Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 12

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Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 12

Part 12

Shagun:Raman,plz come out.i want 2 tell u something
Raman and Shagun go out.
SHAGUN:who’s that young lady?

RAMAN:my friend’s wife.he has gone she,his aunty &uncle r staying here 4 some days
SHAGUN:she’s not a good lady
SHAGUN:I saw her with a man in a bad circumstance.i’m sure she’s a call girl
Raman lost his control& shouts:Shagun!
SHAGUN:y r u bcomeing angry like this?
RAMAN:I’m sorry
Raman takes her inside and shows kangana-Subbu’s wedding photo

Raman:Is this boy u saw with her in the hotel?
RAMAN:this is her husband
SHAGUN:I’m sorry.i mistook her.
Raman:Don’t judge anybody’s character without knowing the truth.
Shagun is dull:I am sorry.

Next day Raman is shocked.
ISHITA:what happened?y r u tensed?
RAMAN:I went 2 the hospital 2 pick up pia.but she’s not found there
Ishita is tensed.

Ishi:Where did she go?

After sometime phone rings.Ishita picks up the phone.”I’m inspector Abhishek,is ur sister missing?”
Ishita is shocked.
Abhishek:y did’nt u inform us?she was walking alone on the road.some people followed her.luckily she reached our hands & is secure.come & take her back
Ishita s overexcited:Raman,u did’nt kill kangana.she’s alive
Raman is surprised:what?
Ishita tells him everything.
Raman smiles:Means I am not a killer.
Ishita smiles:Yes Raman.

They reach the police station.
RAMAN:I’m tensed 2 face kangana.what’ll she think of me?
ISHITA:she’ll take it as a joke.don’t worry

Inspector Abhishek calls:kangana..come

Raman Ishita are shocked 2 c her

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  1. Rashita

    Wht is this……so small with a big suspence…….waiting for the next

  2. Veronica

    May be its pia? Anyways awesome epi. Loved how Ishra are supporting eachother.

  3. Because it not kangana but pia…. Right? Anyways superb episode!! Please continue!!

  4. Kumud

    Y too short next ff ASAP pls really want to no wat happened

  5. I think she is pia waiting for next epi

  6. Shakaib

    So awesome Raman saying to Shagun that not to judge anyone’s character without knowing him/her. Good lesson.Shagun repent and apology…..If I’m not wrong then 100% Kangna’s face has changed.

  7. cool ff

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