Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 11

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 11
Part 11

She:I’m Shagun
Raman is shocked.
Shagun:I’ve come 2 india 2 c u
Raman is feeling uncomfortable.
SHAGUN:v’ve seen each other only through photos.don’t u feel like seeing me directly?i want 2 c u very badly.i’ll come 2 c u soon
Raman is upset.
Raman:Why all problems together?

Subbu-Ishita reach Blue rose hotel.Ishita is shocked 2 c Shagun there.
Ishita thinks:o my god.This is Shagun whom Raman’s parents in abroad chose for Raman.she has come.what if he comes to know the truth?
Ishita is going mad.

Subbu Ishita inside the room.Subbu goes near Ishita with romantic eyes.Ishita is moving backward with tension.Sudenly some people knock the door.Subbu opens the door.2 men with a lady.
1 man:u made our sister pregnant & is enjoying with another lady
Ishita and Subbu r shocked.
that lady cried:why did u cheat on me?
SUBBU:how dare u lie like this?
They try 2 slap him.Ishita becomes upset;plz stop it and please leave us alone.

Ishita walks out and Subbu goes after her.Those people smirk.Ishita gets inside the car.

Subbu is driving the car:kangana,why r u not opening ur mouth?u don’t trust me?

i dunno who that lady is and I don’t know why she accused me.i’ve loved only 1 woman ie u.plz trust me
ISHITA:u don’t hav 2 prove anything.i can understand everything
Subbu is shocked:kangana! Means you doubt me?
ISHITA:No Subbu,I know that u r innocent
Subbu is relieved.

Subbu Ishita reach home.Raman is relieved.
RAMAN:how was the trip?why did u guys come back so soon?
Subbu tells everything.Raman thinks:that means they r sent by Mihir

After a few days…
Subbu packs his bags:kangana,I’m sad that this time v cud’nt enjoy much.i’l miss u .
He caresses her face.Ishita feels upset.
Subbu goes bidding her good bye.Ishita is relieved.

Shagun reaches there.Raman is stunned to see her there.Shagun hugs him.Raman is really uncomfortable.Manorama& Manohar r shocked 2 c it.
Manorama:I’vent seen such a big flirt like many girls r around him
Shagun look at them.

SHAGUN:who r these oldies?Are they servants?

Manorama and Manohar get angry.
.RAMAN:They r my relatives
SHAGUN:sorry 4 mistaking them.
Manorama is irritated.
Ishita comes and is shocked 2 c Shagun.she does’nt know what 2 do
Shagun sees Ishita,she’s shocked to see her as she remembers seeing her in the hotel .

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  1. Shakaib

    Wow..!! Love it to the core di….All scene was so lovely….Shagun entry was awesome. I reckon in future that she will get married to subu. Why Mihir sent them as Raman think? If it was Their plan? Waiting to know what will happen next..!!

    1. Jasminerahul

      i had shown mihir promising raman to stop subbu ishita staying together.bcz ishra were worried if subbu will try to get cozy with ishita in the mihir sent those people to spoil their stay in the hotel as per raman’s request.
      thx 4 commenting

  2. Veronica

    Ohhh twist pe twist…. Loved the epi yaar…. It was gooooood.

  3. Nice dear liked it

  4. nice update

  5. Lol what a story!!!!

    Raman will tell Shagun that she is no long in his life as he is now married to Ishu. Ishu is my present wife. Shagun get shocked and tell Raman that she has seen Ishu in hotel with other man. Raman tell Shagun that Ishu has other twin sister name is Kangana. Shagun get shock. Shagun missed to see Subbu leaving the house but see happily with Raman. Raman get tensed and so is Ishu. Manorama want to see what they are up to. Mahonar will stop Manorama for make the sense and drag her out of Raman’s house.

    Mihir will get to know from Raman that Shagun had come back to India to meet him. Mihir plan to send Shagun out of Raman life.

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