Fan Fiction YHB (Karwa Chauth Part 2)


Continue from Raman sneak out from house…………



Ishita woke up from her sleep and find out Raman is not beside her and thought he went to washroom,but then Raman enters the room from outside.Raman see Ishita awake and get tense, he quickly throw the blanket behind cupboard before Ishita see it.” Raman,where you went at this time”,asks Ishita.Raman lie that he went to drink water in the kitchen.Ishita says,”But Raman what’s the need to go out,I already kept a full bottle of water beside the bed before sleep”. Raman says he feels to drink water from the kitchen and ask her must he ask her permission like a kid to even go and drink water.He ask her not to question him so much as he is very sleepy,he goes and sleep beside her turning away his face.Ishita thinks what’s wrong with him and why he is behaving like this,”I just ask him a simple question,this Raavan Kumar will never change”.

At early in the morning,Mrs Bhalla wakes up and make sargi for Ishita and Vandu.Ishita gets ready and goes down and wish Good Morning to Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Bhalla ask Ishita to come and have her sargi,Vandu also arrive there.Ishita ask her what is she doing here early in the morning,Vandu say she also keeping fast for Bala’s long live,Ishita tease Vandu.Mrs Bhalla serve the food for both of them and ask them to eat.Mrs Iyer and Mihika enter with sargi whereas Mrs Bhalla,Ishita and Vandu look at each other wondering for who she had brought the sargi because Mrs Bhalla have already make sargi for Ishita and Vandu.They ask her for whom she brought this sargi.Raman say it’s for him and everyone turn around and find him standing.


Raman rings Mr Iyer house doorbell,Mihika come murmuring who is it at late night and open the door.She got shocked seeing a man standing,hiding himself behind a blanket and ask him, “Who are you,what are you doing here at this time in front of my house”.She about to shout and call everyone,before that Raman shut her up saying he is Raman and take away the blanket.”Jiju you,what are you doing here at this time and why you drape yourself with a blanket”, ask Mihika.Raman ask her to call Mrs Iyer,she ask him is something wrong,he say nothing like that.Mihika goes to call Mrs Iyer.

Mrs Iyer comes with Mihika while Raman waits her at the hall.”Raman,you come at this time is everything okay,is Ishu okay”, asks Mrs Iyer. ” Amma calm down everything is fine and your Ishu also fine.Amma I need a favour from you”,says Raman.Mrs Iyer ask what favour he want from her. “Amma tommorow is Karwa Chauth and I want to keep fast for Ishita can you make me sargi.A lot of things had happened lately in the house and I want to keep fast for her well being” ,says Raman.Mrs Iyer got delight knowing that Raman is going to fast for Ishita well being and says ” Raman my Ishu is very lucky to get a husband like you,I will make sargi for you,Santoshi told me all the rituals and what food have to prepare for sargi,don’t worry you will get your sargi on time tommorow morning”.
Mihika says “It’s so romantic Jiju” and Raman tells her not to tell Ishita as it’s Ishita Karwa Chauth one of the suprise gift he planned for her.Raman leaves from there.Mihika hugs Mrs Iyer,both of them smiles.



Ishita ask Raman “Raman you woke up so early,is that sargi for you,are you keeping Karva Chauth fast”. Raman asks her how many questions she will ask him at one time.Raman says “Yes,Amma brought the sargi for me and I am keeping Karwa Chauth fast”.Mihika narrate what happen yesterday night to three of them.Ishita says “Raman so you went to Amma house yesterday night after I slept and lie to me that you went to drink water when I was awake and asked you about it”.Mrs Bhalla ask Raman to join them as it’s getting late,he sat beside Ishita.Mrs Bhalla feed Vandu and Ishita the first feed whereas Mrs Iyer feed Raman.Ishita says his sargi look delicious and steal some food from Raman plate.Raman ask her to just eat her sargi that given by Maa and not to steal from his plate.Raman nodded his head and smile at Ishita while she is enjoying her sargi. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein song play……….


Credit to: Arul

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