Fan Fictions on EHMMBH, Kumkum Bhagya, and Meri Aashiqui?


Hi frnds
I m new here I like to continue ek hazzaron mein mera behna hai story..
I want some suggestions like from where I want to cont story
1.cont virman and virika
2. After leap cont their daughter story

Pls giv ur suggestions from where I want to cont story


Kumkum Bhagya:
Hello guys i am going to start kumkum bhagya fan fiction. The show is very cute that a mother is worried about their daughter marriage after a long hurdle they were abhi ad pragya were united but they were separated due to tanu and pragya got accident now current track she is trying to expose aaliya and tanu.but she was tied with rope behind raavan statue I will start my best with this part I will start episode by tomorrow.. Guys I need your new start will definitely impress you


Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi:
Guys I would like to start a new story about ranveer and ishani and their family pls give ideas and support to start it.

We recommend
  1. Plz continue with virika n virman. . .

  2. Continue wid virika n virman

  3. Hey pls yaar cntinu with virman n virika !!

  4. Plz continue I m waiting for ehmmbh nd kkb

  5. Thank u drs soon I I’ll upload episodes.. I hope u like it..

  6. Same Old Story- Again & Again

    STOP dragging out Tanu’s pregnancy and expose anu and RAJ. Fans want to see Abhi and Pragya as a married couple fighting TOGETHER to keep their relationship strong. There is too MUCH evil winning and Good NEVER wins out. WE are SICK of THIS same Old story line!!!

    1. Don’t worry I am also fed up with the track so I thought to start fan fiction

    2. I agree!!! I wonder how long again before tanu starts getting a baby bump?? How far along is she supposed to be?? Isnt she supposed to be in her 6th month???

  7. Sure. Would love to comment on kkb. Tanu and Aliya must be exposed. Raj be prisoner. Abhi and Pragya unite.. are my wish.

  8. Virika nly 🙂

  9. Wish Same here too Nikki

  10. Plzzz cont ehmmbh Nd specially kkb…..:)….all d best….X)

  11. Do continue on matsh with ishveer united PLZ

  12. sure ll support kkb v want Abhi pragya to be unite and after that they can expose taaliya

  13. Waiting for matsh …..
    Tired of it’s boring episodes. …
    Please start new episodes for matsh

  14. write as abhi n ptagya tpgether as sweet couple n doing thr nhok jhoks n romance 😉

  15. Soon expose Aliya Tanu and raj soon nowadays the episodes r boring

  16. v al support u .. go ahead 🙂

  17. Pls expose Aliya, Tanu and Raj… Pragya should absolutely have confirmation about the father of Tanu’s child… Let’s say she catches the two (Tanu and Nikil )red handed … hear a conversation or something else…. Let Abhi realise to what extent Pragya is ready to go because of her love for him… Let Abhi regret sooooooooooooo much for his callous behaviour towards Pragya that he cannot stop apologising to her and at last show his love for her. He will love her not only as his sweet Fuggi but also his witch Lady Mogambo!!!

  18. Pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue kkb unite Abhi and Pragya……….expose Aliya, Tanu and Raj……………celebrate their first wedding anniversary with lots of romance and silly fights between them……let them manage their problems together then…..
    Bring back Poorvi also

  19. PZ expose Aliya and Tanu fast…. show good relationship between Abhi and Pragya….
    We love Abhi and Pragya sooooooooooo much

  20. plz unite ishveer forever.and start new thrilling story of ishveer

  21. plz expose milan.end milan track asap.

  22. plz write story about ishveer family life.consider audience intrest also.plz unite ishveer always.current track is boring.

  23. problems between ishveer starts from episode l to latest it reach maximum level also crossing the plz unite other scope on ishveer plz unite them AND WRITING INTRESTING LOVELY TENSIOLESS STORY EPISODE AROUND ISHVEER FAMILY AND BASED ON ISHVEER LOVE………WAITING FOR GOOD EPISODE

  24. Please expose Aliya And Tanu soon or let Abhi to know the truth behind pragya makeover. We want cute love scenes between abhi and pragya. We are waiting to see tht only…

    1. Don’t worry I will do my watch my fan fiction

  25. i am waiting for IKRS fan fiction

  26. Rookey Rookers

    show more good scenes in matsh . unite them , if u do so we will watch urs continously r sure


  28. Pls re unit ishvr


  30. Yes plez cont ehmmbh from after jeeman baby’s were born like how virman and virika handle it but still add some romance of there’s on the side would love to see virika and virman romance after like two years

  31. I wanna start on PKDh

  32. continue matsh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Pls strat a new luv story for ishveer and tharuv

  34. exclude the babies nd continue the story………with lots of virman scenes their nhok jhoks back hugs etc etc ……………missing these a lot…nd plse don drag it……well can i do this.

  35. please start kumkum bhagya.

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