Fan Fiction YHB (Raman Slap Ashok)


The episode start with Romi taking care of Rohit who is crying non stop and wandering in room to pacify him.Ruhi watches all this and ran to the kitchen to ask Nellu to make milk for Rohit.Nellu make the milk and give the feeding bottle to Ruhi and Ruhi goes back to Romi’s room.Romi looks at her with the feeding bottle.”Chachu maybe Rohit is hungry,that’s why he is crying non stop”,says Ruhi.Romi took the milk bottle from Ruhi and start to feed Rohit,after a while Rohit stop crying and sleep soundly.
Ruhi watches Rohit sleep peacefully and keep the pillows around him.Romi get emotional seeing Ruhi’s care for Rohit.Ruhi tells Romi that she is Rohit big sister and will take of him.Romi thanks Ruhi and hugs her.Mrs Bhalla watch this from the door and get teary eyes.


Raman comes to Ashok office and ask the receptionist where is Ashok,she says he is in his cabin.When Raman walks towards Ashok cabin all the staff starts to whisper that something is going to come about for sure.Raman enters Ashok cabin,Ashok ask what is he doing here.Raman gives him a tight slap while all the office staff watches this.Ashok shouts “Raman what are you thinking about yourself,how dare you slap me?” Raman gives him two more slaps,he answer Ashok in anger tone “The first one is for killing mine and Ishita unborn child which Shagun was bearing,the second one is to provoke Shagun to commit suicide and the third one is behalf of my daugter for killing her dream to have a younger brother or sister.Because of you I lost my child twice just thank God that I just stop here and didn’t beat you until death”.Raman leaves from there,Ashok says to himself “Raman you have done a huge mistake.You and your family have to pay for this humiliation you gave me in a bigger price”.


Abhishek drop Mihika at the office,both of them get down from the car.Mihir saw both of them together and come to greet Abhishek.Mihika ask both of them to talk and proceed inside the office.Abhishek apologises to Mihir because of Sarika he lost Rinki.Mihir say it’s not his fault and they can’t fight God’s will and there is no need to say sorry.Abhishek gave Mihir a friendship hug.


Romi was seen sitting on the bench outside the apartment and remembers his happy moment with Sarika and how she accept the truth that she murder Rinki and cries.Ishita saw him sitting outside the apartment and goes to him.” Romi why are you sitting her?” ask Ishita.Romi wipe his tears and says “Nothing bhabhi,I thought to get fresh air outside here”.Ishita sits beside him,”I know you are thinking about Sarika,just talk to me.”
Romi says ” I don’t know bhabhi,I never thought Sarika would turn out to be Rinki’s murderer,I agree that I had made many mistakes in my life but I turn into a new leaf when I realise my mistake and accept it.If she really love me that much she should have told me the truth that Rohit is not my son but adopted after our marriage.I am sure that I will be angry on her for lying to me and our family but eventually accept that she did all this because she loves me and accept Rohit as well.Maybe God is giving punishment for all my previous mistakes”.
Ishita says “Don’t say like that Romi,God will never punish people who realise their mistakes and not everyone have the gut to accept and rectify their mistakes but you did.I am glad to see you change into a responsible person.Can I ask you something,Romi?”
“Yes bhabhi of course,what is it?” says Romi.”Would you accept Sarika if she comes back?” ask Ishita.Romi get up from the bench “No bhabhi,I would never accept or forgive her ever bhabhi,when every time I see her it will remind me of her betrayal and that she is my sister’s murderer.Now she is a close chapter of my life and I already throw her from my mind,heart and life.”

Precap :Ishita and Raman sits on the couch and watches the moon from the window.Raman says to Ishita that he wish that he get her as his wife in his next 7 lives.

Credit to: Arul

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  2. Simply wow .. best epi .. hope evrythng gets well nd smthng like dis hppns in the future also . Plz god make evrythng right in ishra’s life.

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