Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 27(Last chapter)

Thanks for all of u who stood with me till the end of this journey.This is the end of this FF.I request u all to give a detailed comment on the last part.Please write ur fav scene,fav character n y u liked them.
Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 27
Dedicated to Riana who wants Ishra emotional scene.

Part 27

Raman:I know that u r tarun
Tarun is shocked:ok,I don’t care.palak is with me

Raman is shocked:tarun,plz don’t harm palak
All r shocked.
Ishita:palak is with tarun?
Tarun tells something.
RAMAN:he’ll leave palak only if kangana goes there
All r shocked.
Kan:I’m willing 2 go
ISHITA:no,again nothing should happen 2 my sister.v’ll save our kid.Subbu&kangana go.don’t worry
They go with hesitation.
RAMAN:what’s this?
ISHITA:I’ll go as kangana
Raman is shocked.
RAMAN:What are you saying Ishita?its risky
ISHITA:yes.but I don’t want my sister 2 lose her life again bcz of him

Raman Ishita go there.Tarun gives Palak to Raman &pulls Ishita 2wards him:kangana is mine.leave
ISHITA:Raman,u escape with palak now.otherwise he’ll kill her
RAMAN:I’ll go now.but I’ll save u
Raman goes.Tarun smiles:v’ll start a new life kangana


Pia goes near Ishita who was tied to a chair.
Pia whispers:Don’t say anything.I will help you to escape.
Ishita can’t believe
Pia:I am siding Tarun only for money as I need it for my husband’s treatment.But I am not heartless to torture you.

Ishita smiles emotionally:Thank you so much Pia.
Pia unties her.Ishita goes out of the room with Pia.They are shocked to see Tarun standing before them.
Tarun:You tried to betray me?
Tarun points the gun at Ishita and Pia.They get scared.

Ishita:Tarun..please don’t shoot.Don’t be heartless and merciless.You should be the same Tarun who was very nice years back.
Tarun:I am merciless…your dad only made me merciless.He tried to kill me by sending goons.
Ishita:No Tarun.You are misunderstanding our dad.It was his business rival who tried to kill you.The truth got proved and the real culprit got arrested too.
Tarun questions in a sarcastic tone:Oh really?Then why did’nt you inform us?
Ishita:I told you..we did’nt know about whereabouts.That’s why dad fixed Kangana’s marriage with Subbu.One week before her wedding only we came to know about the murder attempt on you.Dad was accused.But then the truth got revealed that it’s his business rival’s goons who caused your accident.After the accident we did’nt know that you were saved.Even the poilice declared your death.We thought you were not alive.
Tarun:Stop cooking up stories.
Ishita:You believe or not this is the truth.
Tarun raises his voice:I won’t believe it.Did you understand?
He points the gun at them.They shiver.
TARUN shoots Pia.Pia tries to move away and her hand gets shot.She falls down bleeding.Tarun smirks.
Tarun:Even though you are not dead it’s a pleasure to see you suffer for betraying me Pia.

While Pia cries Ishita fumes with anger.Tarun puts the gun down.Unexpectedly Ishita takes that gun and shoots Tarun.Tarun is shocked and falls down dead.
Raman comes there with piyush. They are shocked to see Tarun dead and Pia being shot.
Ishita cries:I killed tarun.
They r shocked.
Raman:Ishita..what are you saying?
Ishita:Yes Raman..I only killed Tarun.

Raman is stunned.

Raman:Why did you do this Ishita?
Ishita:Pia tried to save me.Because of that Tarun tried to kill her.
Raman is shocked:Pia tried to save you?
Ishita:Yes.Seeing Tarun laughing after hurting Pia brutally I lost my control.Raman..we need to take Pia to hospital now.
Piyush:Yes.We have to take Pia to hospital immediately.
They take Pia to hospital.Through surgery they doctor takes out bullet from her hand.
All are relieved.
Ishita:Pia…how do you feel now?
Pia:Feeling better.
Raman:Pia..I always considered you as our enemy.So I did’nt even bother to tell you one thing.
Pia:What are you trying to say?
Raman:Ishita and I married without informing my parents who stay abroad.They think that I am single.So they found a girl for me.That girl is none other than your sister Shagun.
Pia is shocked.
Raman:I know after marrying the person of your choice your parents disowned you.But Shagun is trying her best to trace you.
Pia becomes so emotional that she can’t speak up anything.
Suddenly Shagun comes from behind.Shagun Pia burst into tears seeing each other.Suddenly they hug each other emotionally.

Shagun:Come back di.
Pia:No Shagun.I can’t.Our parents hate me.They will never accept me.

