Fan Fiction YHB (Raman ,Ishita & Shagun)


Ishita was possessed by Shagun spirit to reveal Rinki murderer who turns out to be Sarika.Shagun take Ishita help by getting into Ishita body and confort Sarika about the crime she had done by scaring her.Sarika admit her crime telling to the family that Rinki found out the truth that she is never get pregnant with Romi’s child and adopt Rohit from orphanage so she can get married with Romi.Sarika put’s the blame on Mihika so people will think that Mihika murder Rinki because she still loves Mihir and can’t see him with Rinki.

Mr.Bhalla and Mr.Iyer family got shocked when the truth is brought out in front of them.Mrs Bhalla got violent and slap Sarika for her deed,whereas Romi got shattered knowing the truth that her younger sister is murdered by Sarika.Abhishek arrest Sarika for Rinki murder and for putting the blame on Mihika.Although Rohit is not Romi’s biological son he took Rohit responsibilty as Rohit dad.Raman said today he is proud of Romi as his younger brother.Before Sarika leave Romi ask her to never come in front of him ever again.

It’s also revealed that Shagun was provoked by Ashok and he is the reason behind Shagun’s death.Shagun spirit tells Adi and Ruhi that she loves both of them and always will be around them,although they can’t see her Shagun soul left Ishita body and Ishita get fainted,Raman carries her to room.Ishita gain consciousness and see Raman sitting beside her holding her hand.Raman kisses her forehead and ask is she alright.Ishita ask what happen and Raman told her everything and she hugs him.Raman said that he is relieve now that everything is sort out and Shagun spirit is in peace and her Madrasan is back to him.Ishita said that she never thought that Sarika will be behind Rinki’s murder.Adi and Ruhi enter the room calling Ishima,Ishita got happy seeing both of them and Ruhi thank god that her Ishima got well and return back to her.Four of them have a family hug.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ………… was play.

Precap : Abhishek apologize to Mihika whatever that Sarika had done to her.Mihika said that it’s not his fault and she is not angry with him.

Credit to: Arul

Credit to: Arul

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