Fan Fiction YHB (Karwa Chauth Part 1)


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The story start with Mr Bhalla reminds Mrs Bhalla that tommorow is Karwa Chauth and she had forgotten about it.Mrs Bhalla says,” Haa Bhallaji,tomorrow is Karwa Chauth don’t know how I forget”.
Mr Iyer and Mrs Iyer enter Bhalla house.Mrs Iyer says “Parvayillai Santoshi ( It’s okay Santoshi in Tamil)It’s happen,people memory gets weak when they grow older”. Mrs Bhalla stand with her two hands at her waist and says “Oii Madrasan!!!Kis ko tu buddhi kahte hai(Madrasan who are you saying old in Hindi).Mrs Iyer reply “Of course you,who else is old here”, and correct her saree. Both of them start to argue,Mr Iyer tells Mr Bhalla that both this ladies has begun their fight.Mr Iyer and Mr Bhalla try to stop their fight but gave up and sit with their hands on their heads.

Ishita and Romi enter the house and find them fighting,whereas Mr Bhalla,Mr Iyer,Adi,Ruhi and Shravu watch their fight.” Amma,Mummyji stop fighting,what happen why are both of you fighting like this?” ask Ishita.Mr Iyer told everything to Ishita. ” Amma very bad,how can you say like that to Mummyji,in which angle mummyji look old”,says Ishita. “Ohh thank you putar ,look Madrasan even my bahu say I am looking young.You the one who look old in this saree”,says Mrs Bhalla.Mrs Iyer says ” You look old in all angle,she is my daughter and she doesn’t want to hurt her mother in law fellings”. Both of them about to start their fight back again but Romi stop them from fighting.Mihika and Raman enters in and ask what is going on,Mrs Bhalla inform everyone that tommorow is Karwa Chauth and tell Ishita to wake up early tommorow for sargi.Raman says to himself that how can he forgot tommorow is Karva Chauth.Ishita ask what he is thinking he nodded nothing.

In her room Mrs Bhalla was seeing Rinki’s photo and talk with the photo, “Rinki this should be your first Karwa Chauth if you were alive,but destiny have a different plan,I miss you so much and wish you were alive”. Mrs Iyer call Mrs Bhalla and ask her what should be given as sargi for ladies who fast for Karwa Chauth.Mrs Bhalla was suprised and ask her is she going to keep fast on Karwa Chauth,Mrs Iyer say no but Vandu want to keep fast for Bala and ask about the rituals of Karwa Chauth.Mrs Bhalla explains to Mrs Iyer the rituals and what to prepare for sargi.Mrs Bhalla tell Mrs Iyer not to worry because she will make sargi for Vandu as well and ask her and Vandu to come to her house tommorow early morning.Mrs Iyer thank Mrs Bhalla and hang up the phone.

Raman wakes up at midnight and check whether Ishita have slept or not,when he is sure that she is in a deep sleep,he drapes himself with a black blanket and sneak out of the room.He comes out and saw Mr Bhalla in the kitchen and lay staright on the couch and hide his face behind the blanket.Mr Bhalla felt someone’s presence but ignore it considering that it’s his imagination and went back to sleep.Raman wait until Mr Bhalla goes inside the room and get out of the house.


Credit to: Arul

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