Fan Fiction YHB (Karwa Chauth Part 4)

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Raman goes and open the door,it was Mrs Bhalla friends who come to celebrate Karwa Chauth with Bhalla family.Mrs Bhalla go and hugs them and invite them inside.They say this year,Mrs Bhalla didn’t invite them,but Raman did it.All the ladies,sit in a circle and Mehendi function takes place while the man’s sit and have a talk.

Ruhi comes into her room and think about something.Shravu asks “Ruhi Chuhi what are you thinking,come let’s play”. Ruhi says “I am thinking what gift to give Ishima and Papa for Karwa Chauth”.Shravu says to Ruhi that Papa have to gift Mama for Karwa Chauth not kids.Ruhi says she knows that ,but she desires to make something special for her Ishima and Papa because both of them keeping fast for each other.She got an idea and say something to Shravu and he agrees with her.

Mihika was taking care of Shitija as Vandu is getting her Mehendi done while Romi was taking care of Rohit and he abruptly starts to cry.Mihika ask Romi to give Rohit to her and gave Shitija to Romi.Mihika carry Rohit and calm him and he stops crying.Romi ask how she does that,she says she learned from Vandu,she use to watch how Vandu makes Shitija quiet when she cried non stop.Raman and Bala say that they have to invite Abhishek,Romi agree with them and says he will call him.Mihika says no,she will call and invite him by herself,three of them look at her.She excuses herself by saying she had forgotten an important work and shyly walks from there.

Mihika call Abhishek and invite him to come over for Karwa Chauth as Raman want him to come.Abhishek asks what about her,does she want him to come.She doesn’t reply anything and simply ask him to come at evening around 7.00 p.m.She hangs up the phone.Everyone in Bhalla family is enjoying the function,Ishita went to the kitchen to see the food arrangements,Raman follows behind her.She ask does he want anything,he say yes.Raman gets romantic and says “Yes,I want to spend time with you,but you the one who always has time for others,but not for your poor husband”.Ishita says to Raman that nowadays he had become very romantic and start to trouble her.She ask him to let her work as she has a lot of work to finish and ask him to get ready as its getting late.All the ladies make fun of Raman saying that he doesn’t let Ishita alone even for one minute.

Everyone is waiting for the moon as all the ladies are very hungry,Paami aunty asks Raman where is Ishita.He says that she just went to get ready after completing all the work.Abhishek comes in and greet everyone,he saw Mihir,Romi,Bala and Raman talking and join them.They were talking casually when Mihika enter Bhalla house with Shravu and Ruhi.She was wearing a lehenga with onxy-black blouse and mixed colour of mazarine-blue and bistro green lehenga with floral design net duppata.Abhishek looks at her mesmerize and he can’t take away his eyes from her.Bala and Romi ask Abhishek what is he looking at.He says “Mihika look so gorgeous and I can’t look away from her”.Bala ask “What???”.Abhishek got alert and say nothing and smiles.Romi,Bala and Raman understand his feelings for Mihika and pulls Abhishek leg.

Abhishek goes to Mihika and want to say something to her, before that Romi interrupt and bring Mihika with him,saying that he have some important work with Mihika.After a while Mihir is seen talking to Mihika and says that she look very pretty,Abhishek see this from far and goes to Mihika.Raman comes and take away Mihir with him to introduce someone to Mihir, both of them leave,leaving Mihika and Abhishek.Both of them stare at each other,Mihika asks “Why are you looking at me like that,do you want to say something,just said it Abhishek ?”.Abhishek hesitate to talk to Mihika and change the topic by thanking her for inviting him on Raman behalf.Mihika got disappointed and says “You are impossible Abhishek”,and start to leave.Abhishek hold her hand.
Yoon Shabnami…………. song plays.Everyone turn and look at them.Abhishek dance for the song with Mihika and praise Mihika beauty via the song.Vandu says to Bala that Mihika and Abhishek look nice together.

Raman says the moon is here.Eveyone went out to find the moon,but can’t see the moon.Vandu ask Raman where is the moon.Raman says that the moon is standing on the staircase.Everyone look at the staircase and find Ishita standing in an embroidery maroon lehenga choli with a light brown dupatta.Raman look at her and sing Dekho Chaand Aaya song as she comes down the stairs.Vandu,Bala,Mihika,Abhishek,Raman and Ishita dance to the song.Everyone claps after they finish dancing.

They start the Karwa Chauth ritual by telling the Karwa Chauth story.All the ladies who kept fast breaks their fast by seeing the moon.The men’s gave gifts to their respective wife’s,Ishita ask Raman where is her gift,Raman gave her a locket made of diamond which have a letter RR which means Raman & Ruhi.Raman makes her wear the locket,Ishita says it’s very pretty.Ruhi comes running,she hides both her hand behind.Ishita ask,”Ruhi what are you hiding from us”.”Nothing Ishima ,I brought you and Papa a gift as both of you keeping fast”,says Ruhi.She gave them a heart shaped photo collage which contains Ishita and Raman romantic moments photos.Both of them glad seeing Ruhi’s gift
and her effort.Ruhi says she and Shravu finds all this photos from the family album and Shravu help her do the collage photo.Raman carry Ruhi and kiss her cheek and hug Ishita as well.Mihika snap their picture and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein song plays……………

Precap : Ishita and Raman sits on the couch and watches the moon from the window.Raman says to Ishita that he wish that he get her as his wife in his next 7 lives.

Credit to: Arul

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