Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part13,14

Part 13
That was Pia.Pia smiles at Raman Ishita. Seeing her Raman Ishita become dull.
When they r out…Ishita was angry:y did u come back 2 our life?
P:I’ll go only after I get what I need.don’t 4get that without me,ur life is in danger.
Ishita:How dare you introduce yourself as my sister Kangana to Inspector Abhishek?
Pia smirks:Guess you forgot that that day you yourself had told the inspector Abhishek that I am your sister.

Ishita remembers liying to Abhishek that Pia is her sister when he visited her.
Pia :but how come u think kangana is back?don’t u know that she’s dead?dead people won’t come back.maybe she’ll back as a ghost 2 take revenge on her killer who killed her with no mercy

Ishita and Raman r upset.

After some days unexpectedly Satya Mahi come there.
Ishita:Satya Mahi…
Mahi:We have decided to stay here for a few days to give company to Kangana.
Raman Ishita are shocked.
Satya:You guys have any problem with that?
Raman gives them a pale smile:Hey no problem.
They smile.

That night Pia gets a phone call.she becomes upset & goes out with her bag.Mahi sees her back through the window.
Mahi to Satya:Ishita bhabhi went out now with her bag.something is wrong
Satya is shocked:she went out in this night?
Mahi:Yes.Something is fishy Satya.We need to find it out.
Satya:I think you are right Mahi.

It starts raining.Raman held Ishita’s hand and slowly swayed .

Yeh Saajish Hain Boondon Ki Koi Khwaahish Hain Chup Chup Si… (2)
Dekho Na Dekho Na… (2)
Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole
Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan
Dekho Na Dekho Na… (2)

Ishita shivers due to tension:What if others see us together?

Raman:All are sleeping.How can they see us?And can we resist dancing in rain?
She smiles.
They danced slowly.

He opens her hair while dancing.

( Phir Na Hawayen Hogi Itani Besharam
Phir Na Dag Mag Dag Mag Honge Yeh Kadam… ) (2)

Haa Saawan Yeh Seedha Nahi Khufia Bada
Kuchh Toh Baraste Hue Keh Raha

Samjho Na… Samjho Na… (2)
Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole

Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan
Dekho Na Dekho Na… (2)

( Jugnu Jaise Chahat Dekho Jale Mujhe
Meethi Si Mushkil Hain Koi Kya Kare )… (2)

Hothon Ki Arzi Aaise Thukraaon Na
Saanson Ki Marzi Ko Jhuthlaaon Na
Chhuu Lo Na Chhu Lo Na… (2)

Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole
Na Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan

Dekho Na Dekho Na… (3)
Dekho Na Hmm Hmm Hmm
Hmm Hmm Hmm Dekho Na – Fanaa

Mahi who opened the window to see rain is shocked to see Raman Ishita dancing together.
Mahi goes near Satya who is sleeping:Satya get up.
Sat:Why did you wake me up Mahi?
Mahi:Kangana is dancing with Raman in rain.
Sat:What nonsense?
M:If you can’t believe it you come and see.
Satya looks out through the window.He sees no one there.
Sat:You are out of senses.
Mahi:No…I had seen them.

Raman Ishita had gone back to their room.They change their clothes wiping their wet skin and hair.

Ishita was about 2 faint.Raman catches her:what happened?

ISHITA:don’t worry,its normal during pregnancy
RAMAN:come,have medicine.

Mahi:Satya..come with me to Kangana’s room.
Mahi:We need to talk to Kangana.
Satya:Are you mad?Leave it.
Mahi:No.I can’t leave this matter simply.Come with me.
She grabs his hand.

Raman gives tablet to Ishita.Ishita lies down on the bed..Raman sits near her and caresses her head.

Hearing the door knock they open the door and is shocked 2 c Satya Mahi. They are shocked.
Satya:I never expected this could u 4get ur husband who lives 4 u?
Mahi:u’ll pay 4 this

RAMAN:u r misunderstanding her
Satya:shut up.u r a brute who cheated on ur wife 2 take over her sis
ISHITA:plz don’t blame’s just a misunderstanding
Mahi:Are you not ashamed 2 talk like this?u pushed ur sister out in this night 4 her husband.i saw her going out with her bag
Raman Ishita r shocked.
Satya:v’ll not tolerate it anymore.v r going .
Satya Mahi leave angrily.
Raman Ishita are tensed.
Ishita:Raman…anything can happen now when they tell this to Subbu.
Raman is sweating.

Satya Mahi go 2 dubai.
Mahi to Subbu:kangana is cheating u
Subbu laughs:I won’t b fooled
Satya:no,it’s true.v r not trying 2 fool u
Subbu slaps Satya.


Part 14

Subbu becomes upset:I’m sorry.suddenly when u told like this about kangana I lost my control
Satya:its ok.i understand.but what v told is right.
Mahi:We said that only for your good Subbu.After all we are true friends.Why should we lie?

