdown see Raman and Kangana with Palak. Subbu will be shock to see Kangana alive and accused Ishu. Raman get shocked see Ishu with Subbu and get confused then ask Ishu who are you. Ishu tell Raman whe she is and who is this woman with you and how dare you kidnapped my daughter. Raman get shock and say Kangana. They get shocked that Kangana is alive and then Raman tell them that Kangana had lost her memory and she escape and came to my house and I thought that she is Ishu. Subbu get happy to see Kangana but Kangana get confused see Subbu. Raman tell Kangana that you are Kangana and this woman is Ishu and she is my wife and mother of my daughter Palak and this Subbu is your husband. Kangana cried and does not remember. Raman explain to Subbu then Subbu get sad that Kangana lost his child. Ishu consoled Subbu while he breakdown.

    Nice story but lot of twist. Waiting for next ff.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thx a lot 4 ur prediction.I had rly missed it

  4. Zaira

    Nice update jasmine….Feeling very pity for ishita …Poor she hadn’t done anything n is getting punished.. loved Raman’s care towards kangana ..Hope they meet soon…
    Super twists !!!

  5. Zaira

    Nice update jasmine….Feeling very pity for ishita …Poor she hadn’t done anything n is getting punished.. loved Raman’s care towards kangana ..Hope they meet soon…
    Super twists !!! …I want that kangana’s memory comes soon

  6. Rashita

    Nice one…….poor ishita she’s suffering for what she hasn’t done……hope ishra meet soon….twist pe twist….super yaar….yes I agree with zaira even I want kangana’s memory to come back soon…update soon….

  7. Shakaib

    Mind blowing…yes..I think they’ll be able to see each other!!.. And thanks for dedication..

  8. Riana

    Superb!!…Subbu shocks ishita by saying he will kill Raman…Months passed n now Kangu is with ram n pal…loool…Lets see whats nxt

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