Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part1, 2

This is my 1st full fledged Ishra FF.plz support me.

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part1,2
Part 1 Raman is returning home after a business tour.His friend Mihir is in his car.
RAMAN:2day is a special day in my life.Our wedding anniversary
MIHIR:so did u meet Ishita bhabhi?
RAMAN:3 yrs back

Ishita:Raman is drving the car.Ishita came from the wrong direction.Luckly Raman managed 2 take brake.Raman becomes angry & cums out of the car:cant u c anything?
Ishita is embarrassed.
Ishi:Why are you getting angry?
Raman:How can I not get angry?Because of your carelessness an accident could have taken place.

People come. Ishita lies:this fellow began 2 hit me.luckily I escaped.
RAMAN:wht?she’s lying
Ishita whispers:every1 wil stand with a girl.its better 2 giv compensation.otherwise u’l b insulted b4 others
Raman is stunned.He gives her Rs 500 2.Ishita has a naughty smile on her face.Raman is irritated.

Mihir laughs:very nice starting.but how did the luv prosper?

Raman tells.

Flash back..
Once Raman gets a money order.That time itself he gets a call.
“do u remember the naughty girl u met on the road?”
RAMAN:ya.u r …?
“yes.i’m that girl.i’m the person who sent u the money order.i felt sorry 4 u.You were innocent.Still you had to give me money as compensation.I don’t deserve it.So I decided to return you the I struggled hard 2 find ur address& I returned ur money& I’m sorry”

Raman smiles:it’s alright

she:thx.u r Raman.right?
RAMAN:yes.u r?
ISHITA:I’m Ishita

Raman 2 MIHIR:we met each other again.den we fell in luv.we married.she broke her tie with her family 4 parents who r at US dunno that I’m married.dey hav found a girl called Shagun 4 me.sumtimes I keep her photo with me 2 make Ishita jealous.she bcums so angry tht she fights with me.she’s possessive.but I luv it.i did’nt tell her the 2day I’m reaching there.she wont expect me there.but I’l go there with surprise gifts.she’l surprised.she said she’l also giv a surprise.but it won’t beat my surprise
Mihir smiles:all the wishes from my side.
Raman drops him 2 his house. He drives the car.1 lorry was about 2 hit his car.but he escaped.He reaches his house.he goes near the door gladly.He hears a laughter.he luks inside.he was shocked.Bcoz there Ishita was hugging another man & laughing.

Raman’s gifts fall down.Its raining.Ishita goes out of the gate with that man.he gets inside the car:bye sweety
Raman watches everything with a shock.

part 2

Raman’s eyes r full of tears.he enters their bedroom.Ishita is inside the bathroom.she’s humming & singing.he luks at the bed.bed sheet was messy.Raman feels irritated:u cud’nt bear Shagun’s photo kept in our bedroom.u said this bedroom is only 4 us.then how cud u b on this bed with some other man?u tore my heart completely.u wounded my heart.i’l never 4giv u
Ishita cums out of the bathroom.her lips were shivering 2 utter his name.she had a slight smile on her face.
Raman’s eyes r red:how cud u do this 2 me?
Ishita wanted 2 tell sumthing.but before that Raman tuk the bedsheet & threw it on her face.He held it tightly.She was trying 2 escape.but she can’t breath inside the cloth & she falls down dead.Raman was shocked.he cries & sits near her:Ishita!oh my god,what did I do?i killed my cud I do this?
Raman weeps like crazy& goes near the door weeping.somebody calls him:Raman?
Raman turns back.he’s shocked.

She:wen did u cum?what a pleasant surprise!
She hugs him.Raman can’t believe his eyes.bcoz that lady was Ishita.Raman is scared.He moves away from her

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  1. Lisa

    I loved it…. Plz continue…

  2. Zaira

    Wowowow dear it was awesome !!!loved it to the core ..??? its like a supernatural story to me or its something different? Flashback was so cute ishita’s naughtiness was soo cute ….n I didn’t like that Raman has hidden his relationship with ishu to his family ….overall awesome continue soon…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku for such a long comment.u will know what kind of a thriller it is in the next part

  3. Kumud

    Awesome pls continue

  4. It’s a different story….flash back was so cute…story line really intersting…eagerly waiting for next one….

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks you so much for the detailed comment

  5. Shakaib

    Hi jasmine di, how are you..?? Epsidoes was awesoee and different. Ishra flashback was so cute. I guess, the man Ishita hug was her brother. Waiting for next part. SO, mihir is Raman’s friend. Please di, update next part soon.and please to update jeene laga hu phele she zyada, missing it a lot.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku very much friend

  6. arrey wow i feels some thing fishy. it was a raman’s dream………….very nice its a completely different one continue

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot friend

  7. Veronica

    Wow thats just mindblowing….too much confusion but…does she have a twin kr something?? I am so excited for next part

  8. Wow its awesome ……plz plz plz continue I loved the flashback….. Its really cute………. Plz continue I don’t like suspences I loved it till the core………

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot

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