Satya:I know it’s unbelievable for you.Trust us.It was even hard for us to believe it.u’v 2 do something.otherwise u’ll loose ur wife
Subbu is shocked.Tears roll down his cheeks.

Pia goes home.she sees her paralysed husband Pushkar & cries:I was informed that ur condition was bad
PUSHKAR:no,I’m ok now.Don’t worry.

Pia thinks:I’ve 2 get money from Raman 4 Pushkar’s operation
Pia goes back 2 Ishita’s house.
ISHITA:where did u go?
P:that’s none of ur business and 1 thing.i need money immediately
Ishita is silent.Pia goes inside.

Ishita opens the door & is shocked 2 c Subbu.he hugs Ishita.Ishita moves away.
SUBBU:y r u always hating me touch you?
Manorama comes:bcz she luvs only her jeeju now.

Subbu Ishita look at Manorama painfully.

Subbu is upset.He looks at Ishita:I don’t care what others say.i’l believe only ur u luv jeeju?
Ishita is quiet.Her tears fall down.
Manorama:her silence proves that I am right.
Subbu is shocked.
MANORAMA:her sister encourages her to do all this.she does’nt care about her husband romancing with her sister.
The irritated Subbu goes upstairs.
Pia closes her door.
SUBBU:Ishita bhabhi,open the door.i need 2 talk 2 u
Pia is upset:if he sees me as Ishita,everything will come out
SUBBU:y r u hiding urself?now I understand everything.u may not have any problem with losing ur husband.but I need my wife I’m shifting 2 another house with kangana
Pia is shocked.

Subbu goes near Ishita:I have decided to shift to another house.We are leaving now itself..this moment.
Ishita is shocked:No,I can’t.
Subbu becomes upset:You have to come with me Kangana.

Ishi:I told you.I can’t come.
Manorama:How will she come leaving her lover Raman here?
Subbu becomes upset and grabs her hand.
Ishi:Subbu..leave my hand.
Subbu and Manorama forcefully make Ishita get inside the car.
ISHITA:I will come only if Raman comes
MANORAMA:See her pride
Subbu is upset:now also u r thinking about Raman?
Subbu gets inside the car and drives.

Raman comes home.Pia tells him everything.Raman is shocked:I’ll tel the truth & bring back Ishita
Suddenly phone rings & Raman attends.It was ISHITA.
Raman:Ishita..don’t worry
Ishita:I know that u’ll tell the truth to Subbu take me back.but plz don’t do that

RAMAN:what r u telling?after happening this much..

ISHITA:otherwise u’ll b caught.i can’t tolerate it.plz don’t come here
Raman Ishita cry.Pia feels upset&she leaves.

Manorama tells SUBBU:kangana is chatting with Raman on the phone
Subbu goes 2 her room and is shocked 2 c her lying on the floor

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  1. Rashita

    NICE ONE…..please solve the kangana mystery soon… long will ishita suffer..????
    ishra scenes are so emotional and painful nowadays…….update soon…..

  2. Veronica

    Wow….. Awesome dude…. Raman and Ishita rain dance was soo romantic. I was imagining yhm rain dance scene ?.And so sad that Ishu cant say that she isn’t kangana…. And she has to act as Kangana when she really dont want to act like her.Subbu takes her with him….but she doesn’t want to leave Raman. Waiting for next.

  3. Superb dear update soon

  4. Nice story but very sad story.

    Pia is married to Pushkar who is working in Raman’s company. Pia is taking revenge on Ishra for money. Pia should tell Ishu and Raman about her husband condition so that they can help. Subbu will be blame for Ishu condition and shout on other for lied. Subbu will get to know that she is Ishu not his wife Kangana and ask Raman for his wife. Raman tell Subbu that Kangana went missing and did not know where she went. Subbu support Raman and Ishu and warn Manorama to stop interfered his family. Subbu will be shock that Pia has same look alike of Ishu and Kangana. If Pushkar has lost his life so then Pia will decided to marry Subbu and ask her to change her identify as Kangana. Pia agreed and tell that Kangana is pregnant but what to do. Subbu will make plan to get her pregnant and tell whole family about Kangana sickness.

    Raman and Ishu give birth to a baby.

    1. Jasminerahul

      nice imagination.but pushkar is not working in Raman ‘s company.pia is not kangana’s and ishita’s look alike.since she is staying in raman’s house satya mahi and manohar manorama mistook her for ishita as they have not seen ishita before. they don’t know that kangana’s sister ishita is her identical twin.they think ishita doesn’t look like kangana

  5. Shakaib

    Wow…what a lovely update..!! Ishra rain dance was romantic. Like subbu’s love story in this ff a lot. Update soon..!! I think might Ishita fainted due to pregnancy or due to stress. BTW….overall epi was amazing.

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