Shagun:No di.They repent deserting you.Now they are longing to get you back.They have accepted your husband too.I have promised them that I will take you and your husband to them.

We will do all medical expenses for your husband’s treatment.We will consult the best doctors to do his treatment. Please come back.
Pia nodded tearfully.Shagun becomes happy.
Shagun:Raman…I cursed you without seeing your heart.Sorry.
Raman:No Shagun.Your behavior was normal in that situation.
Shagun:Thank you so much for returning me my sister.
Pia:Thank you so much for giving me my family back.
Raman smiles.

Raman Ishita Piyush go out of the room.
Raman:Thankfully Pia is fine and she and Shagun united.
Suddenly Raman notices Ishita thinking something.
Raman:Ishita..what are you thinking?
ISHITA:give ur mobile.let me inform the police that I killed Tarun.
Raman is shocked:ishita!
Piyush:yes,Ishita is right.It’s better to surrender.I’ll save Ishita.

RAMAN:no,palak needs u.i wont allow u 2 go 2 jail.
Ishita:But Raman..we can’t play hide and seek game like before.
Raman:I agree.But i’ll take the blame
Ishita and Piyush r shocked.
ISHITA:no,I won’t allow this
Raman cups her face in his hands.
RAMAN:Ishita..listen carefully.Palak needs you the most.A child can’t survive without it’s mother.atleast 4 our daughter u should’nt go against my decision.

Ishita cries bitterly.
Raman:Ishita…whatever punishment the court is giving me I will be back to you and Palak one day.This separation is not going to be forever.So be calm.You need to be strong for our Palak.

Ishita embraces him crying.He caresses her.He looks at Piyush:
And Piyush…please don’t reveal the truth to others for the sake of our friendship.

Piyush becomes upset.
Ishita weeps silently.

Raman surrenders at the Police Station.
Though Piyush fights for Raman,he gets 6 years imprisonment.
Raman tries to control his tears while Ishita cries bitterly.Piyush,Subbu and Kangana feel sad.

After 6 years.Raman comes back home from jail.
He is surprised to see his parents.…
Toshi cries:Why did you hide everything from us?

Omprakash:We did’nt have any right to know anything about your life?

Toshi:You could have told us about Ishita.
Raman:I am sorry.I feared whether our relationship won’t be accepted.Please forgive me.
His parents hug him.
Palak goes near him:papa
Raman hugs her:how long I was waiting 2 c u my daughter.You have grown so big.
Palak smiles.
Subbu comes:palak was also waiting 4 her dad.

Raman smiles.
Palak kisses Raman’s cheek.

P:You are so sweet papa.
Raman kisses her back.
Raman:But you are the sweetest,
They smile.
Subbu has a baby in his arm:this is our baby:prateek
Raman touches the baby softly with a smile.
Suddenly Raman sees Satya Mahi,Pia Pushkar,Shagun and a man with Subbu.
Pia:This is my husband Pushkar.He is completely alright now.
Raman smiles:Happy to know that your husband is absolutely fine now.
Pushkar Pia smile at each other.

Raman notices the man near Shagun:This is husband.

Raman:I am happy that finally you found your soul mate.
Mani Shagun smile.
Mahi:Sorry Raman jeeju.We misunderstood you and Ishita without understanding the truth.
Satya:When we came to know the truth from Subbu and Kangana we were ashamed to face you and Ishita bhabhi.We apologized to Ishita bhabhi.Now we are apologizing to you.

Raman:No need of that.We both only created such situations and made it messy and because of that only you all misunderstood us.It’s not your mistake.
Satya Mahi are relieved.
Raman looks for Ishita.His eyes thirst for Ishita.
Subbu:You are desperate to see Ishita bhabhi.Right?
Raman blushes.
Kangana and Ishita come dressed in red sari.Ishita’s eyes r full of tears of joy seeing Raman back.
SUBBU:can u recognise Ishita bhabhi?
Raman goes near Ishita:this is my Ishita.i recognized her by looking at her eyes which are filled with the love for me,
Ishita falls on his chest.He caresses her.

They all smile.

The End

Chahat is played by Ruhanika.

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    Awesome ending Jasmine… Loved it sooo very much…ishita going instead of kangana .. Pia saving ishu…. Ishita killing tarun… It was on fast track…But didn’t think that ishra will get separated that too for 6 YEARS…. Raman putting the blame on him for ishu… That scene really touched my heart…??? loved that part the most and all other scenes where ishra’s bonding was there throughout the ff…. It was just great… Loved tour ff soooooooooooo much and want to read more….??????? really going to miss your ff Jasmine yours is unique.. M thanks for writing a great ff like this….

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